Sunnyside Salad (Crispy Fried Eggs On Greens) by Michelle Tam

Sunnyside Salad (Crispy Fried Eggs on Greens)




Yield 1 serving

This isn't your typical egg salad! Crispy fried eggs on top of salad greens is my favorite go-to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It's Whole30-friendly, too!



  1. Heat a small cast iron skillet on high. Get it super hot before you start cooking your eggs.
  2. In the meantime, pile some salad greens into a bowl.
  3. If you’re feeling fancy, use a vegetable peeler to shred some carrots on top of the lettuce.
  4. Once the skillet is screaming hot, add a big dollop of ghee. 
  5. Crack two eggs into a small bowl and pour them into the hot skillet.
  6. The whites touching the skillet will blister and cook right away, but the raised whites near the yolk need a little extra help to cook through. Tilt the skillet away from you (so the ghee doesn’t splatter on you and your pretty clothes), and use an offset spoon to baste the whites with the hot ghee. Remember to use a towel or wear an oven mitt when you grab the handle of the skillet.
  7. Once the whites on top are set, turn off the heat.
  8. When you peek underneath, the eggs should be crispy and golden brown.
  9. Remove the eggs with a fish spatula and place them on top of your salad. Season to taste with salt and pepper and drizzle on your favorite aged sherry or balsamic vinegar.

The slightly sweet zing of aged vinegar ties the dish together—and when combined with the soft yolk, it’ll make an instant salad dressing. (Acid plus fat = dressing!)

Courses Breakfast

Cuisine Whole30, Paleo, Gluten-free, Salad

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