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Super Fast Dinner for Moi

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My kids and I didn’t return from a playdate until 6:45 p.m. and since I forgot to leave a note for Fitbomb (or check my numerous text pages from him as to where we were), he ate some leftovers when he got home early.  

Hey!  Where’s my meal?

Luckily, I had already planned ahead, ahem, for feeding both of us.  Before leaving for the playdate, I washed some Mei Quin Choy and left it in the colander.  I dug around in the fridge and found some old cremini mushrooms that I washed and quartered. Then, I drizzled the ‘shrooms with extra virgin olive oil, salt, and pepper stuck them on a foil lined tray in my preheated toaster oven (400 F).  After around 20 minutes, the mushrooms were nicely roasted (I stirred them around a few times during the roasting).  I removed the mushrooms from the toaster oven, wrapped the foil around them, and got the kids ready to leave the house.

When I returned home, I heated some coconut oil in the frying pan on medium-high and tossed in the choy.  I added some salt and pepper and stir fried them for a few minutes and then put on the lid and lowered the heat to low.  I didn’t add any additional liquid and I let it steam-saute for around 5 minutes.  There was plenty of flavor from the coconut oil, salt, and pepper so I didn’t feel the need to add any soy sauce, tamari, or oyster sauce.

Then, I sliced some leftover sous vide tri tip, and plated it up the choy and mushrooms.  Voila!

5 Minute Breakfast

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This tasty breakfast can be whipped up in around 5 minutes — as long as you have the staples in your fridge/freezer.

The things I had on hand:

  • leftover sous vide chicken breast
  • frozen organic broccoli
  • Primavera Organic Roasted Tomato Chipotle Salsa
  • Wholly Guacamole (from Costco)
  • Clover organic sour cream

I dumped about 2 cups of frozen broccoli in a microwave safe bowl, covered it in plastic wrap, and nuked it for 1.5 minutes.  Then, I shredded some chicken breast.  When the broccoli was finished cooking, I topped it with the cold chicken breast and spooned over some salsa, guacamole, and sour cream.  It’s that easy.

You can change up the protein (e.g. chicken, meatballs, beef, pork, etc.), frozen veg, or salsa.  However, Primavera’s salsa is AWESOME.  Seek it out if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area.