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Paleo Eats 9/28/13: Back to Maui

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After a hurried morning meal of baked eggs seasoned with furikake (toasted sesame and nori)…

Paleo Eats 9/28/13: Back to Maui by Michelle Tam

…we grabbed our bags and hopped on a plane bound for Maui.

Paleo Eats 9/28/13: Back to Maui by Michelle Tam

If you’ve stuck around for a while, you probably know that once or twice a year, our family decamps to Hawaii—our home away from home. I love everything about the islands: the people, the pace, the climate, the beaches, the sunsets, the food.

Paleo Eats 9/28/13: Back to Maui by Michelle Tam

{Photo credit: Lil-O. This officially marks the first time my five-year-old has contributed a photograph to my blog.}

This trip came at the perfect time. It’s been an especially busy year for us. And though we’ve done our best to juggle parenting, full-time jobs, blogging, and cookbook-writing—not to mention a good deal more traveling than usual—we’ve all felt the strain. (Our schedules aren’t letting up, either. In two weeks, Henry, who just got back from New York, is heading off to Asia yet again.) Hitting the “pause” button is exactly what the four of us needed.

Paleo Eats 9/28/13: Back to Maui by Michelle Tam

Well, okay…the five of us, if you include Cat Power. (Just to be clear: I’m referring to Cat Power, Lil-O’s ever-present stuffed cat—not Cat Power the musician.)

Paleo Eats 9/28/13: Back to Maui by Michelle Tam

Although my carry-on bag was crammed with meaty treats…

Paleo Eats 9/28/13: Back to Maui by Michelle Tam

…we were starving by the time we arrived on Maui.

Paleo Eats 9/28/13: Back to Maui by Michelle Tam

Even after polishing off a late lunch of Thai food and hitting the grocery store to stock up on protein and plants for the coming week…

Paleo Eats 9/28/13: Back to Maui by Michelle Tam

9/28/13: A Vacation Day in Pictures by Michelle Tam

…our stomachs declared that it was dinner time.

A return to Star Noodle was in order.

Paleo Eats 9/28/13: Back to Maui by Michelle Tam

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Star Noodle, Take Three (Lahaina, HI)

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I’m happy to report that we ate at Star Noodle three times during our stay in West Maui and we didn’t eat noodles once!  We definitely have a crush on this restaurant so we chose it as our last dinner on the island.

I spied Sheldon Simeon in the kitchen (I don’t think he was there our other two times) and wondered if dinner would be even better tonight given his presence. I was happy to say that it was, and the platings were especially nice and polished.

Tonight, the new dishes we ordered were:

Spicy Namasu (cucumber, daikon, and carrot with a spicy, Vietnamese-y vinaigrette):


Charbroiled Miso Salmon (alas, a tad over-cooked for my taste):


The oldies but goodies we ordered again were the Ahi Avo, the Rib Eye, Yakitori, Steamed Pork Buns, and Brussels Sprouts.

Fitbomb liked the food so much that he purchased Star Noodle shirts and a baseball cap.  Now he can look like an official Star Noodle waiter!  

It’s Déjà vu All Over Again, Part 2: Star Noodle (Lahaina, HI)

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No, we didn’t go to Mala again (we’re going for brunch this weekend) but we made a second appearance at Star Noodle.  Hey, pickings are slim here in Maui! So if you like a place, you should stick with it.  Life’s too short to waste a meal on something shitty. 

Today for lunch we ordered the following items:

Pan roasted local mushrooms:


Mmmmmm.  Umami goodness.   I liked this mushroom dish better than the similar one we ate at Mala the other day.

Special of the day: balsamic marinated grilled beef over local greens:


The beef was well-seasoned and served rare – just the way I like it.  The dressing also had a nice kick to it.

Garlic steak served sizzling with onions and scallions:


This steak was tasty but a tad over-cooked for my taste.  Fitbomb also found it a bit too sweet.

All in all, the food was nom nom-approved and it’s not just good for Maui —  I wish this place was located back where we live!   However, like all Asian places, it’s hard to eat truly Paleo at Star Noodle because there’s sugar, cornstarch, soy, etc. in almost everything even when you are avoiding the obvious carb-y things like noodles, rice, and dessert.   But I’m on vacation so eff all that stuff!

Can You Eat Paleo At A Place Named Star Noodle (Lahaina, HI)?

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Uh, yeah.

This place may supersede Mala Ocean Tavern as one of my favorite places to eat on Maui. It’s my new crush, no doubt.  Hubs likes that it’s down the street from the Crossfit affiliate he’s been visiting.  I like that it’s at the end of a windy road in an industrial part of Lahaina and our friends thought we were leading them to a quiet, deserted spot so they would get “lost” and we’d have our lodging all to ourselves. Heh heh.

Star Noodle is a casual and lively pan-Asian place that serves Asian shared small plates and different noodle dishes.  I normally dislike fusion places but Star Noodle is different in that the food is authentic and tasty.  Like most places on the island, this place is kid-friendly and they take reservations if your party is 5 and larger.  Plus, the food is affordable for Maui.

Here’s what we ordered for dinner last night:

Ahi Avo with lemon pressed olive oil, sambal, usukuchi:

Star Kim Chee with won bok cabbage, ginger, and garlic:

Pohole Salad with Hana fiddle head fern, Maui onion, ebi, and kombu:

Steamed Pork Buns with pressed pork, hoisin, shiitake, and cucumber: 

(In case you’re wondering, we didn’t eat the bun.)

Chicken Yakitori with teriyaki glaze, scallion, and sesame seeds:

Seared Scallops and Asparagus with yuzu miso vinaigrette:

Rib Eye served sizzling with Makawao mushrooms and negi:

Here’s a worthwhile cheat: homemade malasadas!