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Paleo Comfort Foods’ Farmer’s Pie

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The climate here in Northern California has suddenly turned arctic. Alright, the highs are still in the 70s and 80s, but I’ve started craving satisfying grub that warms me from the inside out. The other day, I grabbed Julie and Charles's aptly titled cookbook,  Paleo Comfort Foods, and found a recipe for Farmer’s Pie that perfectly fit the bill!

Farmer’s Pie is an adaptation of cottage pie, a rich ground beef stew topped with fluffy mashed spuds. This Paleo-friendly casserole is topped with mashed cauliflower and it’s gluten-free to boot!

Since I’m working graveyard shift this week, I divided the cooking process into three parts that I spread out over two days. Each cooking session lasted less than 20 minutes of hands-on time, which is just the right amount for my lazy ass. When I served it for dinner tonight, I was able to savor it ‘cause I wasn’t exhausted and frazzled from slaving away in the kitchen.

Wanna see how I tackled this recipe? Follow the jump!

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