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Paleo Eats: 4/25/11

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Wanna see what I ate today?

For my meals at work, I packed a bunch of leftovers from our bunny supper the night before. The 4505 Easter Basket CSA is the gift that keeps on giving.

My first meal at work was some leftover crispy sous vide chicken thighs and broiled asparagus.

As a snack, I ate some more leftovers from our bunny dinner: deviled eggs, spicy beets, carrots, and shoulder confit.

My last meal at work was some more bunny goodness: leftover rabbit and pork sausage, saddle loin roast, cavolo nero and carrots, and roasted curried cauliflower.

When I got home, I threw a pork shoulder roast into the slow cooker and hit the sheets.

At 5:00 p.m., I woke up and prepped some veggies sides to accompany the slow cooker pork pot roast.

I sautéed some broccoli and shallots…

…broiled prosciutto-wrapped asparagus spears

…and pureed a batch of garlic cauliflower mashed potatoes.

Here’s my dinner plate:

I added a few drops of my new fish sauce to the pot roast and sautéed broccoli and it brought up the indescribable umami in both dishes. Oh, fish sauce, how I’ve missed you!

After dinner, I did a short workout in our garage gym and then I ate ½ a baked yam and organic deli roast beef. Only two more nights of work!

Paleo Eats: 4/22/11

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Aren’t you curious to see what I ate today?

For my first meal at work, I ate a big serving of garbage soup filled with leftover slow cooker roast chicken.

Midway through my shift, I ate some strawberries and coconut milk.

I love this combination.

The last meal I ate at work was some leftover pork and grass fed beef mini burgers on top of sautéed spinach and roasted curried cauliflower.

After work, I made a pitstop at the grocery store to pick up ingredients to make simple crab salad for the Paleo potluck at CrossFit Palo Alto tomorrow. Fitbomb will be herding the kids alone this weekend while I sleep so the least I can do is whip up a dish for him to bring to the party. So sad that I’ll have to miss it! 

When I woke up at 5:00 p.m., I dunked some previously cooked sous vide pork chops into the SousVide Supreme to warm up. Then, I made some garlic cauliflower mashed potatoes

…nuked some sugar snap peas…

broiled zucchini...

and heated up some leftover gravy (from the slow cooker roast chicken). The final step in dinner prep was torching the pork chops.

Here’s my dinner plate:

After dinner, I did a quick 1K row and ate some chestnuts immediately afterwards. Then, I hopped in my car and hauled my ass to work.

Paleo Eats: 4/5/11

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It was a busy day but I’m happy to report I ate pretty clean. Well, except for my daily overeating of coconut products and macadamia nuts – but I digress.

For breakfast, I reheated the leftovers of yesterday’s emergency protein. I ate it so quickly that I forgot to take a snapshot. Besides, it didn’t look as appetizing after chilling in the fridge overnight so here’s a picture of when it was fresh yesterday:

After breakfast I took the kids to school and then I drove to my class at CrossFit Palo Alto. My post workout meal consisted of a baked yam and some sliced turkey deli meat. Again, I snarfed it down before I was able to immortalize it with my camera. Geez, what kind of food blogger am I? A lazy one…

Before heading to the mall to buy the kids some shoes, I seasoned a couple of chicken breasts with Fox Point seasoning, vacuum sealed them with a pat of butter…

…and dunked the packet into the SousVide Supreme (140 F).

When we returned home a couple hours later, I gobbled up a sous vided chicken breast along with a salad made with leftover roasted vegetables, greens, and avocados.

While Little-O took a nap, I made some garlic cauliflower mashed potatoes. Inspired by The Food Lovers’ Primal-Palate, I decided to sauté some shallots in butter…

…and add them to the mash.

I didn’t put in any herbs because any hint of green will make this side dish a no-fly zone for Big-O. My Technicolor purees have not gone over well with him.

After I dropped Big-O at his T-ball practice, I came home and reheated the slow cooker beef shank and cabbage stew I made yesterday.

I really had to punch up the seasoning with some Fines Herbes seasoning, coconut aminos, salt, and pepper. I know I said that I’d post a recipe but I still need to tweak it a bit.

I went to the microwave to reheat the cauliflower puree…

…but it slipped out of my hands and crashed to the floor. With the lid OFF. It was a bad scene in the kitchen. There was some screaming involved. I was one mad mother. Luckily, half of the puree was still in the container (and the other half covered me, the floor, and the cabinets) so I was able to nuke it for dinner. I also broiled a bunch of asparagus tossed in melted ghee and sautéed some mushrooms in butter and Fox Point seasoning.

Here’s my dinner plate:

The beef shank stew was alright but I was more successful the first time I made it. They’re not always winners, people. 

After dinner, I collected the leftover vegetables and tucked them into my “emergency vegetable” container that I have in the fridge. I see a frittata on the horizon…

Good night everybody!

Paleo Eats: 3/9/11

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I’m starting another week of nightshifts tonight, so I was a busy bee this morning and early afternoon.

While the kids ate their breakfast, I threw the ingredients for Paleo Korean short ribs into my slow cooker.

Even Lil-O jumped in to help me make the simmer sauce.

When we came home from dropping Big-O at school, I ate some mini frittata muffins, roasted bell peppers, and baby carrots for breakfast.

Then, we set off for Whole Paycheck to get some last minute groceries.

For lunch, I made myself the same type of frittata I had for breakfast yesterday.

After lunch, I whipped up some garlic cauliflower mashed potatoes with my older sous chef…

…and then I took a nap for a couple of hours.

When I woke up, the short ribs were finished…

…so I reheated the garlic cauliflower mashed potatoes

…sautéed a bunch of Bordeaux spinach with shallots in butter…

…and roasted Brussels sprouts in ghee with Penzeys Shallot-Pepper seasoning (splashed with some balsamic vinegar).

Here’s my dinner plate:

After dinner, I did the CrossFit “Christine” workout in my garage, which left me sore, winded, and sweaty. My post workout meal was half a baked sweet potato and a few slices of roasted turkey deli meat.

Then, I took a shower, gathered up my stuff, and went to work.

Dinner In An Hour: Sous Vide Organic Rib Eye Steak, Mash,Green Beans, & Gravy

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Think serving steak with all the fixings is hard to do on a weeknight? Think again! With a little sous vide magic and pre-planning, I managed to get dinner on the table in under an hour. That sound you hear? It’s me patting myself on the back.

Here’s how I tackled dinner:

When I got home from work this morning, I took out a couple of Costco purchased organic beef rib eye steaks from the fridge. I dried the meat with paper towels, seasoned with Sagemary finishing salt and freshly ground black pepper…


…and vacuum sealed them.


Okay — these babies aren’t grass fed, but I wanted to try them out because they were reasonably priced and I miss the unctuous, fatty taste of grain fed beef.

I heated the SousVide Supreme to 129 F and plopped in my two steaks. I was going to let them bathe until I woke up at 5:00 p.m (~ 8hours).

I also vacuum sealed some Dukka-seasoned pork chops…


…and Tabil-seasoned chicken breasts.


I was going to put these packets in the SousVide Supreme after I took out the steaks in the evening.

Then, I took a Lunesta and conked out. (Lunesta is badass but it leaves a terrible taste in your mouth when you first swallow it…)*

When I woke up in the evening, I assembled the ingredients to make herb gravy


…with sautéed mushrooms and leeks.


I dumped the broth, onions, dried thyme, and garlic into a small saucepan and simmered everything for about 30 minutes.

In the meantime, I steamed some cauliflower florets and garlic to make garlic cauliflower mashed “potatoes.” When they were softened, I pureed them in the Cuisinart with some extra virgin olive oil, grated nutmeg, Kosher salt, and freshly ground black pepper. 


I also dumped a pound of trimmed green beans into my Corningware and nuked them until tender. When they were done, I tossed on some extra virgin olive oil, Kosher salt, and freshly ground black pepper.


With my veggies out of the way, I focused my attention on the main event: THE MEAT. I took the steaks out of the SousVide Supreme and dried them. After heating a couple tablespoons of lard in my 12-inch cast iron skillet, I seared the steaks…


…for 2 minutes on each side. Look at that nice char!


After I plated the steaks…



…I threw the sliced leeks and mushrooms into the cast iron skillet and sautéed them with some salt and pepper.  By this time, the herb gravy was ready to be pureed, so I dumped the contents of the saucepan into the Vitamix and blitzed the sauce for 30 seconds. When the mushrooms were nice and browned, I poured in the herb gravy and let it simmer for a few minutes.


Voila! Here’s my steak dinner with three side dishes — all done in about an hour.


Costco’s organic steaks tasted pretty good. I always get better results from my SousVide Supreme when I use grain-fed cow parts. Don’t worry; I chased it down with a shot of fish oil.

*UPDATE 3/22/13: I don’t use Lunesta anymore or any other prescription sleep aid. This post was from more than 2 years ago and my daytime sleep routine has improved a lot.