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Giveaway Time! Win PRIMALFAT™ from Pure Indian Foods!

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Last week, I promised you a giveaway in celebration of the Nom Nom Paleo iPad® app's 1st birthday in the App Store.



I endorse only items that I truly love and purchase with my hard-earned money and PRIMALFAT™ Coconut Ghee fits the bill. I know that you can make your own ghee and mix it 50:50 with melted coconut oil, but I just don’t have the time to do so. More importantly, I don’t have ready access to organic butter churned from the milk of ethically-raised pastured cows — which ensures that the ghee is high in fat-soluble vitamins and contains naturally occurring Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). 

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Whole30 Day 1: Ghee Recipe & Giveaway!

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For years, I was all about avoiding dietary fat. After all, I was a Nutrition & Food Science major in the early 1990s, when “no-fat, high-carb” was king. Sure, I gorged on frozen yogurt and bagels, but hey: They were low-fat! It became almost like a game: How could I minimize my daily fat intake? And I wasn’t the only one — after all, it was the decade of olestra, the laboratory-concocted fat substitute that promised zero calories and zero fat. As long as it meant ingesting no fat, who cared if it caused some anal leakage?

Not surprisingly, my low-fat lifestyle didn’t yield better health — nor was eating hyper-processed, cardboard-flavored food particularly satisfying. When I finally went Paleo, it was a relief to finally embrace healthy fats again.

But what exactly are healthy fats?

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Paleo Eats: 12/30/11

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In anticipation of starting my second Whole30 this Sunday, I’ve already begun eating clean to make the transition easier. There won’t be a last minute dark chocolate and mac nut binge because, well, I did that a few days ago and I don’t have those items in my pantry anymore. I, Nom Nom Paleo, do solemnly swear to savor all my meals in 2012 and not be a mindless muncher.

Wanna see what I scarfed down on the penultimate day of 2011?

During my second night at work, I ate some leftover burger bites with sauteed spinach, onions, and shiitake mushrooms…

…and some baby carrots dipped in MeeNut Butter

At home, I sliced some leftover slow-roasted lamb sirloin, topped it with spicy salsa, and rolled it up in a Whole30-approved Pure Wrap.

It was the perfect snack before hitting the sack.

When I woke up in the evening, the house was filled with the intoxicating smell of smoky swine because Fitbomb had roasted a tray of Brussels Sprouts and bacon.

This is one of the few veggie dishes that Lil-O will consume willingly.

For our main dish, I sauteed some leftover beef shanks (from the homemade pressure cooker phở broth) with peppers and onions and tucked them in Pure Wraps.

After dinner, I seasoned a big batch of chicken wings with magic powder (homemade porcini seasoning salt)…

…and stored them in the fridge for tomorrow night’s dinner.

Is everyone gearing up for their 21-Day Sugar Detox, Whole30, or personalized clean-eating challenge? I don’t have all my meals planned in advance — unlike Bill and Hayley or the folks at The Foodee — but my fridge and freezer are filled with high quality protein and veggies. My everyday meals won’t be that different next month because I’m just cutting out dark chocolate, dairy, and (excessive) nuts. I’ve already completed a Whole30 before, so I know what to expect and how to navigate dicey dining situations. Plus, this time around I’m allowed to cook with ghee. Whee!

Ghee Picture

I received a sampler pack of organic, grass fed, spiced ghee from Whole30-approved Pure Indian Foods last month and I’m gonna slather them on everything. Word.

What’s In My Pantry

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Here are some staples we keep on hand at Chez Nom Nom Paleo:

Coconut Oil: We normally stock up at Whole Paycheck when coconut oil goes on sale.  I used to avoid it like the plague since I was taught that saturated fats = heart attack (yes, I have a nutrition and food science degree from the mid 90’s).  Now, I use this stuff all the time time for stir-frying or high temperature cooking.

Here’s our coconut spray oil, also purchased at Whole Paycheck.  Fitbomb uses it for everything.  I prefer to scoop some coconut oil from the jar.

Our go-to brand of extra virgin olive oil for everyday cooking is the one in the biggest bottle from Trader Joe’s. It’s economical, tasty, and I love the pour spout that comes with it. Call me crazy, but I don’t like sticking my thumb on the bottle opening (á la Jamie Oliver) when I’m drizzling olive oil on stuff.

I use Conzorzio Roasted Garlic Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil to drizzle on foods post cooking, or on foods I’m not cooking at a super high temp.  The flavor is pretty strong so I don’t put it on things that it’s likely to overpower. Get it at Costco before they decide to take it off the shelves. I just wish these bottles came with spigots!

Since the Paleo gods frown on dairy, we don’t use butter as much as we used to. When we do, we use Kerrygold unsalted butter because it comes from grassfed cows. Plus, you can find it reasonably priced at Trader Joe’s.

When I need a high-smoke-point fat and coconut oil has too distinctive a flavor for my dish, I’ll use ghee.  I’m too lazy to make my own from Kerrygold, so I just buy Purity Farms Organic Ghee. Per their website, it’s made from grassfed, pasture raised cow milk.  This product is carried at Whole Paycheck and other fancy grocery stores.

Okay, vinegar isn’t technically Paleo because it may have some gluten in it but I really like balsamic vinegar and keep a few bottles in my pantry at all times. My favorite cheap balsamic vinegar is Trader Joe’s Gold Quality Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. I use this stuff all the time to marinate my roasted veggies. See how the label has rubbed off?

Having a fancy, aged, thick balsamic vinegar in the pantry is a must. I just buy whichever one is on sale at Whole Paycheck or at a nicer grocery store. I drizzle the nice stuff to finish my dishes.  A little bit goes a long way. This is the higher-end bottle that’s currently sitting in our pantry:

Since I’ve cut out soy and oyster sauce, we have some San-J Organic Tamari in the pantry when I make Asian food (which is rare).  I don’t use this too often, though, because it’s still made with soy.

The Worchestershire sauce we have in the fridge is The Wizard’s™ Organic Worcestershire Sauce.   This is the stuff Fitbomb uses in his jerky recipe.

Last but not least, is one of my favorite pantry items: Rao’s Marinara Sauce! Honestly, this canned sauce is better than most Italian grandmothers’. Yes, it’s pricey, but it’s worth every penny. Anytime I see it on sale, I stock up. Buy it and put it on everything.