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Sous Vide Pork Ribs

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Dang, these ribs were easy to make.

Here what I gathered:

Here’s how I made them:

I dried the two racks with paper towels and liberally seasoned them with salt, pepper, and chili con carne seasoning.

I vacuum sealed them…

…and marinated them in the fridge overnight.

In the morning, I filled the SousVide Supreme and set the temperature to 175F. When the water was hot, I dropped in the two packets of ribs and let them cook for 9 hours (Douglas Baldwin says that you should leave them in for 8-12 hours).

In the evening, I removed the ribs from the plastic bags and dried them with paper towels.

Then, my hubby threw the racks on his hot grill and seared them for a couple minutes on each side.

I used kitchen shears to separate the ribs.

The ribs were falling off the bone tender and very tasty. However, they were a tad under-salted so you should be pretty heavy-handed with the salt when you initially season it.

I didn’t make a sticky sweet barbecue sauce to go with the ribs (or even a vinegar based one) because, frankly, my dears, I was too lazy. Plus, all the barbecue sauce recipes I found were filled with sugar and I’m not sure how to Paleo-ize them without being disappointed. And let me reiterate — I’m too lazy.