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Roasted Chestnuts

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I love chowing on warm, smoky, brain-shaped nuggets in the wintertime. There’s something so comforting about the smell of roasted chestnuts — don’t you agree? 

We used to roast chestnuts in the oven but they’re a pain to peel. However, if you toss them on a hot grill outside, the nuts roast in about 5 minutes and the crispy charred skins fall right off. I’ll gladly freeze my ass off outside for a few minutes if the reward is a bowl of piping hot roasted chestnuts.

To feed 4-6 snackers, buy two pounds of chestnuts. Use a sharp paring knife to cut an “X” on the flat side of each one…

…and toss them right on the grates of a gas grill set on high.

Constantly flip the chestnuts for about 5 minutes or until they’re charred.

Peel them while they’re still warm and try to save some for the other noshers.

No fuss, no muss!

Paleo Finds at Nijiya Market (Mountain View, CA)

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I love Japanese grocery stores! A lot of the food is excessively packaged and super processed, but the stores are so damn clean, especially compared to other Asian markets. (Been to a 99 Ranch lately? Yowsers!)

I hadn’t been to Nijiya Market in a while because I no longer need to stock up on mirin, soy products, soba noodles, Japanese curry mix, etc. since going Paleo. But today, I returned to check out Nijiya’s selection of meat and organic produce (which is pretty extensive).

I picked up a few veggies and some packages of organic peeled and cooked chestnuts…

…Rocky free-range chicken thighs, boneless, with skin-on…

…and pork belly!

I love that Nijiya carries unusual cuts of meat that are harder to find at most big-chain American grocery stores. I’m gonna be sous viding the pork belly and thighs, so keep your eyes peeled for a blog post about ‘em later this week.

Roasted Chestnuts From Your Toaster Oven

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Personally, I find chestnuts a real pain to cook and peel so I like to buy them ready to eat. Trader Joe’s sells some that are steamed, peeled, and vacuum-packed and other places carry them in jars. While I was catching up on my beauty sleep, Fitbomb got it into his head that he wanted to roast some up the old-fashioned way.

He took 2 cups of chestnuts, scored the flat side of each with an X, 

and placed them in a tightly sealed foil pack with 1/4 cup of water.  

He then placed the packet into our toaster oven which had been preheated to 375 F.  The chestnuts took a good 45 minutes to get tender.

I asked Fitbomb how long it took to peel the chestnuts and he responded, “FOREVER!” They look really nice, though, don’t they? It’s a good thing my spouse has a mild, as-yet-undiagnosed case of OCD. My “peeled” chestnuts are completely covered with tough fiber-y bits. His roasted (and clean) chestnuts were definitely tastier than the store-bought pre-cooked ones but I just don’t have the fricking patience to prepare them. It’s nice to have an anal hubby who will do it for me!