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Stovetop-Braised Cabbage and Leftover Brisket for Dinner

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I love having leftover cooked protein in my fridge. Specifically, my sister’s brisket is super delicious and I’m even more stoked that I also have a 3-pound portion of it frozen in my freezer.

I decided to serve the leftover brisket with some stove-top braised cabbage. I sautéed half a sliced onion in some ghee.

Then I added a whole, sliced cabbage and ¼ cup of chicken broth. I covered the pan and let it simmer on low for 8 minutes.

When the cabbage finished cooking…

…I took out my new bottle of coconut vinegar…

…and I added ~ 2 tablespoons of the vinegar along with some salt and pepper.

I nuked the leftover brisket and then I plated some on top of the cabbage and some shredded carrots.

Good eats.

Paleo X-mas Eve Dinner: Brisket and Veggies

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My side of the family always celebrates X-mas on the 24th, so my sister and her hubby drove up from L.A. to celebrate with us. I was excited to see them again -– but I was even more excited to taste the delicious grassfed braised brisket they brought up.

My sister served it up with two sauces: salsa verde and creme fraiche with fresh horseradish. Did I mention that she’s a professional chef and a non-vegetarian who nonetheless writes for a vegetarian magazine?

Speaking of vegetables, I was in charge of the veggie sides, so I prepared a few of my standards:

Cauliflower fried “rice”

roasted broccoli and bacon

…and braised cabbage.

I was fresh out of lard, so I whipped out a bottle of macadamia nut oil as my lubricant of choice.

Get your mind out of the gutter –- I tossed my broccoli with a few tablespoons pre-roasting and sautéed my cauliflower rice in a combination of macadamia nut oil and Kerry Gold grassfed butter.

Here’s our final spread (my mom also brought over some homemade Chinese barbequed spareribs):

This was my first plate (of many!):

Happy holidays, everyone!