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Paleo Eats: 3/17/12

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Despite all the talk at PaleoFX about the importance of sleep, we didn’t hit the sheets until 4:30 a.m. We compensated by not dragging ourselves out of bed until almost 11. Along with our remaining housemates, we hit 24 Diner for brunch.

The downtown area was packed with SXSW attendees, but we hogged a couple of tables out on the back patio where we could hipster-watch and listen to music while we chowed. Laura, Liz, Spence, Bobby, Diane, George, Bill, and Hayley were relegated to the kid’s table… 

…while Fitbomb, Diana, and I sat at the table reserved for old mommies and daddies.

We ordered from the gluten-free menu and split up a platter of bacon deviled eggs…

…sweet potato hash with sausage, poblano, and eggs…

…and a huge pork chop, sweet potato mash, and bacon-braised greens.

Man, the grub was so yummy — and it’s open 24 hours a day. Wackadoodle (in a good way)!

Afterwards, we snaked our way through the crowd to the Whole Foods flagship store. At the entrance, I spotted a poster promoting free screen printing with T-shirt purchase — and we freaked out when we saw this design:

Of course, we all snagged shirts and had them printed on the spot by the nice folks at Bombs Away Ink.

After cavorting with some metal pigs…

…we drove over to Lick for some ice cream.

Yes, you read that right — we stopped for some delectable artisanal frozen treats.

After sampling almost all of the flavors…

…I decided to get a scoop of Coconut and Avocado Curd. Sounds totally unappetizing (dairy-free! vegan! avocado curds!) but it was so coconut-y, creamy, and satisfying.

Despite his cold, Fitbomb treated himself to four scoops: Too Hot Chocolate and Salted Caramel…

… and Cilantro Lime and Coconut & Avocado Curd. You know that ice cream’s the cure for the common cold, right?

These treats were defintely worth the indulgence. Besides, with Emily Deans, Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, Diane Sanfilippo, and the Primal Palate pair all diving in with gusto, it was easy to succumb to peer pressure.

When we got home, I ate a small serving of sauerkraut just ‘cause I’m committed to incorporating more bone broth, fermented foods, seaweed, fermented CLO/butter oil blend, and organ meats in my diet. Why? Because Diane, Diana, Chris, and Liz told me so. I’m also going to start going to tanning salons, too. (Kidding.)

At dinnertime, hubby and I enjoyed a date-night at Lambert’s per reader Kim’s suggestion. 

Although it was intended to be an intimate date night with hubby, the live music blaring in the upstairs lounge precluded any conversation at all. 

Good thing we’re telepathic.

We shared spicy deviled eggs…

…Country Style Pork Ribs, Mustard and Brown Sugar Crusted Ribeye, Brussels Sprouts & Bacon, Roasted Jalapeno & Broccoli, and Smoked Bacon Braised Collard Greens.

Oof. My belly was stuffed to the limits, and it was oh-so-good.

I’m sad that Paleo Spring Break is ending, but I’m looking forward to going home to the Double-Os. PaleoFX was great, but getting together with new and old friends was the bestest part of the trip. It was especially rewarding to get a chance to bond with my fellow Paleo mommies, Stacy and Diana. Sharp, snarky, and nurturing — my favorite kind of women.

PSA: There won’t be a Paleo Eats tomorrow. As soon as we land in California, we’ll be making up for lost time with our boys. And sleep.

Paleo(ish) Eats: 6/17/11 (Penultimate Day In Kauai)

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Our last full day in Kauai…

I’m so sad I can hardly blog. That, and I’m beyond tired.

We started the day bright and early. Before hitting our last 6:00 a.m. class at Kauai CrossFit, I downed a heaping tablespoon of almond butter. Why no real breakfast? We woke up and found the fridge was busted. The internal temperature was 70 degrees, so everything in it was probably spoiled. I guess it’s a blessing we’re leaving tomorrow.

Post workout, I scarfed down a purple sweet potato and shared a package of grass fed Just Jerky with my hubby, and washed it all down with a big cup of coffee (and heavy cream).

After heading back to the house to join up with the rest of the clan, we all walked down to Kong Lung Historic Market Center with the intent of stocking up on Aloha Spice Company seasonings. Yes, the stuff is that good.


It was super hot and muggy, so the adults ordered ice-cold coconuts at Kilauea Bakery and happily sucked out the contents.


Only then did we head over to the nearby Banana Patch studio, which houses an enormous selection of Aloha Spice Company spices and flavorings.


My mom, sis, and I went CRAZY as we loaded up on seasoning and salt blends.


After lugging everything (and our two kids) back to the house, we were exhausted and hungry. So for lunch, we headed to Hanalaei Dolphin and enjoyed a pleasant but pricey meal out by the water. I ordered a salad with Cajun-spiced seared ahi and a side of guacamole…


…and hubby ordered a bunless burger — also with a side of guacamole.


Once we filled our bellies, we wandered around Hanalei. To beat the heat, the kiddies got shaved ice at Wishing Well. (Yeah, it’s sugar syrup on ice. We’re on vacation, so shut up.)


The remainder of the afternoon was spent splashing around in the pool and soaking in the hot tub until our fingers were prune-y.

At dinnertime, we drove down to Kapa’a and ate at The Eastside restaurant.


We quickly discovered that it’s pretty tough to order Paleo at this restaurant because there’s soy or sugar in EVERYTHING. Still, we managed to find some Paleo-ish options. Hubby and I shared a green salad with beets, avocados and mac nut dressing…


…and a tuna poke appetizer in a halved coconut…


…before digging into his and hers rib-eye steaks, served with purple potatoes and asparagus (hold the onion rings).


The verdict? The food was a little overly fussy and too fusion-y for my taste, but my expectations weren’t high, so I wasn’t overly disappointed.

After dinner, we stopped by Kilauea Video and Ice Cream and Candy to get some dessert. Wha—? You heard me. We fed our kids shaved ice AND ice cream ON THE SAME DAY. Even I ordered a scoop of chocolate, coconut, and macadamia nut ice cream.


To be honest, though, it wasn’t fantastic. After a few bites, I tossed my cup of ice cream before I could mindlessly gobble it up.

That’s all for tonight. I’m passing out. Gotta catch some zzzz’s…