Looking for fabulous and easy paleo Thanksgiving recipes? This roundup of grain-free, gluten-free, and Whole30-friendly Turkey day recipes are perfect for your holiday gatherings and everyone will feel great the next morning!

A shot of a Paleo Thanksgiving table with a spatchcock turkey and all the side dishes.

Thanksgiving help is here!

Okay, U.S.-based Paleo procrastinators: It’s that time of year again, when you’re tasked with either:

  • Preparing an entire Thanksgiving feast
  • Bringing something to a Turkey Day potluck
  • Or figuring out what you’re going to eat at someone else’s decidedly non-Paleo-friendly Thanksgiving gathering

Well, it’s not too late to pick yourself up off the couch and plan your menu—and to that end, I’ve compiled a ton of nomtastic Thanksgiving ideas to help inspire you!

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Don’t need the planning guide or shopping list, but still need the recipes? Here’s what’s on the menu!

Spatchcock Turkey

What’s Thanksgiving without a turkey? As you can see, I prefer to spatchcock (a.k.a. butterfly) my turkey to make sure the entire bird cooks evenly, resulting in tender, juicy meat rather than dry, overcooked white meat and raw, undercooked dark meat. I dry-brine my turkey with kosher salt, and flavor the meat with an herb-infused ghee mixture that melts under the crispy skin. Once you’ve cooked (and eaten) a Butterflied Big Bird, you’ll never go back.

Butterflied Big Bird (Spatchcocked Turkey) by Michelle Tam https://nomnompaleo.com

Butterflied Big Bird (Spatchcock Turkey)

4.92 from 12 votes
Time to make Spatchcock Turkey a.k.a. Butterflied Big Bird! This foolproof method for cooking Thanksgiving turkey will please everyone at your holiday gatherings and it’s so easy to make! Plus, it’s Paleo-friendly!
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Magic Crown Roast of Pork

Not a turkey fan? Make this meaty—and incredibly easy—Thanksgiving centerpiece!

Magic Crown Roast of Pork by Michelle Tam https://nomnompaleo.com

Magic Crown Roast of Pork

5 from 5 votes
Tired of turkey? This fancy-looking meaty centerpiece will elicit oohs and aahs when you bring it to the Thanksgiving table—and you won’t even need to tell your guests how easy it is to make! The two secret weapons: my Magic Mushroom Powder seasoning and J. Kenji Lopez-Alt’s reverse-sear technique to cook your pork to the perfect temperature!
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Paleo Cranberry Sauce (a.k.a. Paleo Cran-Cherry Sauce)

This healthy spin on cranberry sauce is so dang addictive! You’ll want to spoon the leftovers on everything!

An overhead shot of paleo cranberry sauce simmering in a saucepan

Paleo Cran-Cherry Sauce

4.93 from 14 votes
This Paleo and Whole30-friendly version of cranberry sauce—inspired by the cranberry-cherry-apple juice blends from my childhood—is perfect for your Thanksgiving feast. By themselves, cranberries can be unpalatably bitter and sour. But by adding an equal amount of cherries and simmering the fruit in apple juice, I was able to counter the mouth-puckering tartness of the cranberries with some natural sweetness. Prefer a sweeter sauce? Just a touch of honey will do the trick. And if you make this Cran-Cherry Sauce a day ahead and allow the flavors to meld further, it tastes even better. In fact, you can make this dish a week ahead and it’ll still be awesome!
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Umami Gravy

The best gravy, hands down.

Umami Gravy by Michelle Tam https://nomnompaleo.com

Umami Gravy

4.84 from 12 votes
This gravy is pure, unadulterated umami. I recommend freezing some in an ice cube tray so you’ll always have individual servings of gravy at the ready. Perfect for your Whole30 Thanksgiving!
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Instant Pot Autumn Mash

This veggie packed mash is a family fave!

Instant Pot Autumn Mash by Michelle Tam https://nomnompaleo.com

Instant Pot Autumn Mash

4.86 from 7 votes
One of my all-time favorite Thanksgiving side dishes is Roasted Garlic Autumn Root Vegetable Mash. Why? ’Cause it’s a feast for both the eyes and tastebuds. My original stovetop version is crazy delicious, but now that I’m a certified Instant Pothead, I was determined to create a shortcut to veggie mash nirvana using my Instant Pot. After some tinkering, I’ve come up with a simpler way to make my Autumn Mash in an electric pressure cooker!
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Asian Citrus Brussels Sprouts Slaw

Best. Slaw. Ever. This Asian-inspired Brussels sprouts slaw isn’t exactly traditional, but its umami-packed punch will knock your socks off. In a good way.

Warm Brussels Sprouts Slaw with Asian Citrus Dressing by Michelle Tam https://nomnompaleo.com

Warm Brussels Sprouts Slaw with Asian Citrus Dressing

5 from 7 votes
A tangy orange-ginger dressing gives this warm Brussels sprouts slaw a zesty zing that’ll liven up your Thanksgiving table!
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Pumpkin and Carrot Muffins

My pal Chef Gregory Gourdet made these insanely delicious muffins for a Nom Nom Paleo brunch event at his restaurant a few years back, and they were an instant hit. If you make a batch for Thanksgiving, I bet you won’t have any left over. (This dessert recipe is not Whole30.)

Paleo Pumpkin and Carrot Muffins by Michelle Tam https://nomnompaleo.com

Paleo Pumpkin and Carrot Muffins

4.91 from 20 votes
These paleo pumpkin and carrot muffins are dangerously addictive. With a tender crumb, just the right amount of sweetness, and a pleasantly unexpected hit of exotic spice, it’s no wonder that everyone loves these muffins.
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Pumpkin Custard Cups

Pumpkin lovers have yet another dessert option on my Paleo Thankgiving menu: Pumpkin, Coconut + Maple Custard Cups. Like the other sides and sweets on this list, these sweet and creamy cups can be made ahead of time, freeing you up to watch football or just sleep in on Thanksgiving Day. (This dessert recipe is not Whole30.)

Close up photo of three paleo pumpkin custards topped with whipped coconut cream and toasted coconut flakes.

Pumpkin Custard

4.81 from 21 votes
This Paleo pumpkin and coconut custard is the perfect dessert for your Halloween and Thanksgiving parties! You can make them ahead, too!
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More Paleo and Whole30 Thanksgiving Side Dishes

The best part of a Thanksgiving feast is definitely the side dishes, am I right?

This epic roundup covers my favorite veggie sides!  These paleo and Whole30-compatible Thanksgiving side dishes will satisfy everyone at your dinner table and no one will will notice that these healthy spins on the classics are naturally grain-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free!

A collage of Paleo and Whole30 Thanksgiving side dishes from Nom Nom Paleo.

Where’s the Paleo Stuffing Recipe?

I don’t have one yet! However, here are three fab ones from my blogger pals:

If you have a favorite stuffing recipe and just need paleo-friendly stuffing mix/croutons, Misfits Bakehouse sells some. Get some shipped to you by clicking here.

More Paleo Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes

If you need more paleo, gluten-free, and grain-free autumn dessert recipes, I have you covered!

Apple Crisp

Topped with a nutty, cinnamon-infused, oat-free crunchy crust, this gluten-free, paleo, vegan, and grain-free apple crisp recipe will knock your socks off.

Two small dishes filled with paleo and gluten-free apple crisp and whipped coconut cream.

Apple Crisp (Paleo, Vegan, Gluten Free)

4.71 from 27 votes
Topped with a nutty, cinnamon-infused, oat-free crunchy crust, this gluten-free, paleo, vegan, and grain-free apple crisp will knock your socks off. You’ll be proud to serve this better-for-you apple crisp to your friends and family—and as it bakes, it’ll will make your house smell amazing, too!
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Baked Apples

These delicious baked apples are crammed with a cinnamon-infused sweet and crunchy filling made with pecans, almonds, and coconut (no oats!)!

A baked apple topped with whipped coconut cream has a slice cut out of it to show the inside.

Baked Apples (Paleo, Vegan, Gluten Free)

4.88 from 16 votes
Packed with a cinnamon-infused sweet and crunchy filling made with pecans, almonds, and coconut (no oats!), these baked apples are the perfect paleo, vegan, gluten-free, and grain-free fall dessert!
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Apple Bundt Cake

This apple bundt cake is a showstopper of a dessert!

An overhead shot of 3/4 of an apple Bundt Cake on a white plate

Apple Bundt Cake (Paleo, Gluten Free, Grain Free)

4.79 from 51 votes
This tender and delicious apple bundt cake is made with almond and cassava flour, but even your pickiest eaters won’t ever suspect that it’s totally grain free, gluten free, and paleo-friendly!
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Apple Muffins with Paleo Streusel Topping

Your guests will love these apple muffins!

A hand holding a paleo and gluten free apple muffin with the paper liner unwrapped.

Apple Muffins with Paleo Streusel Topping

4.91 from 10 votes
These apple muffins are the ultimate fall treat. They have a moist and tender crumb, a crunchy paleo streusel topping, and a burst of apple flavor!
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Pumpkin Muffins

My simple and delicious almond flour pumpkin muffin recipe has a moist crumb and calls for just a few easy-to-find ingredients!

Three paleo pumpkin muffins are on a marble counter top.

Paleo Pumpkin Muffins

4.75 from 93 votes
These grain-free and gluten-free paleo pumpkin muffins are an amazing autumn treat. My simple and delicious almond flour pumpkin muffin recipe has a moist crumb and calls for just a few easy-to-find ingredients!
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Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

For everyone who loves chocolate + pumpkin

A hand holding up a paleo pumpkin chocolate chip muffin.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins (Paleo, Gluten Free, Grain Free)

4.82 from 27 votes
These honey-sweetened almond flour pumpkin chocolate muffins can be made ahead and kept in the freezer so you can easily heat one up when pumpkin spice blend season hits!
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Pumpkin Cookies

Who doesn’t love soft and cake pumpkin cookie

An overhead shot of a plate filled with paleo and gluten free pumpkin cookies, some frosted and some with no frosting on top.

Pumpkin Cookies (Paleo, Gluten Free, Grain Free)

4.62 from 13 votes
These soft, cakey pumpkin cookies perfectly balance the comforting spices of fall and just the right amount of sweetness! No one will notice that they're also paleo, refined sugar-free, gluten-free, and grain-free!
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Pumpkin Bars

These easy make ahead pumpkin bars are so good!

A side view of a paleo and gluten free pumpkin bar topped with a dairy-free cream cheese frosting.

Pumpkin Bars (Paleo, Gluten Free, Low Carb)

4.66 from 58 votes
These grain-free and gluten-free paleo pumpkin bars have a moist crumb and the perfect amount of pumpkin spice blend! They’re super simple to make with easy-to-find ingredients and taste like fall!
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Pumpkin Mug Cake

Got a small Thanksgiving soiree? This two-minute individual pumpkin mug cake is a quick and delicious way to use up your leftover pumpkin puree!

A black coffee mug filled with paleo and gluten-free pumpkin mug cake cooked in the microwave.The cake is topped with whipped coconut cream and dusted with pumpkin spice blend.

Pumpkin Mug Cake (Paleo, Gluten Free, Dairy Free)

4.71 from 55 votes
This two-minute gluten-free paleo pumpkin mug cake is a quick and delicious way to use up your leftover pumpkin puree!
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Chocolate Lava Cake

Molten lava cake is way easier to make then you think!

A closeup shot of a white plate with a chocolate lava cake opened to show the gooey center. There is powdered keto confectioners sugar on top and raspberries on the side.

Chocolate Lava Cake (Paleo, Gluten-Free)

4.86 from 47 votes
This decadent paleo molten chocolate lava cake is the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion with your favorite gluten-free or nut-free loved one!
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Torta Caprese (Almond Flour Chocolate Cake)

This classic Italian flourless chocolate cake, is a decadent and rich dessert made with almond flour, dark chocolate, and eggs. Even better? You can make it ahead of time and no one will notice!

A close up shot of a Torta Caprese, a classic Italian almond flour chocolate cake with three slices cut into it.

Torta Caprese

4.80 from 20 votes
Torta Caprese is a classic Italian flourless chocolate cake, is a decadent and rich dessert made with almond flour, dark chocolate, and eggs.
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Coconut Cream Bars

Every year, my in-laws host an epic Thanksgiving potluck and when I bring this dreamy, not-too-sweet dessert it’s always a hit!

A hand holding a blue and white plate with a coconut cream bar on top.

Coconut Cream Bars (Vegan, No-Bake, Gluten-Free)

4.89 from 17 votes
These vegan Coconut Cream Bars are creamy, decadent, and a dream to make! Made with nine simple and wholesome ingredients, these no-bake healthy treats are amazing!
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Strawberry Cheesecake Bars

If your guests love fruity desserts, try this no-bake option!

A slice of paleo, vegan, and gluten free strawberry cheesecake bars on a white plate, topped with whipped coconut cream and strawberry powder.

No Bake Strawberry Cheesecake Bars (Vegan, Paleo, Gluten Free)

4.84 from 12 votes
These no-bake strawberry cheesecake bars are tangy, creamy, and fruity with a crunchy and nutty crust! Whip up a batch without turning on the oven and share them with all your vegan, paleo, and gluten-free pals!
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Strawberry Pretzel Salad

Not a salad and truly delicious!

A slice of grain-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free strawberry pretzel salad on a white plate.

Strawberry Pretzel Salad (Grain Free, Dairy Free, Refined Sugar Free)

4.82 from 11 votes
This grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free Strawberry Pretzel Salad is a delicious and paleo-ish twist on this classic American dessert!
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Raspberry Financiers

Everyone will love these adorable mini almond cakes!

A close up of paleo and gluten free raspberry financiers on a cooling rack

Raspberry Financiers (Paleo, Gluten Free, Grain Free)

4.89 from 26 votes
These adorably delicious raspberry financiers are mini almond flour cakes crowned with a tangy berry. They’re simple, elegant, and a crowd-pleasing paleo and gluten-free dessert!
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Coco-Nutty Dark Bark

If you need a hostess gift, or a sweet treat to send home with your guests, make my addictive paleo chocolate bark!

Coco-Nutty Dark Bark

Coco-Nutty Dark Chocolate Bark

5 from 7 votes
Paleo Coco-Nutty Dark Chocolate Bark is perfect for DIY homemade edible holiday gifts because the recipe is drop-dead simple and infinitely customizable.
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Nom Nom Chocolate Truffles

Another decadent chocolate treat to gift your host, hostess, or guests!

A closeup of a plate filled with Nom Nom Paleo vegan chocolate truffles topped with cocoa powder or toasted shredded coconut.

Nom Nom Chocolate Truffles

5 from 12 votes
These paleo, vegan, and dairy-free chocolate truffles are perfect for homemade holiday gifts! Everyone will love them and request them year after year!
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Feeling inspired? Good! Now go plan your feast! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Looking for more recipe ideas? Head on over to my Recipe Index. You’ll also find exclusive recipe in my cookbooks, Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans (Andrews McMeel Publishing 2013), Ready or Not! (Andrews McMeel Publishing 2017), and Nom Nom Paleo: Let’s Go! (Andrews McMeel Publishing 2022).

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