Ready for Another Whole Foods Takeover? by Michelle Tam

I’ve been on the road, touring the continent for a solid 5 weeks now, and I’ve loved it more than I anticipated. It’s been amazing to meet all of the Nomsters who showed up to support the launch of our new cookbook, Ready or Not!, and despite my introverted nature, I’ve had a blast getting to hear your stories and kitchen triumphs—and to give you hugs in person, too.

That said, one of the things I’ve missed out on (besides family time with Henry and the kids) is the opportunity to see with my own eyes the fruits of our partnership with Whole Foods Market in Northern California and Reno! As longtime readers know, for several years now, I’ve periodically (and enthusiastically) joined up with the good folks at Whole Foods to make Paleo shopping, cooking, and eating easier. In the past, I’ve picked out my favorite products to highlight on store shelves, and worked with the company’s chefs to create Paleo-friendly hot bar items, too.

But this time around, we decided to level it up even more! Wanna see how?


I’ve been approached countless times by companies to create Nom Nom Paleo products for sale—everything from sauces to cookware—but this is the first time I’ve ever pulled the trigger. This is in part because I love and trust Whole Foods Market’s sourcing of ingredients, but also because I’m so darn picky about the final product. But man—this Magic Mushroom Powder is spot-on. Whole Foods took my recipe for this umami-packed seasoning salt, and translated it perfectly.

It’s available starting TODAY, so pick up this powder in these adorable tins, and you won’t need to make your own!

Ready for Another Whole Foods Takeover? by Michelle Tam

Not familiar with this awesome salt blend? As The Oregonian wrote, it’s an ingredient that made its staff “rethink everything we’ve been doing in the kitchen…. It’s a spice blend with a psychedelic-sounding name, and while it has no hallucinogenic powers, it truly is magic, adding much-desired umami to everything it touches.” Magic Mushroom Powder can be used in place of salt in virtually any dish, adding an immediate flavor punch to everything from scrambled eggs and ground meat to roasted veggies and chicken wings.

And of course, if you don’t happen to be in Northern California or Reno, you can always still make your own!


This time, our partnership with Whole Foods extends throughout the different departments in each store, which means I’m able to help offer shortcuts even to those home cooks who are completely unprepared to make dinner!

Ready for Another Whole Foods Takeover? by Michelle Tam

Watch this video to see what I mean:

Did you catch that? In addition to pre-cut and spiralized veggies in the produce aisle, you can now pick up boneless, skin-on chicken thighs—perfect for making the ever-delicious Ollie’s Cracklin’ Chicken!

Ready for Another Whole Foods Takeover? by Michelle Tam

Also at the butcher counter: Pre-formed Big-O Bacon Burger patties, made of ground beef, bacon, and sautéed mushrooms! Yes, you can just follow the recipe (which is in our first cookbook, as well as here on this blog and on our app), but if you’re in Northern California or Reno, you can take advantage of this incredible shortcut! Bonus: The Big-O Bacon Burger patties at Whole Foods use Whole30-friendly sugar-free bacon! (And don’t forget to pick up portobello mushrooms to roast and use as buns!)

Ready for Another Whole Foods Takeover? by Michelle Tam


Ready to shop? Every aisle of every Whole Foods Market store in NorCal and Reno is teeming with bright yellow Nom Nom Paleo signs highlighting my favorite picks, from Red Boat Fish Sauce to Primal Kitchen Mayo. Searching out these little signs (with my helpful commentary) makes it feel like I’m shopping with you—or, as my kids put it, it’s like playing a grocery store version of Where’s Waldo?

As always, none of these brands are sponsors—I literally just walked through my local Whole Foods store and pointed out all the products that I love and buy to use in my own home. Check out this video for more about my Nom Nom Paleo Picks:

Ready for Another Whole Foods Takeover? by Michelle Tam

Another bonus: You can pick up a shopping list at the customer service counter, or you can download your own printable version right here!

Ready for Another Whole Foods Takeover? by Michelle Tam


Don’t feel like cooking tonight? I hear you. You can still eat nourishing and delicious meals by picking up any number of ready-made Nom Nom Paleo meals in the hot bar and cold case at Whole Foods Markets in Northern California and Reno. I worked closely with the regional chef at Whole Foods to make sure that all of the ingredients used are those that I’d be happy to use in my own kitchen, and that all of the dishes taste incredible. My Nom Nom Paleo hot bar items and family meal kits can be a weeknight savior, but they’re only at Whole Foods through the end of October, so enjoy this healthy convenience while you can!

Ready for Another Whole Foods Takeover? by Michelle Tam


In addition, I’ll be doing a mini-tour of Whole Foods Markets in Northern California and Reno—plus San Diego and Phoenix, Arizona!—to promote our new cookbook! As with all of my book signings, I’ll be handing out tons of fun, free swag (like calendars, stickers, pins, action figures, and socks) while supplies last, sharing behind-the-scenes info about the making of Ready or Not!, and scribbling all over your books!

Head over to my Events page for details and to RSVP to these free events!

Ready for Another Whole Foods Takeover? by Michelle Tam


Okay, this actually has nothing to do with Nom Nom Paleo, but it just so happens that Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods happened right as our partnership began—and as we’ve all seen in news reports (and in person!), there have been dramatic price cuts throughout the store. I, for one, am stocking up on avocados like crazy. And this is happening across all Whole Foods Markets everywhere. So even if Nom Nom Paleo hasn’t invaded your local store, you still have an excellent reason to go shopping!

But if you happen to be in Northern California or Reno, definitely head to Whole Foods Market in September, and be on the lookout for my cheerful cartoon face! Shop my Nom Nom Paleo Picks, and stock up on the special ready-to-cook chicken thighs and burger patties, the ready-to-eat Paleo meals, and the limited edition tins of Magic Mushroom Powder. Because once November hits, I’ll turn into a pumpkin, along with all of these nomtastic items!

Looking for more recipe ideas? Head on over to my Recipe Index. You’ll also find exclusive recipes on my iPhone and iPad app, and in my cookbooks, Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans (Andrews McMeel Publishing 2013) and Ready or Not! (Andrews McMeel Publishing 2017)!

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  1. Will that Whole Foods partnership come to the East Coast? I’m in New York, and I’d be all over that, especially the magic mushroom powder!
    (Also, great new book! I love it.)

  2. Wow! Ready-made paleo meals is unthinkable. All the Whole Foods I’ve been to cook most everything in canola oil. At least the roast chickens are clean!

  3. You’re such a rock star! Glad to see this going on. Would be even gladder if it were happening in the Colorado stores too! Also, just checked out your new cookbook from the local library. Decided that I can’t live without it and will be ordering it this week.