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Riki’s Homestyle Lamb Shawarma

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I’m happy to announce my first guest blogger, Riki Shore! And lemme tell you, she ain’t no ordinary Paleo food blogger. Although Riki’s a classically trained pastry chef who worked at Charlie Trotter’s, she’s crossed over from the dark side. She’s now devoted herself to writing about delicious gluten-free fare at her blog Three Squares, on the South Pasadena edition of Patch, and on Robb Wolf’s site.

Take it away, Riki!

On a recent trip to Vancouver, my daughter had her first exposure to Middle Eastern food (that is, if you don’t count grocery store hummus, which she happens to love). She couldn’t stop eating the lamb shawarma, which, unfortunately for her, belonged to someone else at the table. Once home, it didn’t take long for her to ask me to make her shawarma.

The name shawarma actually refers to the cooking method, as well as the spices and herbs used. Much like a rotisserie chicken, shawarma is prepared over a spit. Slices of marinated meat (lamb, chicken, or beef) are stacked on a spit with layers of fat in between and a tomato and onion placed at the top. The spit then rotates over a fire, cooking the meat to juicy perfection.

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