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Big Ticket Gift Ideas for 2012

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Problem: You need to impress that special someone in your life with a jaw-droppingly amazing holiday present. Or perhaps you need the perfect apology gift to get yourself out of the doghouse. (Why do you think my kitchen’s outfitted with so many gadgets?)

Solution: Go big or go home! Last week, I told you about my favorite wallet-friendly stocking stuffers, but today’s list is all about taking off the budgetary shackles. I’ve compiled a list of tried and true big ticket gifts for the 2012 holiday season, so grab your credit cards and meet me after the jump!

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My Favorite Stocking Stuffers for Under $20

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The problem: Every holiday season, after all the big-ticket purchases have been made, I start obsessing over stocking stuffers and Secret Santa gifts. The people on my “nice” list deserve awesome, thoughtful presents, but it’s not like I have unlimited funds.

The solution: I draw up a list of budget-friendly gifts that won’t break the bank! (The holidays always trigger my feeble attempts to be money-smart.)

Oh, and just so you know: I own and love everything I’m recommending, and I use them all on a regular basis.

Wanna see my picks?


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Paleo Eats: 8/1/11

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Wait a minute! It’s August already? Yikes, summer’s almost over…

I got the munchies early at work and ended up chowing on my first packed meal a couple hours into my shift. I ate leftover sous vide flank steak, roasted Portobello mushrooms, and roasted bell peppers

I was STILL hungry (just like a certain hungry caterpillar) so I munched on a small container of coconut flakes, too. Luckily, my eats these days don’t give me a tummy ache or turn me into a big fat caterpillar anymore.

At the end of my nightshift, I ate leftover braised chicken with artichokes and pearl onions with sautéed spinach.

When I got home, I filled and heated my Sousvide Supreme to 130F and dunked in the remaining pre-cooked grass fed flank steak.

When we ate the other sous vide flank steak for dinner the other night, it was still too chewy after 24 hours in the water oven. My father-in-law was eating dinner with us tonight, so I wanted to add an extra 8 hours of soaking time to ensure that he wouldn’t be choking down the beef like last time

Then, I packed Big-O’s lunch for camp and hit the sheets.

In the evening, I threw a tray of broccoli and bacon in the oven and stir-fried a batch of Asian cauliflower fried rice.

While I was cooking dinner, Fitbomb came home (Yay!) bearing gifts for everyone (Double Yay!). 

I received a bunch of cute shirts and socks but my FAVORITE T’s were from Joe Petrusky at CrossFit Love and Jen Cereghino of CrossFit Oregon City. Thank you, darlings! Let’s meet next year at The Games!

Hubby also brought back some edible gifts from my incredible chef-sis and her smoker-extraordinaire-gentleman-farmer husband: a batch of savory homemade Paleo crackers (recipe coming soon)…

…and yummerific smoked turkey thighs!

I normally HATE turkey but these smoked thighs are always so AMAZINGLY delicious.

After I finished ooohing and aaahing at my presents, I seared off the flank steak…

…scooped up the Asian cauliflower fried rice

…plated up the roasted broccoli and bacon

…and sliced up the steak.

Here’s my dinner plate:

The steak was definitely better tonight (i.e. more tender and less chewy) with the extra eight hours of sous viding! My father-in-law even helped himself to seconds! 

After dinner, I practiced double-unders and pistols (holding on to our TRX rings) and assembled my stuff for work. 

While I was packing my meals, I found out that Bill and Hayley, the cuties over at The Food Lovers’ Primal Palate have a gorgeous cookbook coming out in October!

I can’t wait to get Make It Paleo, Paleo Comfort Foods, and Melicious's awesome cookbook this fall/winter! I’m even more excited that I’ll meet these fine folks this weekend at The Ancestral Health Symposium! I’m such a Paleo geek…