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Paleo Eats: 12/3/11

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Wanna see what I ate all night and day?

While I was at the hospital, I slurped down a bowl of butternut squash soup topped with leftover spatchcocked chicken (kept warm in a LunchBots thermal)…

…and ate an ounce of dark chocolate

When I came home in the morning, I made myself a sandwich with leftover slow-roasted cowboy chop, dino kale, and citrus vinaigrette rolled up in a curry-flavored Pure Wrap.

Before going to bed, I picked up my weekly Siren SeaSA seafood delivery which was a pre-cooked Dungeness crab(!)…

…and I stopped by 99 Ranch market.

I know 99 Ranch is filled with all sorts of weird, highly-processed, additive-filled, BPA-contaminated canned products (like this one), but there are some great finds if you look carefully. Today, I bought bags of Hokto Kinoko organic Brown Beech and King Trumpet mushrooms, Aroy-D coconut cream (their coconut milk is too watered down for me), butane canisters (5 for $5!), and Mae Ploy Thai yellow curry paste (only $2 plus change for a jar!).

At dinnertime, I woke up and made dinner with Fitbomb. I peeled some carrots…

…that I tossed with slivered almonds and leftover citrus vinaigrette.

Hubby grabbed the bowl of crab meat from the fridge that he’d meticulously picked out of the crustacean earlier in the afternoon…

..and topped bowls of chilled cream of avocado soup.

If you’re worried that we didn’t eat enough, don’t be concerned. We also polished off the leftover slow-roasted cowboy steak from yesterday. My belly was stuffed before I left for work.

That’s it for my Saturday eats!

Paleo Eats: 11/20/11

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Yay! I’m more than halfway through my workweek!

During my graveyard shift, I chowed on two boxes of leftovers: one with a slice of frittata, and the other with roast chicken, cauliflower & carrot puree, and stir-fried pork and spigarello.

While I slept the afternoon away, Fitbomb made himself some bacon-wrapped pineapples chunks.

I sampled a couple when I woke up and each bite was a wonderful mix of contrasts — sweet and savory plus crunchy and juicy. My hubby makes the best bacon-y snacks while I’m sleeping.

For dinner, I made cheater crispy sous vide duck confit legs

…and roasted butternut squash seasoned with Madras curry.

I made a simple salad with mâche, cucumbers, and roasted squash and dressed it with aged balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil.

Here’s my dinner plate:

After I exercised in the garage, I poured steaming bone broth into a thermos, packed my meals, chugged an espresso, and headed to work.

Only three more nights to go!

Paleo Eats: 11/18/11

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Like the previous night, there was no room at the inn again but luckily my shift at the hospital wasn’t too crazy. While I was on the clock, I ate a package of spicy grass fed jerky chews, a merguez sausage over a bed of frozen spinach, and leftover lemongrass and coconut chicken thighs with braised cabbage and yam puree.

When I returned home, I was greeted by my smiley boys and the comforting smell of simmering bone broth

I strained the broth and ladled a steaming mug for Big-O to sip before school…

…stored the rest in the fridge, and cleaned out the slow cooker so I could throw in the ingredients for beef and tomato stew.

**Nom Nom Paleo Tip of the Day: Choose brisket or boneless short ribs for stews and braises. The meat will be meltingly tender as long as you cook it low and slow.**

After I’d tidied up in the kitchen and programmed the slow cooker, I went to bed and snuggled under the covers. Going to sleep during the day is so much easier during the colder months, BUT getting up in the evening is a Herculean task. Seriously.

When I finally dragged myself out of the warm cocoon of blankets, I went to the kitchen to make dinner. Although the slow cooker beef stew was done, I packed it away for a future dinner next week. I’m gonna be thanking myself for this later.

For tonight’s supper, I baked a simple Paleo frittata with leftover antelope emergency protein, chard, and onions….

…and topped each slice with a big dollop of guacamole.

Then, I drove my reluctant ass to work. Ugh. Do I really have five more nights to go?

Paleo Eats: 10/25/11

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It was my penultimate night of work and I could finally see the faint flicker of light at the end of the tunnel. I ate two meals while at work: leftover softcore albacore with roasted veggies and leftover sous vide sirloin tip steak with roasted escarole and winter squash puree.

When I got home in the morning, I seasoned three pastured pork tenderloins with Spice Hound’s seasoning salt and vacuum-sealed each one with a pat of butter. (Don’t forget to enter my giveaway to WIN my favorite Spice Hound blends and Sophia’s Survival Food grass fed jerky chews!)

 I filled and heated the SousVide Supreme to 137 F and gave my mother-in-law directions to plop the packets in the water oven at 3:00 p.m. Then, I went to bed until dinnertime.

At 5:30 p.m., I rolled out of bed and starting making dinner. The pork tenderloins were ready and waiting in the water oven so I set to work making some side dishes. I roasted a tray of broccoli and bacon in the oven…

…made a shiitake and King Trumpet mushroom gravy…

…baked a tray of oven-roasted tomatoes in the toaster oven…

…and reheated leftover garlic cauliflower mashed potatoes in the microwave.

Once the sides were finished, I torched and sliced two of the tenderloins (I iced and stored the third tenderloin).

Here’s my dinner plate:

After dinner, I practiced double-unders and snatches in the garage. Then, I headed to work for the last time this week. My PTO is so close I can smell it!

Paleo Eats: 10/24/11

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Yay! I’m past my hump night so it’s all downhill from here!

My 10-hour shift passed quickly because the hospital was packed with sick people who needed lots and lots of drugs. While I was on the clock, I ate some leftover softcore albacore with Pizzeria Delfina’s spicy cauliflower and oven-roasted tomatoes (packed in a LunchBots Pico)…

…and a small container of coconut butter. I know I said I’d never buy another jar of coconut butter again but when I was at Whole Foods the other morning I was hungry, damn it.

When I got home, Fitbomb made me a French omelet topped with avocado and Big-O garnished the plate with Aleppo pepper.

Before going to bed, I pureed the marinade for my sister’s phenomenal green chicken

…combined it with three pounds of chicken drumsticks, and stuck the bag in the fridge.

I slept soundly until 5:00 p.m. — but not a minute later — because Big-O burst into my room to wake me up. After rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, I dragged my tired ass to the kitchen to cook dinner. Supper was on the table in less than an hour because I made sure to utilize multiple heat sources/cooking methods for all the dishes.

Wanna see what I made?

I baked the drumsticks in the oven…

roasted a batch of San Marzano tomatoes in the toaster oven…

…steamed some cauliflower on the stove and blitzed a bowl of mashed “potatoes”

…and nuked some green beans that I tossed with butter and topped with toasted almonds.

Here’s my dinner plate:

After dinner, I practiced some Turkish get-ups in the garage before packing my crap for work.

Just a couple more nights left!

Paleo Eats: 10/23/11

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My nightshift tonight was pretty similar to the ones preceding it — busy, busy, busy. I’m not kvetching because I like when the work is constant. Before I know it, the sun’s up and it’s time to go home. While I was at work, I ate a small Primal Pac, a piece of Pralus 100% cacao, and leftover cheater crispy sous vide duck confit with veggies.

On my way home from the hospital, I stopped by the Mountain View Farmers’ market to pick up more produce plus a big box of pastured chickens from Full of Life Farm.

Once I got home, I stashed all the food in the fridge and freezer, kissed the boys goodnight, and slept the day away. Sadly, I missed Big-O’s wushu performance and the boy’s grain-free bread baking project. 

Looks good, huh? Buy Julie and Charles Mayfield’s cookbook to get the recipe! 

At 5:00 p.m., I crawled out of bed and scarfed down a piece of homemade bread to get me going. We were eating leftover slow cooker pork pot roast for dinner so all I had to make were the side dishes.

I popped a tray of San Marzano tomatoes in the toaster oven

…and fried a batch of Pizzeria Delfina’s spicy cauliflower.

Here’s my dinner plate:

After dinner, I wrapped up the bread and popped it in the freezer. It was very tasty but I need to save it for a Paleo-friendly stuffing recipe I’m trying out next week. Luckily, the pressure’s off for making a Thanksgiving feast post ‘cause Bill and Hayley have one in the works. Phew!

Only three more nights until my PTO starts!

Paleo Eats: 10/21/11

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It was another busy night at the hospital and I ran around non-stop until the end of my shift. I didn’t have time to eat my packed meal but I managed to scarf down a packet of spicy Grass Fed Jerky Chews and a small Primal Pac amidst the craziness.

When I got home, I reheated some slow cooker pork pot roast and ate it on top of a savory coconut pancake.

After taking Big-O to school, I filled and heated my SousVide Supreme to 132 F and went to bed.

In the evening, I dunked some pre-cooked grass fed sirloin tip steaks and a couple packets of frozen Cascadian Farm winter squash puree in the water oven…

roasted a head of escarole in the oven…

…and sauteed mushrooms with Tabil seasoning in butter.

Then, I fished the packets out of the SousVide Supreme, mixed the warmed winter squash puree with seasoning salt and butter….

…and torched and sliced the steaks before calling everyone to the table.

Here’s my dinner plate:

After dinner, I practiced some ring dips before heading out in the night. Only five more shifts ‘til I’m on vacation! 

Paleo Eats: 10/20/11

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Since I’m working the graveyard shift, I chowed on a small Primal Pac and leftover maple breakfast sausages and veggies while it was pitch black outside.

When I came home in the morning, I fried a scrambled egg in butter and ate a bunch of fat (coconut flakes, handful of almonds, and a small square of 100% cacao Pralus). I filled and heated my SousVide Supreme and hit the sheets.

At 5:00 p.m., I hauled my ass out of bed and started making dinner. I was serving cheater crispy sous vide duck confit legs so I dunked two packets into the water oven and began preparing the veggies sides. 

I made a super simple heirloom tomato salad

roasted curried cauliflower (purple and romanesco) in the toaster oven…

…and roasted kabocha squash sprinkled with Spice Hound seasoned sea salt.

When the sides were finished, I melted some duck fat in the cast iron skillet and crisped up the duck.

Here’s my dinner plate:

After dinner, I packed my meals for work and drove my lazy butt to work. Only six more nights until vacation! 

Paleo Eats: 10/11/11

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I can’t say I’m my perkiest when I’ve worked six night shifts in a row. As a result, this recap of my chow will be short ‘cause I ain’t feeling that sweet.

Here’s the nosh I gnawed on at work: a few slices of Applegate Farms organic roast beef with diced avocados and baby carrots; coconut flakes; and leftover merguez sausage from 4505 Meats with roasted vegetables.

When I got home, I walked Big-O to school before passing out until dinnertime.

I woke up at 5:00 p.m. and stumbled to the kitchen to make dinner. The sous vide flank steak was finished cooking, so I took it out of the water oven and replaced it with two packets of frozen Cascadian Farm’s winter squash puree.

While the puree was heating up in the SousVide Supreme (I increased the temp to 150 F), I stuck a tray of curried cauliflower in the oven…

slow-roasted a bunch of wrinkly San Marzano tomatoes in the toaster oven

…sauteed spinach and minced garlic in coconut oil

…and torched the sous vided flank steak.

I took the winter squash packets out of the SousVide Supreme and stirred in a big pat of butter, salt, and pepper.

Here’s my dinner plate:

Then, I headed to work for the last time this week! Whee!

Paleo Eats: 9/13/11

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Every nightshift is blending into the next…

Luckily, I see the light at the end of my seven-night stretch!

For my meals at work, I chowed on some leftover frittata, sauteed shrimp with onions and cherry tomatoes, and roasted broccoli and cauliflower.

When I got home from work, I quickly seasoned some pork chops with Volcano Grind seasoning

…vacuum-sealed and stored them in the fridge…

…and then I took the Double-O’s to school.

I came home, filled and preheated the SousVide Supreme to 134 F, gave my mom instructions to dump in the pork chop packets mid-afternoon, and hit the hay.

When I woke up in the evening, I stir-fried a batch of Asian cauliflower fried rice with leftover Kalua pig, bell peppers, carrots, shredded spigarello, and herbs…

…and charred the sous vide pork chops with my kitchen torch.

Here’s my dinner plate:

After dinner, I practiced some snatch balances in the garage and hurled a medicine ball against the wall before heading to work.

Just one more night to go!