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My BFF (My Best Farmer Friend)

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It’s kind of baffling that Diana Rodgers can stand me. I mean, I was rude to her the first time we met, and a year later, I almost burned down her family’s 18th century farmhouse.

My BFF (My Best Farmer Friend) by Michelle Tam

I’m glad she doesn’t hold a grudge, and that we’ve become fast friends. We’ll be roomies again in a few days, when Diana’ll be back in the Bay Area to present at the fourth annual Ancestral Health Symposium. This year, the conference will be held at my alma mater, UC Berkeley (go Bears!), which means I’ll get to show Diana where I used to pick up bean and tofu burritos while clomping around town in my shiny black Doc Martens and listening to Pearl Jam on my Discman.

It won’t be quite the same, though, as when our family stayed at Diana’s farm in Massachusetts for AHS in 2012. 

My BFF (My Best Farmer Friend) by Michelle Tam

Our family still reminisces about our time as guests at Clark Farm, and how it changed the way we look at food. Ensconced in our little pocket of the Silicon Valley, we have no pets (save for a few neglected Furbies), and our yard produces nothing but weeds, so for my iPad-addicted kids, staying on a farm was like living on Mars. In a good way.

My BFF (My Best Farmer Friend) by Michelle Tam

The O’s loved the farm, and didn’t want to leave (or say goodbye to their new friends).


Last week, when Diana posted the first of several videos from Clark Farm about how she and her husband Andrew raise and harvest healthy food, my boys eagerly watched it with me.

Watch this video—you’ll learn a lot from Diana, Andrew, and their team (including their kids). It certainly made us wish we were hanging out on the farm again.

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