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Eating In Paleo: Joshua Charles Catering (Redwood City, CA)

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Kicking cancer in the keister is a BFD and deserves a party, damn it! Fitbomb and I wanted to celebrate the completion of his mom’s cancer treatments with a casual family gathering at our home. And we both wanted to enjoy the party (rather than slaving away in the kitchen), so we hired a caterer.

Paying a team of people to throw your party is definitely an indulgence. After careful research (I’m one picky mofo), I settled on Joshua Charles Catering. It was a great choice, if I say so myself. The caterers made sure that the whole process – from suggesting menu items (Paleo, please!), arranging rentals, setting up the venue (our backyard), cooking, staffing the main event, and doing all the clean-up – was seamless.

The catering team arrived promptly two hours before the event.  They set to work immediately arranging the tables and chairs outside and preparing the food. By the time the first guests trickled in…

…the feast was ready.

For our lunch buffet, we served broccoli rapini sauteed with chili pepper, garlic and meyer lemon…

…a seasonal roasted vegetable assortment…

…Mediterranean chicken salad with lemon verbena, caper berries, olives, baby romaine lettuce and feta cheese…

…mustard-brined roasted Berkshire pork loin served over shredded ham hocks and arugula…

…herb-marinated New York strip loin served over wild mushrooms and steamed carrots…

…and organic fruit salad with honey lime dressing and mint.

We were hosting an opinionated crowd, including a few non-adventurous eaters, but EVERYONE went back for seconds and thirds.

The food was fantastic and each platter was quickly replenished as soon as we vultures picked them clean.

Most of our guests didn’t know that the menu was designed to be Paleo-compliant. I was delighted that no one missed the gluten, legumes, and soy. Go Paleo!

It wasn’t until dessert that we strayed slightly from the Paleo reservation. I served gluten-free mini cupcakes from Kara’s

…and we toasted my mother-in-law’s health with flutes of fizzy champagne.

Thank you, to the wonderful staff from Joshua Charles Catering! The party manager, Kelly, was calm, professional and anticipated all our needs. Chefs Scott and Eric plated dish after dish of beautiful, soul-satisfying, rib-sticking food. It was definitely a special event that we won’t forget.

Paleo Eats: 10/15/11

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I knew that with such a busy day of eats yesterday, I wouldn’t have time to document everything before the clock struck midnight.

It wasn’t until today — with the kids at their grandparents’ house — that I had time to compile a CliffsNotes version of yesterday’s eats:

As you may recall, we threw a post-cancer-treatment party for Fitbomb's mom at our house. In the morning, while the hubs did some last minute cleaning, I cooked us breakfast: scrambled eggs, 4505 Meats’s maple breakfast sausage, nuked frozen broccoli, and sliced tomatoes.

Shortly after breakfast, Fitbomb picked up a bag of oysters at our Siren SeaSA pick-up spot and a few dozen gluten-free cupcakes at Kara’s Cupcakes.

I stayed home with the kids and watched in awe as the talented crew from Joshua Charles Catering prepped the food…

…and set up the tables outside.

The guests arrived around noon and the noshing commenced shortly thereafter.

We all dined outside under sunny, clear skies and toasted to my mother-in-law’s good health. (Click here for more about our Paleo party!)

After the last of our guests left in the late afternoon, Fitbomb and I decompressed before hauling our oysters to Dr. HA’s house. A group of us were dining in the city sans children(!), so we decided to convene early to slurp down some oysters before carpooling together. 

None of us had ever shucked an oyster before, so I channeled Lady Macbeth and forced Fitbomb to be the bivalve mass murderer, arming him with only a dull knife

We gulped down the sweet and slippery mollusks after spritzing them with some fresh lemon juice.

Then, we piled into a car and drove up to San Francisco for a fun and relaxing dinner at Locavore.

After a long day spent with family, friends, and fantastic food, we came home late and exhausted but so damn content.