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Swiss Paleo’s Bugs Bunny Hasenpfeffer Stew

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Why lookee here: Lisa Broccoli of Swiss Paleo is back with another guest post from the Swiss Alps!


Last time Lisa paid a visit to my blog, she taught us how to make fresh Italian & chorizo sausage links. In today’s post, she gives us step-by-step instructions for a traditional German rabbit stew. (For those of you unable or unwilling to find rabbit legs, chicken legs are a good substitute.) Bonus: The recipe has metric units for my international readers. Yes! 

You must check out Lisa’s awesome blog, Swiss Paleo, which features tantalizing Paleo recipes, lifestyle/fitness articles and write-ups of her travels (and, of course, what she ate when she got there). Follow her on FacebookPinterest, and Twitter!

Take it away, Lisa!


I bought some wild rabbit legs the other day when I went to the farmer’s market. I have never actually eaten or cooked a rabbit before, but I was eager to try out something different. Besides, I was going to have to come up with something for this guest post that Michelle hasn’t already made. Do you know how hard that is? She has a recipe for just about everything! I had seen a recipe for rabbit stew on a BBC cooking channel and decided that I would try to make something like that. Or maybe what I would end up with would be more like Yosemite Sam’s attempt at Hasenpfeffer Stew (which is actually something that you’ll find on the menu here in Switzerland).

Here you go…a recipe and a cartoon! 

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