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Forky Friday: 3/29/13

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I’m typing this post in Austin this cloudy morning as I get ready for Day 2 of PaleoFX. I’ve got two cooking demos lined up this morning, during which I’ll show folks how to make my Sriracha


…and Chilled Summer Berry Soup with Whipped Coconut Cream.


I’m crossing my fingers that there’ll be no blender mishap (ouch!) and I won’t come across like a blithering idiot. It happens sometimes.

For you folks at home, I’ve still culled the interwebs for some of my favorite recent stories: the Top 10 Most Overrated Health Foods, a profile on one of my favorite Paleo chefs, and recipes for asparagus, salade niçoise, & the best-ever bone-in ribeye! I may even have a couple of exciting book previews for you to eyeball…

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