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Book Review (& Video): Make It Paleo!

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HOT DAMN! We just got our review copy of Bill and Hayley’s new cookbook, Make It Paleo, and it’s incredible! Not only is it chock-full of GORGEOUS photos and over two hundred mouth-watering recipes, it also lists me and my hubby in the “Resources” section. I’m sure I audibly squealed. How could I help but fall head over heels in love with this cookbook? ;)

Seriously, as I flipped through the humongous tome (448 pages!) I marveled at the meticulous attention paid to every single aspect of this book. I’m an avid cookbook collector — if you prefer, you can call me a junkie — so I’ve purchased more than my fair share of cookbooks. Without a doubt, Make It Paleo has food photography that rivals the best of the best on my shelves; each dish (and did I mention there are hundreds?) are beautifully lit and shot. (Trust me: I know how difficult food photography can be!) The tantalizing full-color close-ups of Bill and Hayley’s food make me want to attack the pages with a fork and knife. 

When we met up with Bill and Hayley a couple of months ago, they mentioned that they wanted their book to stand on its own as a polished reference guide for all foodies — not just a niche product for Paleo nerds like you and me. Did they succeed? Hell to the yes. This book will have a place of honor on my nightstand, alongside the other cookbooks I gaze at longingly before bedtime.

Unlike many of the cookbooks in my ever-growing collection, every single recipe in Make It Paleo is paired with an eye-popping photo of the dish. I read through a bunch of the recipes today, and each one looks approachable and totally manageable — even for a novice cook. (In contrast, despite having pored through each page of my  Alinea cookbook, I’ve never once attempted to re-create even one of its hyper-technically challenging recipes.) The concise step-by-step instructions in Make It Paleo are elegantly laid out on uncluttered, unfussy pages, making it super-easy for anyone to follow along and compare their handiwork to the accompanying photo of the finished product. As Bill and Hayley make clear, anyone can cook Paleo.

My first-grader, Big-O, is — like me — a cookbook addict, and ever since our copy of Make It Paleo arrived in the mail, he hasn’t put it down. Big-O has a special place in his heart reserved for my dessert cookbooks, so he was giddy over the fact that Make It Paleo contains over 40 grain-free “Treats and Cheats.” He’s already stuck a pad full of little Post-It notes on all the recipes he wants to try. We probably could’ve saved a tree if he’d tabbed just the ones he didn’t want to eat instead. Oh, well.

Like the recently-published Paleo Comfort Foods, this book will inspire you to break out your pots and pans and fire up the stove — IMMEDIATELY. 

We certainly felt the urge to dive right into a recipe today. And since I didn’t have to whip up dinner — Dr. HA took care of that! — we decided to jump right to dessert. We knew just the recipe to make: Even before the boys cracked open the cookbook, they insisted on making Bill and Hayley’s chocolate chip cookies again. 

We’ve made these cookies before, and each time, we’ve had a hard time keeping our hands off of ‘em. 

And yes, they taste even better than they look!

Wanna see how we made these cookies? Fitbomb put together this video of us baking up a few batches — check it out!

And if you haven’t pre-ordered a copy of Make It Paleo yet, what are you waiting for? Do it already! The book’s going to be shipping out on October 20 — just two weeks away! — and this is a MUST-HAVE cookbook, folks.

Paleo Eats: 9/5/11

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Happy Labor Day!

Is there a better way to start the day than devouring a face made out of fat and protein?


I didn’t eat this breakfast and neither did the kids so that only leaves a certain middle-aged caveman lawyer. Any guesses?

Here’s my not-as-adorable breakfast: scrambled eggs, leftover roast veggies, cherry tomatoes, and half a 4505 Meats bacon-studded hotdog.

As soon as I’d gobbled my breakfast, the kids started nagging me to bake some Primal Palate Chocolate Chip cookies to bring to Dr. HA’s barbecue. It’s hard to believe that the last time our household made these cookies, I was unable to try them because I was on the Whole30. Thank goodness I ain’t doing that this month!

Big-O is super excited about the upcoming release of Bill & Hayley's new cookbook, Make It Paleo, because I’ve assured him it contains LOTS of recipes for Paleo treats and cheats. My older son is totally into the candy cigarettes and big, glossy cookbooks filled with beautiful food porn. I guess the apple don’t fall far from the tree!

We brought the cookies to the party ‘cause there is no way in H-E-double-hockey-sticks we’re keeping four dozen cookies at our house. I finally tried a cookie, and it was, “Goooo-oood!” as Lil-O likes to sing/shout. 

The whole family had a fantastic time at C & H’s place, as usual. There was great conversation punctuated with guffaws…

…delicious, Paleo-friendly grub…

…and Lil-O was able to frolic with his ladylove.

We so didn’t want to leave, which is always the case when we hang with C & H, but we finally did because we were meeting my glam fashion-exec cousin and her hubby for dinner at Anatolian Kitchen.

At the restaurant, Fitbomb and I split a combo grill platter…

…and a whole roasted sea bass.

A tasty way to end a fantastic holiday weekend!

Whole30 Sabotage: Primal Palate Chocolate Chip Cookies

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This morning, right after I went to bed, Fitbomb and the kids decided to tackle a cooking project to ring in the New Year. Specifically, they made primal chocolate chip cookies from one of my favorite blogs, The Food Lovers’ Primal Palate.

The grain-free cookies are made with almond flour, coconut oil, chocolate chips, eggs, maple syrup, baking soda, and vanilla extract. 

In case you’re wondering, that’s my sister’s homemade vanilla extract. She’s a DIY cooking maven, no doubt.

My kids were so excited to make the cookies, they both patiently waited their turn to stir the batter…

…and it didn’t devolve into fisticuffs. 

Here’s the finished dough…

… and the freshly baked cookies right out of the oven:

How’d they taste? I don’t know (big pat on my back) but the kids loved them!

I seem to be missing out on a lot of good eats while I’m sleeping the day away.

Nonetheless, I’m so effing glad I was sleeping this morning or I would have cheated on the Whole30 without a batting an eyelash. 

Trust me, this guy is a great salesman: