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Forky Friday: 9/26/14

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Forky Friday: 9/26/14 by Michelle Tam

Ready for my favorite food-related links o’ the week? Go grab your amber goggles and dig in!

Lego Kitchen

First things first: There is a kitchen made of Legos. Did you hear me? MADE OF LEGOS.

Forky Friday: 9/26/14 by Michelle Tam

I suspect at least one of my children is already planning a kitchen remodel.

I Wear My Orange Glasses At Night

Who here saw last weekend’s Sunday Style section of The New York Times? It featured a surprisingly extensive article about the Paleo lifestyle, declaring that “the time has passed when it could be written off as a fringe movement.”

Forky Friday: 9/26/14 by Michelle Tam

The newspaper of record has explored the Paleo lifestyle before, but the first time was almost five years ago. (Trivia: as longtime readers know, it’s how Henry and I originally learned about the “caveman diet.”) This time around, the Times contacted me out of the blue to interview me for the article. They even sent a photographer to get a shot of me in my goofy amber goggles, sitting on the kids’ messy bunk bed (because I refused to let the photographer into my even-messier bedroom).

So glamorous.

Forky Friday: 9/26/14 by Michelle Tam

The article’s pretty fair, albeit a tad sensationalistic—especially when it refers to me as “something of a Martha Stewart of Paleo.” I’m fairly certain Martha would call that bit of hyperbole not “a good thing.”

(She wouldn’t be the only one. In fact, there are hundreds of Paleo-unfriendly comments on the online version of the article. I guess not everyone wants to be weirdos like us.)

Food Waste

On a less self-aggrandizing note, I came across an eye-opening report from Harvest Public Media about the excessive amount of food we waste in America. Get this: in 2012, we dumped 35 million tons of food in landfills—even though 1 in 6 Americans goes hungry. Yikes.

Forky Friday: 9/26/14 by Michelle Tam

I go to great lengths to score the healthiest food available to my family—but I know I don’t always cook or eat it all.  After checking out this report, I’m reminded of the importance of doing my part in reducing food waste.

My actionable takeaways:

  1. Buy what we need, and eat what we buy.
  2. Meal plan like a champ.
  3. Finish our leftovers.

It’s that simple.

Oh—one more thing: I’m putting a “bucket of judgment” on my kitchen counter to collect all the food I toss. Shame’s the best motivator, right? If you’re ready to get inspired, watch the 30-minute video here.


Serious Eats recently posted three articles about tomato storage that blew my mind. (You can read them here, here, and here. I suggest strapping on a helmet first, to keep your brains in.) I’d always been taught that one should always keep tomatoes at room temperature because refrigerating ’em dramatically diminishes the flavor and changes the texture. My childhood memories of bland, mealy, refrigerated tomatoes reinforced this belief. I never questioned it.

Forky Friday: 9/26/14 by Michelle Tam

Well, until now.

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Forky Friday: 10/25/13

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Forky Friday 10/25/13 by Michelle Tam

It’s the Friday before Halloween, and our house is getting more ghoulish by the second. Before my kids suck us into the vortex of costumes and fake cobwebs, whaddaya say we get to this week’s links?

Ghee Whiz

Forky Friday 10/25/13 by Michelle Tam

This blew my mind: Who knew that my favorite small-batch ghee maker, Sandeep Agarwal, is also a bona fide butter historian who’s amassed a traveling treasure trove of butter-related artifacts?


Welcome to Butter World.

Now can someone make Bacon World, please?

Greased Lightning

While we’re on the topic of Sandeep’s ghee, have I mentioned my favorite new way to start a night shift? I use my stick blender to blitz a cup of Philz’ Silken Splendor with a dollop of Pure Indian Foods’ Primal Fat. This is my version of Stupid Easy Paleo’s version of Bulletproof Coffee, only I call it Greased Lightning.

(To be honest, I haven’t done a lick of investigation into the highfalutin’ health claims surrounding Bulletproof Coffee. I just like the taste of coconut and ghee in my coffee.)

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Tell your friends! It’s a mathematical fact: Bacon makes everything taste better.

Forky Friday 10/25/13 by Michelle Tam

Dead Leaves and The Dirty Ground

I have the blackest thumb in the whole world, so I’ll happily shell out for my fruits and veggies. But if you don’t mind bundling up and mucking around in the soil, check out this fantastic article on winter gardening by Chasing Delicious.

Still My Favorite Cooking Show Of All Time

Ladies and gentlemen, Weber Cooks.

It’s not Paleo, but it’s perfect nonetheless.

(When I need a good cry, I watch the version with the sad instrumental score. Watch it and weep.)

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Forky Friday: 7/26/13

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Forky Friday by Michelle Tam

Ready for another Forky Friday? There’s lots happening on the Interwebs this week, including some knock-down, drag-out fighting in the world of real food…and some tasty recipes! I get slightly rant-y today, so if you’re just looking for something to eat, skip to the bottom, y’all.

Now if I could only wrest control of my computer away from my Minecraft-obsessed kiddos…

Forky Friday: 7/26/13 by Michelle Tam

Can’t We All Just Get Along (and Eat Some Bacon)?

When a bunch of us Paleo-blogging folks shared a house together at the inaugural PaleoFX, I learned a ton from DianeDianaLiz, and Laura about The Weston A. Price Foundation. They explained the overlap between Paleo and WAPF principles: both approaches stress the importance of nutrient density and food quality. I liked what I saw, and after joining WAPF, I attended last year’s Wise Traditions conference because I was excited to hear from the impressive roster of speakers and sample the traditionally prepared food. 

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