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Paleo Eats: 3/10/12

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I’m going to try to keep this short ‘cause I gotta get some shut-eye ASAP — especially since I’m losing an hour of sleep tonight due to the start of Daylight Savings Time. Usually, I love setting the clock an hour forward because the time change happens while I’m at work; as a result, I get 60 minutes shaved off my nightshift. But this time around, I happen to be on vacation, so  I officially hate this day again.

For breakfast, I made a simple tuna salad with Paleo mayonnaise and Sunny Paris seasoning

….and wrapped it up in a curry-flavored Pure Wrap with cucumbers and micro greens.

I didn’t eat a real lunch today — but I did fill my belly with mac nuts again. Dang it — why do they have to be so irresistible?

Fitbomb didn’t eat lunch either. He’s participating in the third workout of the CrossFit Games Open, and didn’t want to barf all over his barbell or something. So after the kids gobbled up some leftovers for lunch, our whole family headed to CrossFit Palo Alto to cheer on everyone who competed.

Hubby was exhausted after his mighty effort, but the Double-Os just told him to suck it up. When he finally peeled himself off the floor, he wolfed up the nuked yam and pressure cooked hard “boiled” eggs I’d packed him for his post-WOD meal. 

When we came home, I started preparing food for a dinner party with our Paleo cousins, D & T, and their adorable daughters. The main dish, lamb necks and shoulder, had already finished cooking in my Sous Vide Supreme (24 hours at 160F), so I turned my attention to making veggie sides.

I charred bell peppers on the stove…

…broiled a tray of asparagus…

…blitzed a bowl of cauliflower, carrot, and parsnip puree

…sauteed baby kale in duck fat…

…and pressure cooked a pot of carrots, onions, and savoy cabbage.

When the veggies were finished, I removed the lamb from the water oven and strained the reserved cooking liquid.

Then, I oven-broiled the neck and shoulder to get a nice, crisp char on the surface.

I shredded the necks and plated them on top of the cabbage and carrots…

…and hacked up the lamb shoulder.

D & T are the coolest guests because they always bring me the bestest hostess gifts…

…and yummy appetizers like Melicious’s Smoky Pear Bites.

Good company & filling eats. We chatted for hours while the kids put on an impromptu dinnertime theater show for us, complete with bow ties, “Frenchy-worm” dances, and poop jokes.

Time to nod off!

Paleo Eats: 8/27/11 

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As everyone else was celebrating the end of their workweek with Friday night festivities, I was at the hospital burning the midnight oil. Everyone bring out your mini violins…

For my first meal at work, I ate a few slices of organic roast beef slices over leftover stir-fried spinach with bacon. Since it wasn’t a big portion, I also savored a few bites of coconut butter and some organic kimchee. My nosh kept me full until the morning so I left for home before eating anything else.

After I got home from work, I fried myself a couple scrambled eggs and prosciutto and gobbled them all up with an heirloom tomato.  

I hung out with my guys for a little bit before retiring to the bedroom. I’m sad to report that I’m still not finished with my book club reading assignment. I have one more day to cram in my reading…

I woke up in the evening with a big smile on my face ‘cause Fitbomb and I were heading to a surprise birthday dinner party! Yes, it’s a work night but I wouldn’t miss J’s birthday party for anything! After we fed our kids and gave our digits to the babysitter, we drove over to J’s parents’ new pad to join in on the festivities.

J’s dad is wading in the Paleo pond, so we brought over a housewarming gift/Paleo-starter kit filled with Paleo snacks, spice blends, cheats, and fat.

We enjoyed Paleo-friendly hors d’oeuvre outside under the clear blue skies….

…and then we wandered indoors to nosh on barbecue catered by Armadillo Willy’s.

Here’s my dinner plate: 

The night was capped off with champagne toasts…

…and birthday cake. 

(In case you nosy readers wanna know, I respectfully abstained from both the bubbly and the cake.)

Happy birthdays, J & S! You two are our dearest buddies on the whole planet! Also, happy anniversary to J’s parents, C & D, who gave up their own party to throw an awesome surprise shindig for their daughter! 

I was so sad to leave the party early but I had to hustle on over to the hospital. Only four more nights of work!

Paleo Eats: 8/21/11 (& MovNat Fundamentals)

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I spent my entire Sunday rolling around on the grass, crawling on all fours…

…climbing up poles (despite my daddy’s efforts to keep me off the pole)…

…swinging on the top bar of a swing set (albeit with assistance),

…jumping on picnic tables, and hurling heavy rocks.


I wish this was a typical Sunday in the ‘burbs, but it was actually an awesome one-day session of MovNat in Palo Alto led by  Clifton Harski. Although I usually deny that I smile while exercising, I KNOW I was beaming and laughing the whole day today with Fitbomb and our gaggle of barefoot/Vibram-clad MovNat-ers. 

I’m not gonna write a lengthy post because it won’t do Clif and the MovNat session any justice. Instead, please read the awesome ones already written by Dr. B G and Dr. Emily Deans (because I totally concur with their eloquent reviews) and also check out Worker Bee’s and Fitbomb’s detailed summaries of our MovNat experience here in Palo Alto. I HIGHLY recommend you seek out a MovNat session in your area because you’ll re-learn how to move the way you were born to move AND you’ll appreciate the importance of play again.

PLUS, if you’re lucky, Clifton will teach the 8-hour class shirtless.

I know it’s nice to see glistening pecs and abs instead of meat and veggies for a change, but since this blog is all about the Paleo nosh, let’s get back on track, shall we?

Before heading out to Mitchell Park for the MovNat session, I put the seasoned pork roast in the oven to cook while we were out (SCANDALOUS!)…

…washed and prepped two heads of cauliflower for curried cauliflower, packed a cooler for lunch, and threw together breakfast salads for hubby and me with leftover Turkish slider burgers.

At our lunch break, I took out our cooler and we split some hard-boiled eggs, nuked yams, a package of Applegate Farms organic roast beef, crudities and Aubergine dip, and a PaleoKrunch bar.

We spent the rest of the afternoon playing in the sun and when it was over, I went home with tons of great ideas on how to incorporate MovNat into our family’s everyday lives. The kids and I will be crawling all over the place, picking up heavy stuff, and jumping on EVERYTHING.

After the session, we invited Clifton, Nick, and Badier over to our place for dinner.

The pork roast was tender and juicy when we got home…

…so I increased the oven temperature and swapped it out with  a tray of curried cauliflower

…and made a tomato salad with basil chiffonade, balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, fleur de sel, and freshly ground pepper.

Hubby also helped out by making a yummy watermelon salad with fresh mint and lime juice…

…and his delicious guacamole.

By this time, the cauliflower was finished roasting so I plated the florets with a splash of lemon juice and a pile of minced cilantro.

I shredded the pork…

..washed some butter lettuce…

…and dinner was ready.

I laid everything out so people could make their own roast pork-filled lettuce wrapped tacos. 

Here’s my dinner plate:

Oh, one more thing… 

…take a looky here at this incriminating photo of a certain Lazy Caveman taking a sip of (gasp!) milk! (To be fair, it’s raw, grass-fed, full-fat Jersey milk from a local farm. And it came from our fridge. And I think he felt peer-pressured after the dairy-lovin’ Clifton downed an entire glass.)

Eat your heart out, Pedro!

Paleo Eats: 8/19/11

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Friday was so damn busy, I’m a day late in blogging my eats. 

I started the day by eating a couple of butter-fried eggs and a quarter of an avocado before heading to the women’s class at CrossFit Palo Alto.

I miss coming to the box during my workweek so I was excited to be back and pushing myself hard next to some badass ladies.

After class, I gulped down a microwaved yam and went with the Double O’s to see “I,” Lil-O’s betrothed, in a production of Bye Bye Birdie. The Double O’s were mesmerized by the show. They took particular joy whenever “I” was out on stage, singing and dancing her heart out with the biggest and most beautiful grin in the production.

During the show, I passed out Paleo snacks to our little group and I scarfed down a packet of Grass Fed Jerky Chews and some dark chocolate. There’s no way I go to a show without a bag full of nosh. Ever.

When we got home, I nuked myself some leftover sous vide oxtails and roasted vegetables for lunch. 

With my belly full, I started preparing food for the dinner party we were hosting in the evening.

While I was at my CrossFit class in the morning, Fitbomb had removed the grass fed beef tongue and cheek packets from the SousVide Supreme (since they’d already been soaking for 48 hours), iced them, and stuck them in the fridge. I reset the temperature to 137 F and dropped in two packets of Turkish slider burgers.

To accompany the meat, I roasted and marinated some bell peppers

…pattypan squash…

…and Portobello mushrooms.

By this time, the sliders were finished cooking but I kept them in the water oven to stay warm. I also dunked the chilled tongue and cheeks back in the water so that all the meat would be at serving temperature when the guests arrived.

Then, the boys and I ran to Big-O’s school to check which first grade class he was assigned to and we hung out with old friends at the ice cream social. We spent around an hour at the school before we headed home since company was coming at 6:00p.m. Eek!

As soon as Fitbomb came home from work, I recruited him to whip up a batch of his famous guacamole

…and to wash some butter lettuce for the tacos.

Before finishing the sous vide meats, I set out some snacks for the guests: prosciutto-wrapped melon drizzled with balsamic vinegar and Aleppo seasoning salt,

4505 Meats’ chicharrones

beef sticks from U.S. Wellness Meats, olives, carrots with Aubergine dip

…and fruit salad.

For those of us who weren’t fat-phobic, a popular combination was chicharrones dipped in guacamole.

While our guests were eating appetizers, I heated some bacon grease in a large cast iron skillet and seared off the tongue…

…and cheeks…

…and used my kitchen torch to brown the Turkish slider burgers.

For dinner, I laid out the myriad of meats along with all the fixings so everyone could make their own lettuce-wrapped tacos or burgers.

As usual, the company was fantastic…

…but before I knew it, my coach had turned back into a pumpkin.

 After putting the kids in bed waaaaaay past their bedtimes, Fitbomb and I conked out, our bellies full of food and laughs.