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Sautéed Cabbage and Onions with Smoked Wild Alaskan King Salmon

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This morning, I discovered a sad little 1-pound cabbage languishing in our vegetable crisper. It was too small for my favorite braised cabbage recipe so I decided to sauté it up with some butter and sliced onions.

I love onions sautéed in butter…

Once the onions were translucent, I added my coarsely chopped cabbage.  I used my little 8-inch cast iron skillet, but it’s really too small for a pound of cabbage — I’ll use a bigger one next time. I seasoned everything with salt and pepper and mixed everything around so the fat would be well distributed.  Then, I lowered the heat to low and plopped on a lid for a few minutes so the cabbage would soften.

I topped half of the cabbage with some smoked wild Alaskan king salmon and kept the other half for one of my packed lunches during my workweek.

Yummy! (The salmon was a little on the salty side, but hey — that’s how smoked salmon tastes.)

Breakfast Chez Nom Nom Paleo

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I think I’m back to my 12-13 hour fast between dinner and breakfast again.  The 16 hour fast yesterday is totally an anomaly because I get so damn ravenous.  So for breakfast this morning, I had some leftover Mei Quin Choy and roasted cremini mushrooms (that I nuked for a minute), topped with some smoked salmon from Dittmer’s.

Then, per usual, I scarfed down some more coconut flakes and mac nuts.