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Paleo Eats: 3/2/11

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Finally, it’s my last night of work! Yippee! But since it’s my “flip day,” I’m too tired to write a lengthy post.

Here’s what I ate at work tonight:

The first meal I chowed on was a box of leftover chicken kebabs and stir-fried collard greens and bacon.

Then, I ate a small container of my hubby’s Paleo trail mix and half a stick of my co-worker’s homemade salami.

My co-worker is a chef trapped in a professional drug dealer’s body ‘cause he’s taken more whole animal butchery classes than anyone I know and can whip up a 10-course fancy-pants meal just like that. I’m not jealous or anything.

For my “dinner” at work, I ate a pan-fried chicken apple sausage with leftover broiled asparagus, sautéed mushrooms, and roasted curried cauliflower.

I bid adieu to my co-workers for the week and skipped to my car. Seriously. I’m that happy when I finish my workweek.

At home, I ate some roast turkey deli meat, macadamia nuts, and coconut flakes while I goofed off with the kids.  Afterwards, I took a quick cat nap for a few hours and then it was back to full-time mommy mode when I awoke.

While Little-O napped, Big-O helped me make a batch of “garbage soup.”

Since I was exhausted at dinnertime, I just ladled everyone a bowl of soup…

…and served it with some leftover rotisserie chicken.

This dinner was small compared with my other meals but that’s only because I’d been eating coconut flakes and macadamia nuts non-stop all afternoon.

Good night folks!

Paleo Eats: 2/26/11

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I’m barely at the halfway mark of my workweek and I’m dragging a bit. Yes, it’s probably due to the fact that I went to a class at CrossFit Palo Alto  after my nightshift instead of catching some zzzz’s. A long, intense WOD combined with bright sunlight shining in my eyes (decreased melatonin) on the drive home is not conducive to good sleep. Whatever. I had a great time in class and I’ll do it do again.

On night three of work, I ate the same chow as I did the night before. It pays off to have lots of leftovers!

My first meal of the night was a box of leftover grass fed T-bone steak, winter squash puree, sauteed mushrooms, and roasted Brussels sprouts with bacon

…followed a few hours later with a snack of leftover mini frittata muffins

…and capped off with my “dinner” of Chili Con Carne seasoned grass fed ground beef, cauliflower fried rice, and roasted asparagus.

On my way home from work, I picked up my weekly veggie CSA box.

For once I was glad the contents were skimpy because my fridge was already stuffed with veggies from my Mariquita Farms “mystery box” and from going to the store earlier in the week.

At home, I opened up a couple packages from Amazon and was happy to find a bunch ‘o fats…

…but mad to discover that I’d mistakenly ordered a big ass box of finely shredded coconut instead of coconut flakes.

Argh. Serves me right for groggily (and recklessly) ordering stuff online in the middle of the night. That was good reminder that I needed to go to sleep right away. But before I hit the hay, I seasoned a small pork shoulder roast with Chili Con Carne seasoning, salt, and pepper and stored it in a Ziploc bag in the fridge to roast off later in the week.

When I woke up at 5:30 p.m., I felt well-rested and refreshed. Although I’ve been working graveyard shift for almost a decade, it still takes me a few days to get back into the groove of things.

I was too tired in the morning to defrost any meat so I sent my hubby to Calafia to pick up a rotisserie chicken…

…while I roasted a tray of carrots and celery root

…and stir-fried collard greens with bacon and shallots.

I know I’ve been making this dish a lot but the combination of greens, bacon, shallots, and vinegar is too tasty to try something different.

Here’s my plate:

(BTW, a frail Steve Jobs was snapped by National Enquirer photogs a couple weeks ago exiting Calafia Cafe.)

After dinner, I helped put the kids to bed and then I practiced some power cleans in the garage My form is really ugly but I’m working on it, ‘kay? When the clock struck 9:20 p.m.,  I got my crap together and went to work.

Paleo Options At Our Toddler’s Birthday Party

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Although I had prepared a Cobb Salad bar at my older son’s birthday party, I was too pooped to cook for my younger son’s party. For nibbles, I put out some fruit platters, a cheese and charcuterie platter, and a bunch of carbs. I’m sorry, but we didn’t want to alienate our guests. 

For the main event, I ordered a bunch of Mexican food from Mi Pueblo Food Center: carne asada, carnitas, and rotisserie chicken, Mexican rice, refried beans, salsa verde, guacamole, regular salsa, and tortillas. For those of us who wanted to go Paleo, I also put out a large bowl of salad greens with shredded purple cabbage and carrots.

Here’s my salad platter with all three meats, salsa, and guacamole:

Everyone had a great time and was well-fed. Mission accomplished.