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Sous Vide Pork Chops Recipe

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Let me show you how easy perfect pork chops can be. 

A few days ago, I sous vided some pork chops (seasoned with Sagemary finishing salt and pepper, cooked at 134-140 F for 2 hours) so I’d have them ready for dinner tonight. Tonight, I took them out of the fridge…

…and dunked them into my SousVide Supreme that I’d filled and pre-heated to 134-140F.

I let them steep in the bath for 30 minutes while I prepped my other sides (garlic cauliflower “mashed potatoes,” roasted carrots, green beans with balsamic vinegar and slivered almonds, and herb gravy).  When time was up, I took the chops out of the bath and dried ‘em with a paper towel. Ugly and unappetizing, right?

But then I seared them off in my cast iron skillet with some melted lard. I left the chops undisturbed for a minute on each side…

…and then, using tongs, I seared the fatty edges of each chop.  Watch for grease fires!


(Nowadays, I just char the chops with my kitchen torch.)

Then, I plated everything up.  Looks pretty good for a weeknight dinner, no?

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