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Red Boat Fish Sauce Giveaway!

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Who doesn’t like free stuff?

Especially if the prize is a bottle of Paleo-friendly, all-natural, first press, “extra virgin” Red Boat fish sauce. This stuff is truly remarkable – it’s liquid umami in a bottle! Plus, it’s not easy to get your hands on (yet!). For example, in the San Francisco Bay Area, it’s currently available only at one store in SF’s Excelsior District.

Dear readers, there are two ways you can win a bottle of this fish-tastic awesomeness. All you have to do is:  

  1. "Like" my Facebook fan page and post on my wall a comment with your favorite way to use fish sauce, AND/OR
  2. Follow me on Twitter (@nomnompaleo) and tweet me your favorite use of fish sauce.

There’ll be two winners — one picked from Facebook AND one from Twitter — so you can double your chances of winning by both liking and following me.

Oh, and to receive a prize, you must have a U.S. mailing address. I’m no xenophobe — it’s just too expensive to mail the stuff abroad. International peeps, if you win, you can always send it to one of your pals in the U.S. 

I know, I know — I’m asking a lot of you. Frankly, even I couldn’t tell you my favorite use for Red Boat fish sauce ‘cause I think it makes EVERYTHING taste better: stir-fries, braises, roasted veggies, you name it! But put on your thinking caps and dazzle me all the same.

To be eligible, you need to comment or tweet by Sunday night, 5/8, at midnight PST. I’ll do a random drawing from the Twitterati and a separate one for Facebook fans and announce the two winners at the beginning of next week. Good luck!

Paleo Pantry Find: Red Boat Fish Sauce

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The secret weapon in my Paleo pantry: Red Boat fish sauce


My chef sister tipped me off about this awesome product after she read about it in the LA Times and on one of her favorite food blogs. I’d been looking for a Paleo-friendly fish sauce for ages, and this one is perfect.

Unlike other brands of fish sauce, Red Boat fish sauce is bottled directly on Phu Quoc Island—where the BEST fish sauce is made. It’s minimally processed (first press and “extra virgin”) and made with just two ingredients: fresh caught wild black anchovies and sea salt.

Even though Red Boat is pretty pricey, you only need a few drops of fish sauce to add a punch of umami to any dish. I’m gonna be dashing some of this sauce on EVERYTHING!

Buy it here on Amazon right now!

Looking for recipes and resources? Head on over to my Recipe Index or my Resources page. You’ll also find exclusive recipes on my iPad® app, and in my cookbook, Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans (Andrews McMeel, December 2013).

New Substitutions for the Whole30 Pantry

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Since I’m on Day 2 of the Whole30 program, I decided to take a more critical look at my pantry to make sure I had the right tools to be compliant for the rest of the month.

One big Paleo faileo is my fish sauce.

I really like fish sauce ‘cause it adds a unique salty umami flavor to whatever I cook. When I closely inspected the label this evening, I noticed two ingredients that weren’t Paleo: fructose and hydrolyzed wheat protein. Damn it! I gotta start looking for a brand that’s just anchovies and salt. I wonder if it’s even possible.

Here are some other substitutions I’ve made in my pantry:

Since I’m out of lard, I’m using coconut oil and macadamia nut oil as my go-to high heat cooking fats.

Macadamia nut oil is nice and buttery and has a smoke point of around 400 F. Yes, it’s expensive (~$1/ounce) but it’s a small investment I’m willing to make.

I’ve gotten rid of my pastas but I miss noodles. I bought some kelp noodles from Whole Foods (in the fridge by the soy products) and they’re pretty tasty.

Not like wheat noodles, but more like springy bean thread noodles when cooked. Don’t eat them raw. They’re squeaky and crunchy – not how I like my noodles.

Instead of tamari and soy sauce, I’m gonna use coconut aminos.

This was a hard item to find. I finally located it in the Asian section at Whole Foods. Surprisingly, it does taste remarkably like soy sauce.

I’ve also been using coconut vinegar (along with my other vinegars) and it’s pretty tasty.

It’s been heralded as a more nutritious apple cider vinegar but I like it because I like all things coconut.