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Eating Out Paleo: Anatolian Kitchen (Palo Alto, CA)

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I love kabobs and Turkish food, specifically, so I was excited when Anatolian Kitchen opened up in my neck of the woods last year. It’s run by the Tekdemir brothers: Dino mans the front of the house and Shahan runs the kitchen. Service is always warm and welcoming, but the reason we return over and over again is their tasty, uncomplicated food. It’s comforting Middle Eastern fare done well.

We’ve eaten here a bunch of times and almost ALWAYS order the combo grill and ask for extra veggies in place of rice. The combo comes with lamb, chicken, doner, and kofte and the meat’s always well-seasoned and moist.

We routinely share a second entree and typically choose one of the daily specials. The braised lamb shank is always tender and well-seasoned (we sub out the orzo with veggies) but my favorite dish is the pan roasted whole sea bass stuffed with fennel and onions.

When we ordered it the other day, the fish was fantastic! The skin was crisp, yet the flesh was moist and delicious! We didn’t even need to Paleo-fy the dish because it came with a side salad and no grains.

If you’re in the area — say you’re finishing a WOD at CrossFit Palo Alto — give this place a try!

Paleo Eats: 2/27/11

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Another day of eats coming right up…

Tonight at work, my first meal of the shift was leftover tandoori chicken, sautéed spinach and bacon, and garlic cauliflower mashed potatoes.

At snack time, I threw down some leftover curried cream of broccoli soup with sous vide chicken breast.

My final meal at work this morning? A box of chili con carne-seasoned ground beef with roasted carrots and celery root and stir-fried collard greens and bacon.

After my shift was over, I drove over to the Mountain View Farmers’ Market with the boys and spent a mess of money. I didn’t need any more veggies (I’d picked up two different vegetable CSA boxes this week), but I wanted to stock up on meat, fish, and strawberries.

When we got home, I threw a bunch of pastured beef bones and aromatics into the slow cooker to simmer a pot of beef broth while I slept.

(I’ll post a recipe later this week if it turns out to be successful.)

Then, I gobbled a few squares of dark chocolate (it is an “S” day after all), downed my vitamins, and hit the sack.

When I woke up close to 6:00 p.m., my hubby had already left to pick up some kabobs for dinner from House of Kabobs. This time we ordered a bunch of skewers a la carte.

In the meantime, I got busy preparing side dishes. I roasted some broccoli tossed with avocado oil, salt, and pepper (convection roast 375 F for ~25 minutes)…

 …and wilted some Castelfranco radicchio and shallots.

Here’s my dinner plate:

After boxing up the leftovers and putting the kids to bed, I strained the beef broth and stuck it in the fridge for later. Then, I packed my grub for work and left the house. Only three more nights of work!

Paleo Eats: 2/12/11

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Are you ready to read about another day of eats? No? Tough doodies.

Shortly after the witching hour, I munched on a hard-boiled egg and a can of hard smoked chinook salmon.

Yes, the salmon had some sugar in it but I’m not sweating it ‘cause I ain’t on the Whole30 right now.

A couple hours later, I ate the contents of my lunch box which was filled with sous vide chicken breast, nuked green beans, and roasted red bell peppers.

At around 4:00 a.m., I snacked on a small handful of macadamia nuts, a couple tablespoons of coconut butter, and a little square from a Valrhona Extra Amer 85% cocoa bar. I haven’t had chocolate in two weeks and that little block of dark chocolate tasted REALLY good. I’m happy I’ve instituted my rule of only eating dark chocolate on “S” days or I’d be chomping on chocolate EVERY day.

After this fatty snack, I wasn’t hungry for a few hours so I didn’t eat anything else at work. On my way home from work, I picked up my weekly vegetable CSA box.

I was really excited to see the large celery root, pair of mini cabbages, and lancinato kale in this week’s haul.

Once I was at home, I realized my stomach was grumbling so I whipped up a frittata with three eggs, minced prosciutto, diced roasted asparagus and bell peppers, a dollop of Greek yogurt, and Sunny Paris seasoning.

After I scarfed it down, I went to bed.

When I woke up in the evening, hubby and I were able to catch a quick dinner out sans kids since they were dining with my parents. The old Nom Nom Paleo would’ve insisted we hit up Station 1 restaurant in Woodside but the new improved me wanted to go to a place that served mostly meat and no tempting desserts. (Alright, I’ll admit that the real reason we didn’t go to Station 1 was that we had a snowball’s chance in hell of getting a table without a reservation on the Saturday before V-Day. Especially after Michael Bauer’s glowing review in last Sunday’s San Francisco Chronicle.)

Instead, we opted to eat at Paradise Kabab in Redwood City — a casual family-run Persian restaurant that serves up tasty grilled meats. We’ve ordered take-out from here before but tonight was the first time we’ve dined in. We ordered three platters to share and told them to hold the rice. 

We chowed down on the Koobideh double which came with ground beef and ground lamb kababs…

…the Soltani combo which came with a skewer of Barg (marinated filet mignon) and chicken Koobideh…

…and the Shandiz combo which came with a skewer of Chanjeh (marinated lamb chunks) and Joojeh (marinated chicken thigh).

We also ordered small portions of Maast Mouseer (homemade yogurt with grated shallots) and Maasto Khair (homemade yogurt with dried mint and diced cucumbers) to slather on our charred meat.

Everything was yummy and served up with a smile. We also had plenty of leftovers so I packed some meaty goodness for work. Yippee!

This is a great place for lacto-Paleo eaters because you can order the kababs accompanied with a fresh crisp salad that you can drizzle with the house dressing at the table (lemon juice and olive oil). The owners are really nice and welcoming but they were very concerned that we didn’t drink the complimentary soup (which had rice and lentils) or eat any rice and lavosh. They even sent their teenage son over with an extra plate of basmati rice but we just smiled sheepishly and turned him away. I know they think we’re just a couple of walking heart attacks. Oh well.

A Day of Paleo Eats With Minimal Cooking

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Today I was too lazy to cook, so my day of eats consisted of thrown-together leftover proteins ‘n veggies from my fridge and a semi-Paleo lunch out.

For breakfast, I nuked myself another beef donburi with leftover carne asada, cauliflower “rice,” and winter squash puree.

After a full morning at the Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose, our family noshed at International Kabob House. The menu explicitly states “PLEASE NO SUBSTITUTIONS,” so we didn’t even bother asking to swap out the rice, pita, or tabbouleh salad. We knew we’d just have to pick around the carbs.

Fitbomb and I shared a lamb souvlaki…

…and kabob house combo.

The food was tasty but there were tons of carby land mines to eat around. If you’re in the neighborhood, and want to give International Kabob House a try, get a gift certificate for 80% off. You have until the end of the year to get the disccount - just enter promo code: CLEARANCE.

For dinner, I made some salads with leftover carnitas, salad greens, shredded carrots, shredded red cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, and avocados.

Fitbomb dressed his salad with some salsa verde and I drizzled some extra virgin olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar on mine.

I gotta make sure I have more leftovers in my fridge — but that would mean more cooking. Bloody hell.

Paleo Take Out: Rose International Market (Mountain View, CA)

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We’re throwing a birthday party for our kindergartner this Sunday, so I fought the crowds at Costco to get some supplies. Truth be told, he’s requested pizza for his party, so we ain’t throwing a 100% Paleo birthday bash for our son. It won’t be a complete carb-fest, though. I’m sous viding some flank steak and chicken breasts to serve along with stuff to make your own Cobb salad (e.g. salad greens, crumbled bacon, diced avocados, tomatoes, cucumbers, crumbled blue cheese, and goat cheese).

After my Costco run, despite having grilled meat on sticks two nights in a row, I still had a hankering for more. So I made a pitstop at Rose International Market, a family-run Mediterranean market that also serves grilled kabobs from a small window out back by its parking lot. Sound sketchy? Whatevs. The kabobs are cheap and tasty.

I was really hungry so I ordered 5 kabobs: 2 koobideh and 1 each of chicken, lamb hearts…

…and mixed veggies.

Each order comes with some lavosh and a bag filled with herbs and a quarter of a raw onion. When I got home, I chucked the raw onion and lavosh and added some herbs, labneh, and cherry tomatoes to my plate.

I ended up eating just half of what I ordered (Fitbomb finished the rest for dinner). The koobideh and chicken were my favorite kabobs. Next time, I’m definitely gonna pass on the mixed veg kabob. The vegetables are of inferior quality and inconsistently cooked — they somehow managed to be charred and raw at the same time. Also, the texture of the lamb heart was a bit on the tough and rubbery side. In the end, these skewered meats aren’t the best I’ve ever had, but this place does satisfy my kabob cravings. And I did mention that it was cheap, right?