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Dining Out Paleo: Lola (Seattle, WA)

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Over the course of a small handful of trips to Seattle in recent years, Lola has become one of my favorite spots to grab a casual family meal in the city. It’s one of esteemed restauranteur Tom Douglas’s joints — this one, with a Greek/Mediterranean bent that’s evident in its selection of grilled meats, kebabs, meze, and spreads.

Oh, and doughnuts. We can’t forget about the doughnuts.

The last time I was here (almost exactly two years ago!), I was just about to dip my pinky toe into the Paleo pool for the very first time — but before doing so, I indulged in a plateful of these babies — made-to-order doughnuts with seasonal jam and vanilla mascarpone:

[Insert wistful sigh here.]

But no doughnuts tonight for this Paleo gal — nor for these two recovering sugarholics.

But that doesn’t mean we didn’t enjoy a beautifully prepared feast of comfort foods from the Pacific Northwest. We ordered a bunch of plates to share family-style, including:

Copper River sockeye salmon with roasted radishes, greens, and olive tapenade!

Flatiron steak with lemon potatoes, pepperoncini, and kopanisti!

Horta (quick-braised seasonal greens)!

And grilled asparagus with cumin and white anchovy relish!

For the next few days, I’ll be immersed in BlogHer Food ‘12, but I have a feeling I’ll be sneaking out to visit Lola again before we leave.

I wonder what time they open for breakfast…