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Paleo Eats: 2/17/11

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I slept like a log last night so I felt ready to tackle the day as a full time mommy when I woke up. For breakfast, I made myself a frittata with three eggs, nuked frozen broccoli, diced shallots, prosciutto, a dollop of cream-top yogurt, and Fines Herbes seasoning.

After spending an hour jumping on a trampoline with Lil-O at his gym class, we went to Costco and stocked up on essentials. Since the Mountain View Costco is across the street from an In-N-Out burger, the kids and I made a pitstop here for lunch. I ordered a protein-style triple meat burger — hold the spread — with mustard and a whole-grilled onion slice.

Can you believe this baby only cost me $3.80?

We returned home and I put Lil-O down for his afternoon nap. While the little guy slept, Big-O helped me make dinner. I’m always amazed at how enthusiastic he is about helping out in the kitchen. I love that about him.

With Big-O as my sous chef, we made a big pot of curried cream of broccoli soup

braised cabbage

…and sous vide rack of lamb seasoned with Sunny Paris, salt, and pepper.

While I was prepping this food, I was gobbling up macadamia nuts and coconut flakes with abandon. I gotta stop this habit.

I didn’t have to much to do to get dinner on the table — just about everything was already finished. As a result, I had the luxury of watching an episode of Scooby-Doo with the kids before making an additional side of lancinato kale sautéed with bacon and shallots

…and searing off the rack of lamb in some lard.

Here’s my dinner plate:

I also had a bowl of curried cream of broccoli soup (it’s dairy-free!) and a 1/2 cup serving of coconut milk for dessert. Not a bad way to end the day!

Paleo Eats: 1/31/11

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I can’t wait for this work week to be over – it’s been busy EVERY single night. Come to think of it, by my fifth night shift in a row I think I start getting whiny no matter what the workload. Oh well. Luckily, I packed a bunch of Paleo eats to fuel me through the night.

At around 2:00 a.m., I ate a box of sous vide Tabil-seasoned chicken breast with leftover sautéed spinach and bacon and nuked green beans.

A couple hours later, I snacked on a small container of coconut flakes and toasted almond slivers…

…and coconut milk and mixed berries(!) from the farmers’ market.

Even though it’s January, the berries were really sweet. Could it be that I’m just more sensitive to sweetness now that I’ve cut refined carbs out of my diet? Maybe.

My last meal of the night was a leftover box of kelp noodles. See? It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

When I returned home, I took the kids to school to drop off Big-O. As soon as we got back to our abode, I went to bed right away because I knew I’d have a lot to do when I woke up. My mother-in-law’s MRI was scheduled in the evening at 8:00 p.m. and I needed to feed everyone, pack my meals for work, and shower before we left.

When I awoke, I took my previously sous vided pork chops out of the fridge to come up to room temperature while I prepared the vegetable side dishes. I grabbed my ingredients for roasted broccoli and bacon (organic broccoli, Fatted Calf slab bacon, and avocado oil)…

…tossed everything together with some salt and pepper, and placed it in the oven to roast at 400 F for about 35 minutes.

I also minced 2 shallots and chopped up a head of cauliflower for cauliflower fried “rice”. Since I made a platter of braised cabbage the night before, I just reheated it in the microwave.

I heated a couple tablespoons of lard in my cast iron skillet and I seared the pork chops for 90 seconds on each side. I wanted to char them longer but they were only ½ inch chops so I didn’t want to overcook them.

Once I removed the chops, I prepared my cauliflower fried “rice” in my “dirty” pan. I added a splash of boxed chicken broth to deglaze the skillet and a little bit of coconut aminos for additional seasoning (besides salt and pepper).

The dark color is definitely from the pan frond and not the coconut aminos. Those are some tasty browned bits.

By the time I finished preparing the “rice,” the roasted broccoli and bacon was ready as well. I drizzled on some aged balsamic vinegar and brought it to the table.

Here’s my dinner plate (on the table in about 45 minutes):

After dinner, I had to hustle to get myself ready for work and the imaging appointment. As I was packing my meals for work, I realized I only had one box of leftovers available. Was I worried? For a split second, yes. But then I remembered that I can always throw together a frittata in about 15 minutes that could be split into two servings. I dug through our fridge and made a frittata with 5 eggs, diced Fatted Calf bacon, nuked frozen broccoli, and a heaping tablespoon of full-fat Greek yogurt.

I know a lot of Paleo eaters avoid dairy but I don’t experience any untoward side effects and I really love the taste of cheese, full fat yogurt, butter, and ghee. Plus, if it’s okay with Dr. Harris of PaNu and handsome nerd scientist, Mat Lalonde, it’s okay with me. Or that’s who I’m hiding behind if I get confronted about consuming dairy by an angry caveman.

After I finished packing my stuff for work, the three of us left to go to the MRI appointment.  We’re all anxiously awaiting her results because we’ll finally know the staging of her breast cancer and how best to tackle it. I get paid to have sleepless nights – they don’t.

Day 21 of Whole30 Eats

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As I’ve griped before, my penultimate night of work is my least favorite. When it’s night six of seven, I’m one grumpy mofo and my patience tank is running on fumes. So without further ado, here’s what I noshed on after midnight:

At the very beginning of my shift, I snarfed down some macadmia nuts and sauerkraut so I wasn’t hungry until 3:30 a.m. For “lunch,” I ate some leftover roasted chicken thighs and nuked frozen veggies.

Snack time came at 5:00 a.m. when I ate some coconut milk and blueberries and some coconut flakes.

At 7:00 a.m., I ate my “dinner” which was leftover sous vide Wild King Salmon, sautéed greens, and roasted root vegetables.

As soon as I got home, I quickly threw together a baking dish of braised cabbage and popped it in the oven.

Then, I took my kindergartener to school and I hung out as the weekly library helper. On the weeks I help out after I return from work, I’m a veritable zombie, lumbering around sluggishly in my Vibrams and blinking slowly when the kids ask me for help.

When I finally returned home, I took the cabbage out of the oven…

…and I passed out in my bed. (In case you’re wondering, my mom was home making sure my little kiddo didn’t get in trouble and our house didn’t burn down.)

I awoke at 5:30 p.m., and immediately started working on dinner. I didn’t have too much to do because my braised cabbage and sous vide grass fed top sirloin steak were already cooked and only needed to be reheated and seared off, respectively.

I wanted to make some other accompaniments so I made cream of tomato soup and sautéed some shiitake mushrooms in coconut oil with a splash of chicken broth and coconut aminos (and S & P).

Then, I removed my steak from the SousVide Supreme, which had been cooking at 130 F for 24 hours…


…took the meat out of the bag and dried it..


…and seared it in some lard for 2 minutes on each side.

I sliced the slab ‘o meat up…

…and dinner (breakfast for me!) was served.

Since my SousVide Supreme was already filled, I bumped up the temperature to 141 F and popped in two seasoned boneless and skinless chicken breasts for 2 hours. (For those of you keeping score, ever since I filled the machine yesterday morning I’ve sous vided 5 fillets of Wild King salmon, a 2-pound grass fed top sirloin steak, and 2 chicken breasts. I love it, I love it, I love it!)

Then, I took off for my last night of work this week. Finally.

Day 16 of Whole30 Eats

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Now that I’m back at work this week (and turning nocturnal again), I’ll report on what I’m eating from midnight to midnight. I’m finding it a lot easier adhering to the Whole30 program while away from my kitchen because I pack all my food in advance, and there’s no opportunity to stray. Each day this week, I’ll be eating just one meal at home after I wake up in the evening. (It’s my breakfast, but it’s dinner for the rest of the family).

Since it was my first night back at work, I didn’t get hungry until around 2:00 a.m. My ”lunch” at work was a refreshing salad packed with greens, hard-boiled egg, diced avocado, sliced tomatoes, and shredded carrots.

About an hour later, I was hungry again so I ate some coconut butter, macadamia nuts, and coconut flakes. Do you guys sense a pattern here? I love me some coconut and mac nuts!

My last meal at work was around 7:00 a.m., when I ate a box of leftover seasoned ground pork, roasted Portobello mushrooms,  and nuked frozen green beans.

When I got home, I walked my kindergartner to school with the rest of the family. I passed a bunch of moms who were bleary eyed and nursing huge mugs of java. WTF! I’ve been up all effing night — buck up, people!

I returned home, downed some chilled coconut milk, and crashed from 9:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. When I woke up, I baked a yummy and EASY platter of David Lebovitz’s roast chicken with carmelized shallots.

As veggie sides, I reheated some World’s Best Braised cabbage

…sautéed 2 bunches of swiss chard and shallots in some lard…

…and made some winter squash puree mixed with coconut oil, salt, and pepper.

Here’s my “breakfast” plate:

Now, it’s back to the grind for another 6 nights.

Paleo X-mas Eve Dinner: Brisket and Veggies

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My side of the family always celebrates X-mas on the 24th, so my sister and her hubby drove up from L.A. to celebrate with us. I was excited to see them again -– but I was even more excited to taste the delicious grassfed braised brisket they brought up.

My sister served it up with two sauces: salsa verde and creme fraiche with fresh horseradish. Did I mention that she’s a professional chef and a non-vegetarian who nonetheless writes for a vegetarian magazine?

Speaking of vegetables, I was in charge of the veggie sides, so I prepared a few of my standards:

Cauliflower fried “rice”

roasted broccoli and bacon

…and braised cabbage.

I was fresh out of lard, so I whipped out a bottle of macadamia nut oil as my lubricant of choice.

Get your mind out of the gutter –- I tossed my broccoli with a few tablespoons pre-roasting and sautéed my cauliflower rice in a combination of macadamia nut oil and Kerry Gold grassfed butter.

Here’s our final spread (my mom also brought over some homemade Chinese barbequed spareribs):

This was my first plate (of many!):

Happy holidays, everyone!

Dinner Back at Home: Smoked Pork Chop, Green Beans, and Braised Cabbage

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For my first meal back home, I heated up a frozen Fatted Calf smoked pork chop in my SousVide Supreme (set at 130 F) for 30 minutes. While the chop heated in the bath, I nuked some leftover braised cabbage and some frozen green beans and butter which I later seasoned with salt and Dukka.

I took the chop out of the vacuum pack, dried it off, and seared it in my cast iron skillet in some melted lard.


Here’s my final plate (Fitbomb and I split the chop):


Maybe I’m nuts, but I thought smoked pork chops were already cooked. That’s why I only set my SousVide Supreme to 130 F. Our chop, post-searing, was really rare, especially right near the bone. When I heat up our last chop in the freezer, I’m gonna set the water bath to 140  F before I sear it.

How’d it taste? Nice and smoky with hints of hard cider.

I’m taking the boys to visit my sister in Los Angeles tomorrow morning so this will be the last meal I’ll be making for a few days.  Yippee!
Tonight’s meal consisted of some of my old standbys: Fajita and Taco seasoned ground beef with shallots and garlic, braised cabbage with lard (I never tire of this dish), sliced tomatoes, and half a baked sweet potato.
I purposely made extras so Fitbomb would have some leftovers to nosh on while we’re away.  I have a feeling he’ll be eating out, though…

I’m taking the boys to visit my sister in Los Angeles tomorrow morning so this will be the last meal I’ll be making for a few days. Yippee!

Tonight’s meal consisted of some of my old standbys: Fajita and Taco seasoned ground beef with shallots and garlic, braised cabbage with lard (I never tire of this dish), sliced tomatoes, and half a baked sweet potato.

I purposely made extras so Fitbomb would have some leftovers to nosh on while we’re away. I have a feeling he’ll be eating out, though…

Cabbage and Leftovers: It’s What’s For Lunch AND Dinner

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My first meal of the day was lunch. I’m working on my intermittent fasting but, honestly, it’s really hard to push it past 12 hours.  I find that if I’m out of the house it’s a lot easier to keep my fast going.  If I’m at home, I keep opening up the pantry and I’m counting down the seconds until my 12-hour fast is over.  Plus, I stuff my face all the time when I’m home. Sigh.  Good thing all the stuff I cram in my mouth is Paleo or Lacto-Paleo. Back to lunch…

Ain’t this a cute cabbage?

Would it seem cuter if I told you it fit in the palm of my hand? It was so damn cute, I bought three of them last weekend so I knew I had to cook them off soon.  Hell, why not cook them all off today?

For lunch, I combined this tiny ½ lb cabbage with a small Cipollini onion and sautéed them up in some butter.

Then, I nuked leftover seasoned beef with Tabil and topped my sautéed cabbage with it. 

I was still ravenous so I ate some coconut flakes, macadamia nuts, and labneh topped with Fitbomb’s addictive Paleo trail mix.

I bought this labneh from Crossroads Market.  It was made in-house, super thick, creamy, and delicious.  I don’t eat a ton of dairy but I LOVE full-fat drained yogurt.

It’s so good that just a little bit later,  I ate some more labneh with eggplant pesto and baby carrots

For dinner, I transformed my remaining two mini cabbages into the World’s Best Braised Cabbage. Since I’ve decided to do more cooking with lard, I replaced the olive oil in the recipe with liquified lard.  See the lard? It looks like melted candle wax!

Here’s the dish covered and ready for the oven:

After 2 hours in the oven, it was tender, carmelized, and super tasty:

I also sautéed some cremini and shiitake mushrooms with half a blitzed onion, minced garlic, and Tabil seasoning.  Damn.  I love this zesty seasoning!

Fitbomb and I shared the one remaining sous vide pork chop in our fridge but I thought the picture would look lame if the chop was cut down the middle.