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Paleo Eats: 1/11/12 (Whole30 Day 11)

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Today’s my flip day again. Unfortunately it’s the day when I change into a vampire for the next seven nights. Because I was returning to work, my morning was crammed with errands and cooking. 

In the morning, I ate a curry wrap filled with leftover slow roasted lamb leg and kale salad…

…and helped dress the kids for school.

I headed to the women’s class at CrossFit Palo Alto and had a fun class with the gals. As a post workout meal, I ate the rest of the leftover slow roasted lamb leg and a handful of chestnuts.

On the way home from the box, I stopped by Trader Joe’s and came home with a trunk full of groceries.

At lunchtime, I fried up a couple of Sous Vide Crispy Chicken Thighs and sauteed a small head of cauliflower.

I’m happy to report that Lil-O ate a plate of chicken and carrot sticks as well. Yay! Progress…

I only had an hour before I was taking an afternoon nap, so I hastily threw another pot of Pressure Cooker Pho Broth on the stove. I toasted the spices in a warm pan…

…and tucked them in a satchel before depositing the bag in the pressure cooker.

Next, I seared the meat…

…poured in the water, and Red Boat fish sauce.

While I waited for the pho broth to finish cooking, I made a batch of emergency protein with ground pork, onion, spinach, and Magic Powder.

I ended up boxing three lunches filled with the emergency protein and nuked frozen broccoli.

Once all the grub was packaged away in the fridge, I went to bed for a couple of hours.

At dinnertime, I sautéed baby bok choy, carrots, and shiitake…

…and reheated the beefy pho broth. I removed all the bones and ladled up bowls filled with tender beefy goodness. I put out a plate of herby garnishes and everyone added whatever they liked to their serving.

Here’s mine:

No kelp noodles (or any type of noodles) were added to the beef and soup. In my opinion, the best part of a big bowl of pho is the beefy broth, hands down.

After dinner, I seasoned a pork leg roast with Magic Powder…

…and threw it on top of some sliced onions in the slow cooker. I’m going to cook it low and slow for 16 hours like Kalua Pig.

I also hard boiled a few eggs, downed a black espresso, and packed my meals for work.

Think of me while you take a whizz in the middle of the night — I’ll be up.