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Paleo Eats: 12/30/11

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In anticipation of starting my second Whole30 this Sunday, I’ve already begun eating clean to make the transition easier. There won’t be a last minute dark chocolate and mac nut binge because, well, I did that a few days ago and I don’t have those items in my pantry anymore. I, Nom Nom Paleo, do solemnly swear to savor all my meals in 2012 and not be a mindless muncher.

Wanna see what I scarfed down on the penultimate day of 2011?

During my second night at work, I ate some leftover burger bites with sauteed spinach, onions, and shiitake mushrooms…

…and some baby carrots dipped in MeeNut Butter

At home, I sliced some leftover slow-roasted lamb sirloin, topped it with spicy salsa, and rolled it up in a Whole30-approved Pure Wrap.

It was the perfect snack before hitting the sack.

When I woke up in the evening, the house was filled with the intoxicating smell of smoky swine because Fitbomb had roasted a tray of Brussels Sprouts and bacon.

This is one of the few veggie dishes that Lil-O will consume willingly.

For our main dish, I sauteed some leftover beef shanks (from the homemade pressure cooker phở broth) with peppers and onions and tucked them in Pure Wraps.

After dinner, I seasoned a big batch of chicken wings with magic powder (homemade porcini seasoning salt)…

…and stored them in the fridge for tomorrow night’s dinner.

Is everyone gearing up for their 21-Day Sugar Detox, Whole30, or personalized clean-eating challenge? I don’t have all my meals planned in advance — unlike Bill and Hayley or the folks at The Foodee — but my fridge and freezer are filled with high quality protein and veggies. My everyday meals won’t be that different next month because I’m just cutting out dark chocolate, dairy, and (excessive) nuts. I’ve already completed a Whole30 before, so I know what to expect and how to navigate dicey dining situations. Plus, this time around I’m allowed to cook with ghee. Whee!

Ghee Picture

I received a sampler pack of organic, grass fed, spiced ghee from Whole30-approved Pure Indian Foods last month and I’m gonna slather them on everything. Word.

Paleo Eats: 12/2/11

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My night shift was busy again so I was glad I packed healthy eats: leftover Asian cauliflower fried rice, dark chocolate (yes, this is healthy), and some sliced Braunschweiger and bell peppers.

When I got home in the morning, I found Fitbomb experimenting in the kitchen. He baked everyone ham and egg cups…

…and I topped mine with a tangy lime-Tabasco sauce (which he also concocted). What’s not to love about this guy?

Afterwards, I tested a new technique for slow-roasting cowboy chops that I learned from Ryan Farr's Whole Beast Butchery. I took out the steak I salted last night…

…seasoned it with Tabil, and slow-roasted it in the oven at 250 F until the internal temperature reached 132 F. I finished off the steak under the broiler…

…let it rest for 10 minutes…

…and sliced it up.

Perfection. Ryan Farr is totally the master of all things meat. I normally like to sous vide my chops but this technique yields awesome results — and you only have to invest in a cheap thermometer.

(If you’re wondering, I stored the steak in the fridge as emergency protein ‘cause I can’t polish off a 3-pound steak by myself.)

When I finally woke up in the evening, I sauteed a bag ‘o spinach with chopped garlic and ghee..

…and reheated some Thai chicken curry.

Here’s my dinner bowl:

After dinner, I chugged an espresso and headed to work. 

Hey! Who’s going to the PaleoFX12 Symposium in Austin in March? It sounds awesome…

Paleo Eats: 11/21/11

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Instead of a nursing a huge mug of Philz coffee at the start of my night shift, I sipped from a thermos filled with steaming bone broth. Both beverages warm me up from the inside out, but I don’t get the jitters with the broth. I better stock up on marrow bones ‘cause no one trusts a fidgety drug dealer.

A hot bowl of beef bouillon always reminds me of my mom — who happens to be a culinary rock star. Every night after returning from work, she’d cook us a four-course dinner that always ended with a fresh pot of soup. Plus, my sis and I took it for granted that she’d simmer us a bowl of flu-fighting beef broth when we were sick.


I’m getting all nostalgic ‘cause I miss my mommy. (Hi mom and dad! I hope you’re enjoying your vacation!)

That’s enough blathering! Let’s get back to the food…

While I was at work, I ate an ounce of E. Guittard Nocturne 91% cacao bar and leftover slow cooker lemongrass and coconut chicken drumsticks with frozen mixed veggies. 

When I got home in the morning, I was feeling nibbly so I ate a handful of mac nuts, a tablespoon of coconut butter, and a few green pork and shiitake sliders.

In the evening, I reheated the slow cooker beef and tomato stew I made the other night…

…sauteed some mushrooms…

…and mixed them into the stew.

For the side dishes, I roasted a tray of broccoli and bacon

…and nuked two boxes of Cascadian Farm winter squash puree with butter, salt, and pepper.

Right before I ladled the stew onto our plates, I chopped a bunch of Italian parsley…

…and mixed it in.

After dinner, we tucked the Double-O’s in bed and then I hit the sack for a quick power nap before heading into work.

Only two more nights to go!

Paleo Eats: 10/22/11

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Another night shift, another buckeroo…

While I was at the hospital, I ate some Applegate Farms organic roast beef with veggies and Aubergine dip (in a LunchBots Pico container)…

…and leftover 4505 Meats maple breakfast sausage, curried cauliflower, and sauteed bell peppers.

On my way home from work, I went to the Downtown Palo Alto Farmers’ market and stocked up on veggies, fruit, and spice blends from Spice Hound.

I was really excited to find Brussels sprouts still on the stem…

…cause I’m gonna roast them off with bacon later this week. Salty swine makes everything taste better.

Since the sprouts made me crave cured pig parts, I made myself a ham hock salad with arugula and cherry tomatoes before going to bed.

When I woke up in the evening, I made softcore albacore with the super fresh fillet from Siren SeaSA

…and served the steaks with sauteed spinach and a heirloom tomato salad.

Here’s my dinner plate:

After we tucked the boys in bed, I exercised in the garage before going to work. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can get through this work week…

Paleo Eats: 9/11/11

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Just truckin’ along with my night shifts…

For my first meal at work, I ate a grass fed PaleoKit, some Applegate Farms organic roast beef, and baby carrots.

At the end of the shift, I chowed on leftover slow cooker curried goat shanks, broiled zucchini, and garlic cauliflower mashed potatoes.

When I got home from work, I blitzed myself another batch of homemade coconut butter and hung out with my boys until I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore.

I woke up in the evening and threw some black cod fillets in the SousVide Supreme

…and roasted some purple cauliflower in the oven.

I followed the same technique as my roasted curried cauliflower recipe but used macadamia nut oil as the lubricant…

…and sprinkled on Sunny Paris seasoning.

I plated the fish with the roasted cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, and marinated roasted bell peppers.

After dinner, Fitbomb and I practiced some moves for Fight Gone Bad 6. I only did one-fifth of the workout and I was TIRED. 

Then, I packed my stuff for work and set off for the hospital. Only three more nights to go!

Paleo Eats: 8/30/11

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Holy moly! The past 24 hours were busy, busy, busy!

I ate two meals at work and the first one was very similar to yesterday’s packed lunch: sliced cucumber, bell peppers, and organic roast beef slices topped with Aubergine dip. I also devoured some coconut butter and a square of dark chocolate. Try as I might, I can’t seem to kick my cacao addiction. 

Right before I left work, I ate a packet of Chipotle SeaSnax and the last box of emergency protein and mixed veggies.

When I got home, we shot some family portraits…

…walked Big-O to school, and hustled Lil-O to his first day of preschool (the family portraits were his first homework assignment).

After attending a MovNat Fundamentals session, I’ve consciously incorporated more lifting and carrying of asymmetric loads in my daily life. As a result, I’ve been clean and jerking my kids and carrying them on my shoulders A LOT.

Lil-O’s first day of preschool was only 75 minutes long but he had SO MUCH FUN playing and exploring!

He was sad to leave but I reassured him that the two of us would be back on Thursday for a full morning of play (I’m volunteering at the co-op every other Thursday).

Before I hit the sack, I peeked in on the short ribs that were hanging out in the SousVide Supreme…

…and then promptly conked out.

I woke up in the evening and started dinner prep in earnest because we were in a rush to attend Back To School Night at Big-O’s school.

Since the short ribs were ready to be eaten, I roasted a tray of curried cauliflower

…and threw together a quick tomato salad.

I removed the short rib packets from the water oven and put one of them on ice for later consumption…

…and charred the other pieces with my kitchen torch.

Here’s my dinner plate:

After dinner, Fitbomb and I ran to Big-O’s school to meet his teacher and mingle with the other parents. Upon our return, I did a little bit of exercise in our garage gym before heading to the hospital for my last night of work for the week. Hooray!

Paleo Eats: 8/28/11

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Yay! I’m more than halfway through my workweek!

At the beginning of my nightshift, I noshed on a grass fed PaleoKit and a small container of coconut butter.  

Six hours later, I ate my last meal at work:leftover porktastic meatloaf with sweet potato fries and green beans.

And, no, my squashed leftovers that were manhandled during transit didn’t look as appetizing as this plate but they still tasted good.

When I got home, I seasoned four pounds of short ribs from U.S. Wellness Meats with Spicehound’s Thai Coffee Rub (this spice blend’s not 100% Paleo-friendly, but I’m okay with using it occasionally) and vacuum-sealed them.

 Then, I filled and preheated the SousVide Supreme to 140 F and dunked the ribs in for a couple days. Yes, you read that right – they need to soak for a minimum of 48 hours.

After I tidied up the mess I made in the kitchen, I hugged my boys, and went to bed. I continued reading the first hundred pages of Primal Body, Primal Mind before falling asleep.

While I napped the day away, Fitbomb and the kids hung out with Dr. HA and her crew.

Yes, I’ll admit that it sucks to work every other weekend.

When I woke up in the evening, the boys and I drove to The Patty Shack to meet my parents for dinner.

This time we ordered the same items that we tried on our first visit:

Roasted Brussels Sprouts…

…sauteed asparagus…

…and I got a bun-less midnight burger sans cheese with extra patty and avocado.

This burger was so hefty…

… I actually packed up the extra patty and leftover veggies for a work meal that I’ll chow on later this week.

Next time, I probably won’t order the sprouts or bacon (gasp!) because both are pretty sweet. All in all, I really enjoyed our tasty al fresco meal.

Afterwards, we came home and got the Double O’s ready for bed. Before jetting off to work, I practiced some pistols, double-unders, wall balls, and did workout #17 from my Everyday Paleo book. Only three more nights of work!

Paleo Eats: 8/27/11 

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As everyone else was celebrating the end of their workweek with Friday night festivities, I was at the hospital burning the midnight oil. Everyone bring out your mini violins…

For my first meal at work, I ate a few slices of organic roast beef slices over leftover stir-fried spinach with bacon. Since it wasn’t a big portion, I also savored a few bites of coconut butter and some organic kimchee. My nosh kept me full until the morning so I left for home before eating anything else.

After I got home from work, I fried myself a couple scrambled eggs and prosciutto and gobbled them all up with an heirloom tomato.  

I hung out with my guys for a little bit before retiring to the bedroom. I’m sad to report that I’m still not finished with my book club reading assignment. I have one more day to cram in my reading…

I woke up in the evening with a big smile on my face ‘cause Fitbomb and I were heading to a surprise birthday dinner party! Yes, it’s a work night but I wouldn’t miss J’s birthday party for anything! After we fed our kids and gave our digits to the babysitter, we drove over to J’s parents’ new pad to join in on the festivities.

J’s dad is wading in the Paleo pond, so we brought over a housewarming gift/Paleo-starter kit filled with Paleo snacks, spice blends, cheats, and fat.

We enjoyed Paleo-friendly hors d’oeuvre outside under the clear blue skies….

…and then we wandered indoors to nosh on barbecue catered by Armadillo Willy’s.

Here’s my dinner plate: 

The night was capped off with champagne toasts…

…and birthday cake. 

(In case you nosy readers wanna know, I respectfully abstained from both the bubbly and the cake.)

Happy birthdays, J & S! You two are our dearest buddies on the whole planet! Also, happy anniversary to J’s parents, C & D, who gave up their own party to throw an awesome surprise shindig for their daughter! 

I was so sad to leave the party early but I had to hustle on over to the hospital. Only four more nights of work!

Paleo Eats: 8/26/11 

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Although I started my nightshift with a large mug of Philz coffee with heavy cream, I still got hungry around 1:00 a.m. and promptly gobbled up some leftover emergency protein and mixed veggies.

Halfway through my shift, I slurped up a small cup of defrosted Hawaiian Sun coconut milk. Man, if you live close to a store that stocks it – go buy it NOW. It truly is the best tasting coconut milk around!

Right before I left work, I ate my last meal while on the clock: leftover slow roasted pork butt, stir-fried spigarello and bacon, and roasted spiced mini Portobello mushrooms.

As soon as I got home, we walked Big-O to school. Okay, we raced to school because: 1.) we were late and 2.) Big-O wanted to show his friends and teachers his new Vibrams.

After our morning sprint, I preheated and filled the SousVide Supreme and gave my mom directions to dunk the goat loin chop packets into the water oven in the afternoon. Then, I curled up with my iPad and put a small dent in my reading assignment (pages 1-100 in Nora Gedgaudas’s Primal Body, Primal Mind for Melicious’s book club) before passing out.

When I woke up in the evening, I broiled a tray of summer squash

…and topped them with cherry tomatoes…

…and balsamic vinegar…

…and stir-fried baby spinach, onions, and bacon.

Once the veggie sides were done, I removed the goat loin chops from the water bath…

…and torched them.

Here’s my dinner plate:

After dinner, I did a little exercise in our garage gym before heading to work. Only five more nights to go!

Paleo Eats: 8/25/11

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Back at work for the first of seven graveyard shifts…

I was hungry after midnight, so I ate a grass fed PaleoKit, a small container of sauerkraut, and some defrosted Hawaiian Sun coconut milk.

At the end of my shift, I ate a box of leftover emergency protein and nuked frozen mixed vegetables.

I went home and ate some coconut products and a wee bit of dark chocolate before I drove to Lil-O’s school for another nursery school orientation. I kept my eyes open but I can’t promise I wasn’t snoozing.

When I finally came home, I filled and preheated the water oven to 134 F and dunked in the pork chop packets so they’d cook while I slept. Then, I stumbled to the bed and conked out.

When I woke up in the evening, I stir-fried some spigarello with bacon and onions…

…and roasted a tray of spiced mini portobello mushrooms in the oven.

Once the veggies were finished, I seared the pork chops in some ghee in the cast iron skillet and finished browning the edges with the kitchen torch.

Here’s my dinner plate:

After dinner, I ran to Philz Coffee to fill up my thermos and, upon my return, practiced some things I suck at need to improve on: wall balls, push-ups, pistols, and double-unders. I can assure you I wasn’t grinning through this workout — it hurts like hell to be bonked in the head by a 10-pound medicine ball over and over again. I’m convinced my neck is now even shorter than normal.

Then, I packed my meals for work and set off for the hospital again.