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Paleo Eats: 9/16/11

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Gotta get some shuteye before Fight Gone Bad 6 tomorrow morning so here’s a quick peek at my eats for today…

Before I headed to the women’s class at CrossFit Palo Alto, Fitbomb fried me a frittata with leftover slow cooker Kalua pig which I topped with chopped avocados and heirloom tomatoes.

Guess what? I completed my FIRST weighted RX’d WOD today! Thanks to all the awesome ladies in my class who cheered me on even though I was at least two rounds behind everyone! Can you feel pathetic and proud at the same time? YES!

As a post-workout snack, I gobbled some marinated roasted beets and a few slices of roast turkey.

For lunch, I chowed at The Counter with my parents and Lil-O. As usual, I ordered a burger in a bowl and a side of pesto sauce.

In the afternoon, I ran some more errands and picked up a big box of heirloom tomatoes from Mariquita Farm’s Ladybug Truck Buying Club.

I’ll be so sad when tomato season is over! 

When I got home, I seasoned an eight-pound boneless pork shoulder roast for Kalua pig and stuck it in the slow cooker. I’m bringing a big pot o’swine to the post-FGB6 Paleo potluck!

For dinner, I made Cheater Crispy Sous Vide Duck Confit Legs, sauteed spinach and shallots, and a tomato salad.

Gotta catch my zzzz’s!

Paleo Eats: 9/6/11

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Yikes! Summer’s officially over! 

This morning both kids were headed to school — so that meant I had the morning free! Woohoo! Now if only I didn’t have so much laundry to do…

Before leaving to get my WOD on at CrossFit Palo Alto, I packed Big-O’s lunch in his PlanetBox lunchbox: baby carrots, sugar snappea crisps, almonds, Applegate Farms organic roast chicken, and a sliced pluot.

I walked him to school and when I returned home, I ate a couple scrambled eggs and leftover roasted veggies.

The women’s class at CrossFit Palo Alto was packed today! I suspect that lots of other mommies were finally free to get sweaty since their kids were back in school.

After our tough workout, I ate a nuked yam, a couple slices of Applegate Farms roast beef, and a few marinated roasted beets.

At noon, I picked up Lil-O from school and we came home to eat lunch. I fried up the remainder of the mini Turkish sliders and ate them with leftover roasted broccoli and bacon, marinated roasted beets, and spicy sauerkraut.

In the afternoon, we picked up Big-O and his buddy from school. While the kids had their playdate, I was finally able to fold my mountain(s) of laundry.

For dinner, I needed to make something quick and easy since I was headed to a nursery school board meeting at 7:00 p.m.

Lettuce tacos filled with emergency protein and guacamole to the rescue!

Here’s dinner:

Then, I dashed off to the preschool meeting (which was 2.5 hours long!) and came home and crashed.

Ack! My nightshift work week resumes tomorrow night! Time sure passes quickly…

Paleo Eats: 8/23/11

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Today was Big-O’s first day of first grade, so we were scrambling to get out of the house on time in the morning. Before heading out the door, I gobbled down some leftover sous vide beef tongue along with some salad greens and cherry tomatoes.

After we dropped Big-O off at school, I drove to CrossFit Palo Alto for the women’s class. We had an awesome visitor from CrossFit Oregon City, Jennifer, who dropped in to WOD with us today. I certainly appreciated her cheering me on when I was the last person left trying to slog my way through “Karen” (150 wall balls for time). Again, major props to all the badass ladies in my class. I find them ALL inspirational — especially Katie, a.k.a. the Beast, who used a 20-pound medicine ball (the men’s RX’d weight!) and Mindi, who — after finishing the WOD herself — picked up a med ball and matched me rep for rep as I neared the cut-off time.

When I got home from class, I chowed on a microwaved yam and leftover sous vide Turkish slider burger.

For lunch, I fried a scrambled egg, a smoked Bratwurst, and sliced up a heirloom tomato.

I was still hungry afterwards so I ate some macadamia nut butter, coconut flakes, and coconut butter. Yes, I piled on the fat.

Late in the afternoon, I was super exhausted. I didn’t want to make dinner. AT. ALL. As luck would have it, I found a package of Grimaud Farms duck confit legs hidden in the back of the fridge so I dunked the packet in the SousVide Supreme. When the legs came up to serving temperature, I quickly seared the legs in duck fat, tossed together a simple salad, and fried some padron peppers.

Here’s my dinner plate:

Time to get some zzzz’s!

Paleo Eats: 8/19/11

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Friday was so damn busy, I’m a day late in blogging my eats. 

I started the day by eating a couple of butter-fried eggs and a quarter of an avocado before heading to the women’s class at CrossFit Palo Alto.

I miss coming to the box during my workweek so I was excited to be back and pushing myself hard next to some badass ladies.

After class, I gulped down a microwaved yam and went with the Double O’s to see “I,” Lil-O’s betrothed, in a production of Bye Bye Birdie. The Double O’s were mesmerized by the show. They took particular joy whenever “I” was out on stage, singing and dancing her heart out with the biggest and most beautiful grin in the production.

During the show, I passed out Paleo snacks to our little group and I scarfed down a packet of Grass Fed Jerky Chews and some dark chocolate. There’s no way I go to a show without a bag full of nosh. Ever.

When we got home, I nuked myself some leftover sous vide oxtails and roasted vegetables for lunch. 

With my belly full, I started preparing food for the dinner party we were hosting in the evening.

While I was at my CrossFit class in the morning, Fitbomb had removed the grass fed beef tongue and cheek packets from the SousVide Supreme (since they’d already been soaking for 48 hours), iced them, and stuck them in the fridge. I reset the temperature to 137 F and dropped in two packets of Turkish slider burgers.

To accompany the meat, I roasted and marinated some bell peppers

…pattypan squash…

…and Portobello mushrooms.

By this time, the sliders were finished cooking but I kept them in the water oven to stay warm. I also dunked the chilled tongue and cheeks back in the water so that all the meat would be at serving temperature when the guests arrived.

Then, the boys and I ran to Big-O’s school to check which first grade class he was assigned to and we hung out with old friends at the ice cream social. We spent around an hour at the school before we headed home since company was coming at 6:00p.m. Eek!

As soon as Fitbomb came home from work, I recruited him to whip up a batch of his famous guacamole

…and to wash some butter lettuce for the tacos.

Before finishing the sous vide meats, I set out some snacks for the guests: prosciutto-wrapped melon drizzled with balsamic vinegar and Aleppo seasoning salt,

4505 Meats’ chicharrones

beef sticks from U.S. Wellness Meats, olives, carrots with Aubergine dip

…and fruit salad.

For those of us who weren’t fat-phobic, a popular combination was chicharrones dipped in guacamole.

While our guests were eating appetizers, I heated some bacon grease in a large cast iron skillet and seared off the tongue…

…and cheeks…

…and used my kitchen torch to brown the Turkish slider burgers.

For dinner, I laid out the myriad of meats along with all the fixings so everyone could make their own lettuce-wrapped tacos or burgers.

As usual, the company was fantastic…

…but before I knew it, my coach had turned back into a pumpkin.

 After putting the kids in bed waaaaaay past their bedtimes, Fitbomb and I conked out, our bellies full of food and laughs.

Paleo Eats: 8/9/11

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After sitting on my ass for three days straight at AHS and barely exercising during my last workweek, I was totally looking forward to the women’s class at CrossFit Palo Alto this morning.

Before I dashed to class, I scarfed down a pre-workout meal (small amount of protein+fat) of scrambled egg and diced avocado topped with Aloha Spice Volcano Grind.

After class, I gobbled up a small nuked sweet potato, Applegate Farms organic roast beef, and a small tomato.

For lunch, I reheated last night’s skirt steak fajitas, mashed my own guacamole, and rinsed some wilted lettuce leaves that I rescued from our crisper.

I’m always astounded at how the lettuce from my CSA box seemingly lasts forever, whereas the greens I get pre-washed from the grocery store melt as soon as I pop open the bag.

I was still hungry after cleaning my plate, so I also ate some coconut flakes and a couple squares of dark chocolate.

In the afternoon, the boys and I took the train up to San Francisco to meet Fitbomb for dinner.

We ended up at Limon Rotisserie

…where we packed our gullets with ceviche, grilled beef heart, roast chicken, and salad.

This week was so perfect, I almost forgot I had to go back to work tomorrow night. Le sigh.

Paleo Eats: 7/26/11

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Today, I retweeted this spot-on quote from Ruth Bordain, “I can’t get behind Meatless Mondays, but I am a very strong supporter of Tempehless Tuesdays.”

Methinks he/she is a fellow caveperson. Or at the very least, a vegan ridiculer.

Before heading to the women’s class at CrossFit Palo Alto, I filled my belly with a leftover piece of Damn Fine chicken and crudites dipped in basil and eggplant pesto.

The WOD was fun and challenging PLUS it was the first time I was able to do all 100 double-unders, albeit in fits and starts. I didn’t even realize the whipping I gave myself until Fitbomb pointed out my battle scars.

If someone asks sbout the welts, I’ll nonchalantly tell them that I was caught tagging a government building in Singapore.

After the class, I refueled with half a nuked sweet potato and a few slices of deli roast chicken.

For lunch, I made a frittata with zucchini, leftover emergency protein, frozen broccoli, and cherry tomatoes.

I ate a slice with 1/4 of an avocado topped with Aleppo chile pepper finishing salt.

As an afternoon snack, I chowed on some coconut butter and a packet of Grass Fed Jerky Chews.

Then, my boys and I hopped on a train bound for San Francisco and met my hubby at Marlowe for dinner.

I can’t believe my week off is over and I’ll be starting work tomorrow night…

Paleo Eats: 7/23/11

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Yay! It’s Saturday! Why am I so excited? ‘Cause I had a day off from cooking today!

This morning I ate a leftover chicken drumstick and a small cup of coconut milk — pre-workout protein and fat.

I decided to venture out of the comfortable and nurturing confines of the CrossFit Palo Alto women’s class and attend my first co-ed class. It wasn’t as scary as I thought. Especially since Coach Trish was leading the class and there were a bunch of nice folks in the class, including visitors Caveman Bistro and his lovely wife. If you haven’t already, check out Craig’s blog and facebook page. He’s an experienced professional CHEF (unlike yours truly) so his cave eats are delicious AND elegant.

After the workout, I refueled with leftover sous vide pork tenderloin and half a microwaved sweet potato.

Then, we dropped the kids off at my parents and headed to San Francisco for a whole day of adults-only eats.

First up, was Baby P’s full moon party at Cafe Des Amis.

At one month postpartum, our lovely friends, H & D, were beaming, smiling, and glowing.  They looked the complete opposite of Fitbomb and me — we were walking zombies up until our boys were a year old. Did I mention that they also have twin two-year-old boys? Sheeeeeeit. I bow down to them…

Our lovely lunch started with a mixed greens, plum, and goat cheese salad tossed with a Banyuls vinaigrette:

Then, I had a big plate of grilled steak (minus the frites) for my entree…

…and in place of cake, I chowed on a generous bowl of fresh berries. Delicious.

Plus, we brought home yummy organic hard-boiled red eggs as party favors!

Since we had a few hours to kill in the afternoon before dinner, Fitbomb and I went to the movies to see Captain America. It’s a fun summer flick and I especially like the part (SPOILER ALERT!) where the evil pudgy Nazi scientist is revealed as a vegetarian.

After the movie, we went to Prospect with our buddies S & J to celebrate S’s 40th birthday. S and I always marvel at how similar we are in taste, humor, and personality (except he’s much more personable than me). In other words, he’s AWESOME. ;)

Seriously — people have a hard time telling the two of us apart. See what I mean?


Paleo Eats: 7/22/11

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It’s Friday, so I’m mostly readjusted to being diurnal again. It helps that I kept myself busy the whole day. Ain’t no rest for the wicked…

For breakfast, I made myself a frittata with a couple pastured eggs, frozen broccoli, diced roasted portobello mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and a splash of raw heavy cream.

Then, it was off to the women’s class at CrossFit Palo Alto to get my blood pumping.

As a post-workout meal, I scarfed down a nuked sweet potato and a few slices of Applegate Farms organic roast turkey.

At lunchtime, I quickly shredded and nuked a plate of summer squash spaghetti that I topped with leftover slow cooker pork pot roast.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to your sanity to have leftover protein in your fridge. Always cook a big batch of whatever you’re making. You still have to clean the skillet whether you cook enough for one or six eaters, so make enough for a few meals!

In the afternoon, I ate some defrosted Hawaiian Sun coconut milk (DELICIOUS!), a handful of Bing cherries, and a packet of Grass Fed Jerky Chews.

I was able to leisurely cook dinner tonight because my kids were having a ball playing with HA's cuties. Playdates are a mother's secret weapon for keeping the kids out of her hair.

I stir fried a batch of emergency protein (grass fed ground beef, onions, garlic, and Chili 9000 seasoning)…

…and spooned it over summer squash spaghetti, tossed with leftover roasted portobello mushrooms and bell peppers.

That’s all for tonight! 

Paleo Eats: 7/12/11

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Today was my last day off before heading back to work for a week of nightshifts, so I wanted to make the most of it.

Before heading to the women’s class at CrossFit Palo Alto this morning, my better half fried me a savory coconut pancake that I topped with cherry tomatoes and avocado.

I had such a fun time in class! The workout (kettlebell swings, sumo deadlift high pulls, and plenty of running) kicked my ass as usual, but the other girls in the class are incredibly encouraging and inspiring. I’ve guzzled the CrossFit Kool-Aid…

As soon as I got home, I quickly ate my post workout meal, which consisted of a nuked sweet potato and a small portion of roast beef. If you’re still debating between refueling with post-workout shake (wha-?) or meat and tubers (yay!) look no further than this great post by The Lazy Caveman.

For lunch, I reheated the last of the slow-roasted pork shoulder, grilled summer squash, and grilled portobello mushrooms in the fridge:

I added some cherry tomatoes and a squirt of lime juice — and as soon as I put down the camera, this plate of food was gone. Yes, I’ve been putting cherry tomatoes on everything, but I love them and I’m so happy they’re in season again. My heart really breaks for those of you sensitive to night shades.

I got the munchies again at 3:00 p.m., so I ate some baby carrots with Aubergine dip, coconut flakes, and a few macadamia nuts.

Then, the kids and I took the train up to San Francisco to meet Fitbomb for dinner. Big-O and I used to make this trip every other Tuesday (the night before I’d start work), but these days we only make it up once every couple of months. Dragging two kids up to the city ain’t easy, though I have to admit that it’s less challenging now that Lil-O’s a little older.

Originally, we were going to eat at Marlowe, but it was all booked for the night. So we opted for Plan B: one of our old favorites, Foreign CinemaOur dinner outside in the covered courtyard was awesome.

After our bellies were full, Big-O turned to me and said, “Mommy, I’m going to move back to San Francisco when I’m older.”

“Yes, honey, it’s one of the coolest places on earth.”

If only finding street parking was less of a hassle…

Paleo Eats: 7/8/11

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Despite my jam-packed schedule today, I was able to keep my eats on the straight and narrow. Well, except for overdoing the handfuls of mac nuts throughout the day and the dark chocolate I treated myself to after dinner…but I digress.

We pack a lunch for Big-O to take to camp every morning, and we’ve been trying to make them Paleo-compliant. His Planet Box lunchbox today contained some roast beef, baby carrots, raw almonds, Bing cherries, and strawberries.

I was planning to get my WOD on at CrossFit Palo Alto in the morning, so I wanted to fuel up beforehand with some fat and protein. I made a frittata with frozen spinach, mushrooms, summer squash, cherry tomatoes, coconut milk, shallots, and leftover bacon bits. Sounds more complicated than it actually was — I just chopped or nuked whatever was lying around.

I ate a quarter of the egg pie and stored the rest in the fridge.

The women’s class was awesome as usual, but note to self — I need to work on doing burpees RX’d ‘cause I’m too old to get skinned knees. I may be a woman who works at night but I ain’t a woman of the night.

Afterwards, I gulped down a nuked sweet potato and a few slices of roast beef as I drove Lil-O to his check-up. Yes, it’s dangerous to eat while driving, but I positively inhaled my post-workout meal in just a couple bites. Like a vacuum.

Since the pediatrician’s office was near Tootsie’s, I picked up some take-out for lunch: My favorite yummy short rib sandwich (without the bun and cheese) and a side salad. When I got home, I punched up the salad with extra veggies and a hard-boiled egg and chowed down.

In the afternoon, I split a grass fed Just Jerky pack with Big-O and ate some coconut flakes, mac nuts, and a handful of Bing cherries.

For dinner, I didn’t have a ton of time to throw a meal together, so I dunked a couple of Costco-purchased frozen wild Alaskan cod packets into the SousVide Supreme and stir-fried some spinach, mushrooms, and shallots in bacon grease. I quickly seared the cod fillets in more bacon grease (the gift that keeps on giving!) and topped them with sliced avocado, Volcano grind seasoning, and a spritz of lime juice.

Here’s my dinner plate:

After dinner I chomped on even more mac nuts (stop the insanity!) and a third of a Guittard Nocturne 91% bar.

Buenas noches!