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Bloody Eyeballs (Blueberry-Stuffed Longans in Berry Sauce)

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What little monster doesn’t like downing a couple of bloody eyeballs now and then? Especially if they’re sweet and juicy?

Here’s a quick and easy Halloween treat you can assemble with just a handful of ingredients: longans, blueberries, and frozen mixed berries.

I purchased a couple pounds of fresh longan fruit from 99 Ranch Market

…and enlisted the help of the Double-O’s to help peel them.

If you start at the stem end, the rest of the skin is pretty easy to remove.

The peeled longans already look like eyeballs — hence the name, which literally translates to “dragon eye” in Chinese.

The large seeds in the center are inedible so I removed and replaced ‘em with blueberries.

Yes, you can find canned and de-seeded longans at an Asian market, but they’re steeped in heavy syrup and who knows what else. I’m not gonna lie — removing seeds from fresh longans is kind of a pain in the keister because the flesh clings to the fruit —- but it’s worth it.

After the longans were halved and deseeded, I placed a blueberry in the center of each bisected piece of fruit.

Once the eyeballs were assembled…

…I blitzed half a bag of Trader Joe’s Very Cherry frozen berry blend.

I plated the “bloody” berry puree on a plate, dotted it with “eyeballs,” and added extra “blood” to each “sclera.”

Lil-O found them almost too creepy to eat.

Sweet yet revolting — kind of like me!