Nomtastic Paleo Thanksgiving: Roasted Garlic Autumn Root Vegetable Mash Video

Roasted Garlic Autumn Root Vegetable Mash: I know the name’s a tongue twister—trying saying it three times fast!—but I figured “Orange Veggie Surprise” wouldn’t do this dish justice. If you’re too lazy to say its proper name, just call it R.G.A.R.V.M. for short.

Frankly, I don’t care what you call this crowd-pleasing Thanksgiving side. Just make it. This garlicky mash is a wonderful alternative to boring old mashed potatoes, and it’s packed with all the warm and rustic flavors of fall root vegetables. And trust me: no one (especially not your finicky kids) will be the wiser that you sneaked some parsnips onto their plate.

Added bonus: This is a perfect side to make in advance ’cause it reheats beautifully. Prep ahead, and you’ll have one less dish to worry about on Thanksgiving Day!

All you have to do is watch this video I shot with Whole Foods, read up on my step-by-step recipe, and get your mash on:

I’ll be posting a Nomtastic Paleo Thanksgiving Countdown Planner soon, so keep your eyes peeled. I promise you’ll dominate Turkey Day like a boss!

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