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The Boys Eat Seattle

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We’re back in our house (finally!) — but we’re still up to our eyeballs in moving boxes, and I’m bleary-eyed from having to get up every three hours in the middle of the night to feed Big-O his pain meds. (His surgery went smoothly, and he’s doing his best to put on a brave face, but my little guy’s silent, stoic tears are breaking my heart.)

Since I’ve been too crazed to document my eats today, let’s flash back a couple of weeks and revisit our stay in Seattle.

As you’ll recall, I was in Seattle to attend BlogHer Food ‘12, and my husband and the boys decided to tag along for the ride. (Here’s my quick recap of the conference for those of you who want a refresher.) While I immersed myself in all things food-blog-related, the boys made a mad dash around Seattle, stuffing their faces with (mostly) Paleo grub. They picked restaurants exclusively from the list of suggestions that y’all provided (thank you!), and took photos to make me jealous.

Here’s a peek at all the fun I missed back in Seattle:

After a wonderful dinner at Lola the night we arrived in town, the Double-Os insisted on returning for breakfast the following morning. On the way to the restaurant, the boys stopped at Westlake Park to expressed their appreciation for public art…

…and then dug into plates of eggs, sausages, and bacon.

It appears that their dad guzzled a good amount of hot caffeine to power him through a day of schlepping small children around the city.

With full bellies, the boys hopped aboard the monorail…

…and soon arrived at Seattle Center. I’d encouraged them to check out the King Tut exhibit at the Pacific Science Center, but according to my husband, the place was swarming with mummy-obsessed kids on end-of-year field trips. So rather than braving the lines, Fitbomb decided to escort the kids over to the EMP Museum to learn about rock ‘n roll and science fiction. (Of course.)

There, my children marveled at Kurt Cobain’s canned meat collection:

And spent a couple of hours generating an unholy cacophony in the Sound Lab studios.

The Double-Os may not have any musical chops (yet), but they’ve clearly mastered the art of the rock star pose.

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A Few Photos from BlogHer Food ‘12

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I’m still drained from two days of nonstop action at BlogHer Food ‘12 in Seattle — soaking up information about blogging, marketing, and publishing, as well as meeting like-minded folks who are passionate about food writing. Here’s a quick peek at the conference:

This is one of the many tables of food at the opening breakfast buffet. Note the omnipresent bagel trees and sugar-dusted gluten traps! I loaded my plate with fruit, and then went on the hunt for protein and good fats.

Nope — not here…

Nor here…

And definitely not here.

Ta-da! Bacon to the rescue! I believe I heard angels singing.

And look here — a fellow Paleo-eating, CrossFitting, blogging mom! This is Marie from Make and Takes, a fantastic and award-winning kid crafts blog. I just bought her book for my boys!

I spent much of the conference attending presentations filled with valuable takeaways, and managed to connect with a good number of inspiring bloggers — many of whom have been my role models for years.

Sadly, lunches were a bit insubstantial for those of us who are accustomed to eating more than a nibble of spinach leaves and deconstructed potato salad. There was other food available — but Paleo-friendly options were few and far between. Of course, I didn’t expect anything different, so I had stocked my bag with plenty o’ beef jerky. Shelf-stable emergency protein FTW!

The next morning, the breakfast buffet was entirely devoid of meat, but I hovered around the gluten-free table until I spied the last two crustless quiches. I snagged them to eat with my fruit salad. 

After another full day of presentations and breaks for networking, we all boarded a bus for the closing party hosted by arguably the three biggest names in food blogging today: Ree Drummond (The Pioneer Woman), Jaden Hair (Steamy Kitchen), and Elise Bauer (Simply Recipes).

Ree was super-gracious and down-to-earth (and incredibly tall)…

Jaden was funny and spunky…

…and best of all, Elise showed me a picture on her phone of herself rocking a Nom Nom Paleo Deadlift Girl t-shirt

That made my day — along with hearing that Hank Shaw from Hunter Angler Gardener Cook has heard of my blog! (You should get his cookbook, Hunt, Gather, Cook. It’s awesome.)

I had a blast hanging with my new pals MorganMarie, and Lyndsey

…before returning to the hotel to blog.

Why do all my days end the same way no matter where I am?

Dining Out Paleo: Local 360 Cafe & Bar (Seattle, WA)

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Thanks to all of you who recently responded to my call for Seattle restaurant recommendations, we learned about a number of great spots, including Local 360 Cafe & Bar, a hoppin’ joint in Belltown.

With a special focus on sustainability, Local 360 searches out organic produce and humanely-raised meats — virtually all of which is sourced from within a 360-mile radius. The menu features an assortment of hearty dishes that hit the spot for anyone with comfort food cravings: deviled eggs, pork belly, steak frites. Even better: Local 360 clearly identifies the gluten-free dishes on its menu, making it (somewhat) easier for me to narrow down my selections for dinner.

So what did we get for our Friday night grub?

Silky, savory deviled eggs…

A fresh and tangy beet salad with feta, walnuts, orange, and sherry vinaigrette…

A crisp and unctuous serving of pork belly with butternut squash and chèvre purée…

A hearty dish of rich rabbit gratin with potato, caramelized onion, and kale, and…

A juicy, seared steak with mushroom demi-glace, along with a side of mushrooms.

The verdict? Fantastic! There’s nothing like the satisfaction of chowing on fresh, local, lip-smackingly good food. Thanks again for the recommendation!

Dining Out Paleo: Lola (Seattle, WA)

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Over the course of a small handful of trips to Seattle in recent years, Lola has become one of my favorite spots to grab a casual family meal in the city. It’s one of esteemed restauranteur Tom Douglas’s joints — this one, with a Greek/Mediterranean bent that’s evident in its selection of grilled meats, kebabs, meze, and spreads.

Oh, and doughnuts. We can’t forget about the doughnuts.

The last time I was here (almost exactly two years ago!), I was just about to dip my pinky toe into the Paleo pool for the very first time — but before doing so, I indulged in a plateful of these babies — made-to-order doughnuts with seasonal jam and vanilla mascarpone:

[Insert wistful sigh here.]

But no doughnuts tonight for this Paleo gal — nor for these two recovering sugarholics.

But that doesn’t mean we didn’t enjoy a beautifully prepared feast of comfort foods from the Pacific Northwest. We ordered a bunch of plates to share family-style, including:

Copper River sockeye salmon with roasted radishes, greens, and olive tapenade!

Flatiron steak with lemon potatoes, pepperoncini, and kopanisti!

Horta (quick-braised seasonal greens)!

And grilled asparagus with cumin and white anchovy relish!

For the next few days, I’ll be immersed in BlogHer Food ‘12, but I have a feeling I’ll be sneaking out to visit Lola again before we leave.

I wonder what time they open for breakfast…