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Day 24 of Whole30 Eats

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I have less than a week of Whole30 left and I can’t wait to finish it. I do feel healthier, more alert, and stronger — but it feels like it’s been forever since I’ve been able to go out to dinner at a restaurant and not worry if my “Paleo” entrée meets the strict Whole30 standards. For God’s sake, I CHOSE to go to a Chipotle instead of a more foodie appropriate restaurant just because I could check online if the ingredients were Whole30-compliant.

Plus, I’d love a nice piece of dark chocolate.

Don’t get me wrong — I’m glad I’m doing the Whole30. It’s good to be more mindful about what I’m eating. Still, maintaining this level of super-Paleosity isn’t sustainable for me. I’m glad to read that Melissa and Dallas feel the same way.

So what did I eat today?

For breakfast, I ate some pancakes and a chocolate croissant. Okay, I lied. I had another frittata. This time, I made one with three eggs, sautéed mushrooms, diced shallots, and nuked frozen broccoli.

I had little helpers who helped me cook the frittata…

…and make sure it didn’t burn in the toaster oven.

They did a great job! I ate the frittata topped with Primavera salsa and spicy guacamole.

After a morning spent with the rugrats at our local kiddie zoo, park, and library (they’re all within a one block radius of each other - I wouldn’t have attempted it otherwise), I came home and heated a leftover box of seasoned beef and roasted green bell peppers.

I topped the meat with Primavera salsa and diced avocados.

I snacked on coconut flakes and nuts throughout the day. I’ll never tire of coconut. In fact, I tried to order a gallon of coconut chips today, but they’re sold out at Tropical Traditions. Argh. Guess I’m not the only coconut fiend.

At dinnertime, I remade some items we ate last week: David Lebovitz’s roasted chicken with caramelized shallots, cream of tomato soup, and nuked green beans. I also served the leftover vegetables from last night’s chicken in the pot.

For tonight’s version of roasted chicken, I cooked 4 whole kosher chicken legs.

While it roasted in the oven, I made the tomato soup with three large diced shallots in place of the leeks I made last time.

My Vitamix is pretty awesome. It pureed the tomatoes…

…in 20 seconds.

After I poured half the pureed tomatoes into the saucepan, I added the sautéed shallots and garlic…

…and blitzed it again for 20 seconds.

I’m glad I’ve found a reason to break out my blender again. Since going Paleo, I’ve stopped making fruit smoothies, and already had a spot picked out for the blender in my appliance graveyard in the garage.

The green beans were a breeze because I bought the “ready to use” variety at Trader Joe’s.

I microwaved them with a splash of water for 3 minutes straight and then in 30 second increments until they were the right consistency.

When they were finished, I splashed on some extra virgin olive oil and added some salt and pepper.

After the beans were finished, I reheated the leftover veggies from last night’s chicken in the pot. I timed it perfectly, so the chicken was ready to take out of the oven when all the sides were finished.

This meal was company-worthy (and we did indeed have a guest over for dinner) and it was on the table in a stress-free hour.

Quick Cream of Tomato Soup

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Super Cavemom Sarah Fragoso of Everyday Paleo recently posted a recipe for Creamy Tomato Soup. I made some tonight and it’s super easy, hearty, and kid-friendly. My older son LOVED it and noisily slurped down two bowls. He was excited that I made it “for real” and didn’t pour it out of a box. I modified Sarah’s recipe to fit what I had in my pantry and fridge and I added some chicken broth to thin it out.

Here’s what I assembled:

  • 28 ounce can of Muir Glen Organic Fire Roasted diced tomatoes
  • 4 leeks, white part only, thinly sliced
  • 6 cloves of garlic, minced
  • 2 tablespoons of coconut oil
  • 1 cup of chicken broth
  • 8.5 ounce Aroy-D coconut milk
  • Kosher salt
  • Freshly ground black pepper

I can’t get enough of Aroy-D coconut milk — it’s super creamy! I’m also a big fan of fire-roasted canned tomatoes because they add a subtle smoky flavor to whatever you use them in.

Here’s what I did:

I sautéed the leeks in the melted coconut oil over medium heat until softened.

Then, I added the minced garlic and stirred for 30 seconds until it was fragrant.

I dumped the whole can of tomatoes, juice and all, into my Vitamix blender and blitzed on high until it was smooth. I poured half of the pureed tomatoes into a medium saucepan and added the softened aromatics to the remaining tomato puree in the Vitamix.

Next, I blitzed the tomato puree and aromatics on high until the mixture was smooth, and then poured the contents of the blender into the saucepan, followed by the chicken broth and coconut milk. I cranked the heat up to medium high and brought the mixture to a boil. Then, I lowered the heat to low and simmered for 10 minutes.

I checked for seasoning and added some salt and pepper.

That’s it! I can’t wait until Sarah’s new cookbook comes out!