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Whole30 Day 3: Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

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Now that we’ve mastered Ghee and Paleo Mayonnaise, let’s move onto another fundamental building block: Hard boiled eggs.


Looks like a simple thing to master, right? But looks can be deceiving. All too often, hard-boiled eggs turn out crumbly and impossible to peel, leaving you with unsightly pock-marked eggs.

And then there’s this:


This is why hard boiled eggs get a bad rap. You’re familiar with that sulfurous Yoda-green ring around the yolk, right? Chemically speaking, when eggs are overcooked, the sulfur and hydrogen in the egg white form hydrogen sulfide, which in turn reacts with the iron in the yolks to form ferrous sulfide — a.k.a. the ugly, smelly gray-green stuff. It’s totally harmless, but it makes your eggs less than appetizing.

In contrast, properly-cooked hard boiled eggs are odorless, perfectly peelable, and feature yolks that are nothing but a bright, sunny yellow. And let’s face it: To be a true kitchen ninja, you need to know how to consistently turn out perfectly-formed hard boiled eggs that everyone wants to eat.



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