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Forky Friday: Birthday Cookbook Giveaway!

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Forky Friday: Birthday Cookbook Giveaway! by Michelle Tam


"Happy birthday, mommy! What are you turning today?" Lil-O asked me when I got home this morning.

"I’m turning old,” I told him.

As a gift to myself, I’m not posting a typical Forky Friday. Instead, I’m treating myself to a solid chunk of sleep before heading to my graveyard shift at the hospital tonight. For half a second, I’d considered taking the day off from my regular zombie drug-dealing schedule, but as my sister once reminded me, I’m not turning 5 years old. I can work on my birthday. Don’t get me wrong: I’d much rather be dining at RN74 with the awesome Paleo Chef a.k.a. Mary Shenouda, but duty calls.

Enough about my real job—I’d rather celebrate the last year of my 30s with a present to YOU! And guess what? This giveaway isn’t limited to just U.S. residents—it’s open to everyone in the whole wide world!


Forky Friday: Birthday Cookbook Giveaway! by Michelle Tam

It’s no secret that I love cookbooks. I never went to culinary school or trained with a professional chef; instead, I learned to cook by watching my mom and sister in the kitchen and obsessively poring over cookbooks. These days, I rarely cook from books (I read ‘em for pleasure), but I firmly believe that you’ve got to master the basics in order to excel in the kitchen. 

The best cookbooks aren’t just for newbies—they’re perfect for all levels of expertise: from rookies learning to boil water to pros who are looking to up their game. The four books I’m giving away go well beyond the basics; they’re essential tomes for every kitchen.

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Giveaway: GIR Spatulas!

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**UPDATE: The giveaway is over and the 4 winners have been contacted via email! Please check your inbox!**

Remember when I wrote about my 13 Essential Tools for the Paleo Kitchen? Well, that was just the tip of the iceberg. My house is filled with everything from spiral slicers and deli slicers to sous vide cookers and multiple pressure cookers. I have gyuto knives, julienne peelers, and dishers of every conceivable size. My ever-growing collection drives my neat freak husband bananas, but hey: all these doodads make cooking more fun, and they help get food onto the dinner table. So there.

GIR Spatula Giveaway! by Michelle Tam

Still, this doesn’t mean I’ll buy just any old crappy gadget I spot on Pinterest or late night infomercials. I’m a discriminating gadget queen, and always make sure to do my research on sites like ConsumerSearch, Cook’s Illustrated, and The Sweethome before plunking down my cash. I also pay heed to the advice of my favorite culinary gurus like Michael Ruhlman, who long ago convinced me that rounded wooden spoons are stupid:

I have only one thing to add to Michael’s rant against wooden spoons: while I agree that wood remains a “great material” for cooking implements, I’ve come to prefer kitchen tools that don’t warp, stain, or scorch over time. That’s why I switched to flat-edged, silicone-headed spatulas a few years ago. But they’re certainly not perfect, either: The silicone heads can be too floppy (which can make mixing a challenge), and I have to separate the heads from the handles every time I wash ’em (or risk mildew growth—yuck). Plus, they’re kind of blah-looking.

But then, a few months ago, the clouds parted.

GIR Spatula Giveaway! by Michelle Tam

Earlier this year, at the Food Blog Forum in Orlando, I fished a gorgeous blue GIR spatula out of my swag bag. GIR stands for “Get It Right”—and the creators certainly did just that. I was instantly struck by the spatula’s sleek design, super-comfortable grip, and well balanced heft. I couldn’t wait to try it out.

In the months since, I’ve used my GIR spatula for all manner of kitchen tasks, from folding and mixing "ice cream" to make bon bons

GIR Spatula Giveaway! by Michelle Tam

…to sautéing onions and flipping burger patties.

GIR Spatula Giveaway! by Michelle Tam

GIR spatulas are truly fantastic, and as sturdy as they are beautiful. Unlike their wooden (or wood-and-silicone) counterparts, GIR spatulas won’t warp or burn—nor will they stain after stirring a pot of marinara sauce. Also, the full-body silicone construction means I don’t have pull the head off the handle before tossing it in the dishwasher.

And did I mention that the design is a feast for the eyes?

Seriously: I love my GIR spatulas. Priced at $22.50 each, these babies aren’t cheap, but they’re well worth the price. Don’t believe me? Lucky for you, a few of my lucky readers will win three of their own GIR spatulas—for free!

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Giveaway Time! Hamilton Beach Slow Cookers Up For Grabs!

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Giveaway Time! Hamilton Beach Slow Cookers Up For Grabs! by Michelle Tam

Hello, friends! It’s been a while since I last hosted a giveaway. How do I know? Recently, a bunch of people have been entering my old giveaways…from 2012.

That tells me three things:

  1. I’ve got some new readers!
  2. The new folks love giveaways as much as my loyal Nomsters.
  3. Reading comprehension tends to go out the window when free stuff is involved.

Anyway, I got the hint, and have been hard at work lining up some fantabulous giveaways. Really—you won’t be disappointed.

Up for grabs this week: my favorite slow cooker!

Giveaway Time! Hamilton Beach Slow Cookers Up For Grabs! by Michelle Tam

I gave one away last year, but this model—the Hamilton Beach Set & Forget 6 Quart Programmable Slow Cooker—is even better. Plus, it includes a super-groovy 2-cup warmer/thermos thingy.

And that’s not all: thanks to the generous folks at Hamilton Beach, THREE lucky winners will each receive this butt-kicking prize!

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Giveaway Time! Win PRIMALFAT™ from Pure Indian Foods!

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Last week, I promised you a giveaway in celebration of the Nom Nom Paleo iPad® app's 1st birthday in the App Store.



I endorse only items that I truly love and purchase with my hard-earned money and PRIMALFAT™ Coconut Ghee fits the bill. I know that you can make your own ghee and mix it 50:50 with melted coconut oil, but I just don’t have the time to do so. More importantly, I don’t have ready access to organic butter churned from the milk of ethically-raised pastured cows — which ensures that the ghee is high in fat-soluble vitamins and contains naturally occurring Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). 

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Whole30 Day 21: Bone Broth & A Giveaway!

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One of my favorite discoveries at last November’s Wise Traditions conference was Real Bone Broth, a small company that ships (via the Wise Choice Market) frozen containers of traditionally-simmered bone broth — right to your doorstep.


Life-changing, right?

On a cold winter’s day, nothing hits the spot like a steaming bowl of bone broth — especially when I’m feeling under the weather. Not only does it warm me from the inside out, it’s also an terrifically nutritious superfood. Packed with health-promoting minerals like calcium and magnesium, bone broth is also loaded with collagen and gelatin, making it a magical elixir that boosts both intestinal and joint health. And did I mention how wonderful it tastes? Done properly, bone broth reveals its divine depth and adds a robust, umami dimension to your soups and stews.


I usually make my own bone broth (typically with either a slow cooker or pressure cooker), but for those who are too busy, sick, or lazy to bother, Real Bone Broth may be just the ticket. It’s like having your mommy sending you a tummy-warming hug through the mail.

I knew I had to share this great product with you, so I reached out to the owners of Real Bone Broth to see if they’d be willing to sponsor a giveaway — and to answer some questions I had about their bone broth.  Keep reading to check out my Q&A with Alexandra Rains, one of owners of Real Bone Broth, and to find out how to enter to win!

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Whole30 Day 7: Vital Choice Seafood Giveaway!

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Your mom used to tell you all the time: Eat fish — it’s good for you.

But what about all the toxins? In this day and age, where can you get healthy, sustainable seafood from a trustworthy source? Keep reading to find the answers — and to learn how to enter a fantastic fish giveaway from Vital Choice Seafood & Organics. Oh, and I have a discount code for you, too!

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Giveaway Time! Win A Lava Lake Lamb Gift Card & Sampler Pack!

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**UPDATE! The giveaway is over and the winner (Tina!) has been contacted. Thanks to everyone who entered!**

Are you as sick of shopping as I am? Wouldn’t you prefer to just sit back and win a $50 gift card to Lava Lake Lamb AND a $65 sampler pack of grass fed beef and lamb? That way, you could give ‘em both away for the holidays, keep one and gift one, or be a grinch and hoard everything for yourself. Mwahahaha!

Lava Lake Lamb produces some of the tastiest 100% grass fed lamb I’ve ever eaten — and it’s not gamey in the slightest! I can’t think of a better gift for your friends and family than healthy, delicious pastured meat. (That is, unless everyone you know is a vegetarian.)

The best thing about this prize is that you can try before you buy. The meat sampler includes two pounds of ground lamb, two pounds of ground beef, and two packages of rosemary garlic lamb sausages.

And let me tell you, these sausages are fantastic.

What’s easier than throwing some pre-seasoned meat in a pan?

Answer: NOTHING.

If you’re looking for other items to spend your gift card on, definitely try the succulent lamb shoulder…

…or lamb shanks.

Both cuts become fork-tender in a slow cooker or pressure cooker. What’s more comforting on a winter evening than a big bowl of braised lamb-y goodness?


(Looking for lamb recipes? Check out my Recipe Index, or whip out my iPad® cookbook app!)

Too skittish to try lamb? Lava Lake Lamb also sells wonderful grass fed beef from the fine folks at Brandon Natural Beef. Win-win! 

So, how do you enter to win the $50 Lava Lake Gift Certificate AND $65 grass fed beef and lamb sampler pack?

All you have to do is:

  1. Sign up for my newsletter by clicking here. I promise to never cram your inbox with spam or sell your information to anyone. (Learn more about my newsletter and peruse the archives over here.)
  2. Sign up for the Lava Lake Lamb newsletter here. You’ll be in the know about all their holiday sales, specials, and recipes. (Psst! The last day to order in time for X-mas delivery is 12/17/12.)
  3. Leave ONE comment at the end of this post to let me know you followed steps 1 and 2.

The deadline to enter this sweepstakes is Friday, November 30, 2012, at 9:00 PST.

(Once again, I must apologize to my wonderful international readers; Tumblr — which hosts my site — restricts this contest to U.S. residents over the age of 18.)

And don’t be selfish — hit “Share This” below and tell your friends to get in on this giveaway. If one of them wins, maybe you can convince them to share the prize with you!

Good luck!

Paleo Emergency Kit & Steve’s Original Giveaway!

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If nothing else, Hurricane Sandy was a sobering reminder for the NomBomb clan to finally cobble together an emergency preparedness kit. I’m not proud to admit that if it weren’t for the disaster in the Northeast, I probably would’ve never gotten off my butt. A round of applause, please.

Here’s some of what I stuck in a big, sturdy plastic bin, and why:

  • Bottled water. I broke open a case from Costco, and stuck some of ‘em in our chest freezer so I’d have some ready-made, dual-purpose ice packs to keep our meat cold in the event of a power outage.
  • A case of canned beef. To be honest, I have no idea what this meat tastes like, and it’s not exactly the highest-quality stuff. But hey — the only ingredients are beef and salt; in the event of a major emergency, this stuff will suffice. You can even stock up on canned bacon if you want. Still, I kinda hope I never have to break open these cans.
  • Macadamia nuts — partly because they’re low Omega-6 nuts, but mostly because I don’t think I could live without them.
  • Coconut flakes, coconut oil, and coconut butter. I’m cuckoo for coconut.
  • Almond butter in single-serve packets. Easy, on-the-go protein is a must — especially if you find yourself on the run from zombies.
  • Canned fish (sardines, tuna, and salmon). Whether they come packed in olive oil or water, these portable, shelf-stable fishes are fantastic snacks.
  • Freeze-dried fruit. Super-light and easy to store.
  • Canned organic sweet potato purée — just don’t forget to pack a can opener, too!
  • Kale chips and SeaSnax. The world may be collapsing all around you, but face it: You’ll probably still want to munch on something crunchy. 
  • Ghee. We all love using ghee as a cooking fat, but did you know that you can also eat it straight-up with a spoon? Call me weird, but I enjoy its sweet, nutty flavor.
  • Dark chocolate. Duh.
  • Assorted jerky (beef, tuna, and chicken) and PaleoKits. Henry makes a mean jerky with a deli slicer and a food dehydrator, but when it comes to prepping for a Worst Case Scenario, we’re turning to the pros. 
Yeah, we also packed up a bunch of batteries, a first-aid kit, and a solar-powered (and hand-crank) radio+cell phone charger+flashlight thingamabobber. But this is a food blog, so I won’t bore you with details about the non-edible items in our emergency kit.
Need more tips about preparing for Mother Nature’s next smackdown? Check out these posts over yonder:

What? You need even more of an incentive? How about a discount code for purchases from Steve’s Original? Just use the coupon code nomnomgiveaway between now and November 14, 2012 for a 10% discount off your online purchase!

Yes — you read that correctly — I said “giveaway.” For you lazy sons o’ guns who don’t want to bother shopping in preparation for the apocalypse, you can enter for a chance to win a cool batch of shelf-stable goodies from Steve’s Original.

Y’all know about Steve’s Original, right? Not only does the company make some of the yummiest jerky and Paleo snacks known to humankind, it also funds Steve’s Club — a not-for-profit organization that supports inner city youth through exercise and nutrition.

And if that doesn’t convince you, let me just say this: PALEOKRUNCH.

Seriously, I love this stuff and I know you will (or already do), too!

So — what’s up for grabs?

One of my lucky readers will win a Steve’s Club Sampler which includes:

  • 1 Grassfed Small PaleoKit
  • 1 Coconut Small PaleoKit
  • 1 GF PaleoStix
  • 1 GF Just Jerky
  • 1 GF PaleoStix with Spinach
  • 1  PaleoKrunch bar
  • 1 PaleoKrunch Cereal Cinnamon
  • 1 Ginger Cilantro Dressing PaleoChef
  • 1 Maple Mustard Dressing PaleoChef
  • 1 Tomato Balsamic Dressing PaleoChef
  • 1 Mixed Berry PaleoChef
  • 1 Peach BBQ PaleoChef
  • 1 Dried Blueberries
  • 1 Dried Strawberries
Phew! That’s a lot of tasty rations, right?

Here’s how to enter for a chance to win this prize package:

  1. Sign up for the Steve’s Original newsletter at the bottom of the company’s homepage;
  2. Like the Nom Nom Paleo Facebook fan page; and
  3. Leave just ONE comment at the end of this blog post letting me know you followed the directions by Tuesday, November 13, 2012, at 9pm PST.

(Sadly, Tumblr — which hosts my site — restricts this contest to U.S. residents over the age of 18. Apologies to my super-awesome international readers!)

And don’t be selfish — hit “Share This” below and tell your friends to get in on this giveaway. Sharing is caring, right?

Remember — everyone wins because you can save 10% on all of Steve’s goodies by using the coupon code: nomnomgiveaway between now and November 14, 2012. So stock up your emergency kit NOW!

Good luck!