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The Big Reveal!

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I know I’ve been a tad sadistic for the past few months, dropping hints about a mysterious “side project” and taunting you with new dishes while withholding the recipes. I’ve been a total see-you-next-Tuesday, and for that, I apologize.

But know this: It gives me zero pleasure to keep secrets from you. In fact, IT’S KILLING ME INSIDE.

I’ve never been able to keep secrets. I can’t throw surprise parties ‘cause I’m a big blabbermouth. I’d make a terrible CIA agent; if I got caught, I’d barf up every last piece of classified information — no torture required. So you can imagine how tough it’s been to keep my pie hole shut. At this point, if I hold it in any longer, I’m going to explode.

So here goes.

The top secret “side project” revealed at last — along with some preview pictures — after the jump!

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