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A Full (Paleo) House

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A whole host of our Paleo pals are in town for the annual Weston A. Price Conference, and Bill and Hayley spent all of yesterday cooking up (and photographing) a feast in our kitchen. Plus, our house is actually clean right now — an incredibly rare occurrence.

An impromptu dinner party was clearly in order. The planets don’t align all that often, folks.

After a jam-packed day of wild foraging (in local markets) and food prep, we had enough rations to feed a small horde of hungry cavepeople. So a few text messages later, our friends began showing up at our doorstep:

I love Paleo parties — especially ones where someone else does all the cooking! (Okay, I contributed a platter of Pressure Cooker Crispy Potatoes, and Henry hauled home a bazillion bottles of kombucha for our guests, but that’s about it.)

You’ll need to whip out your jeweler’s loupe, but an eye-strainingly close examination of the snapshots in this post may offer a hint of some of the tantalizing recipes Bill and Hayley will be featuring in Gather. Not surprisingly, Hayley’s food tastes every bit as crazy-good as it looks in Bill’s photos.

This little gem, in particular, knocked all of our socks off:

After much talking (and laughing) with our mouths full, we got a sneak peek at Bill’s gorgeous photography…

…before Henry and I shooed our guests into the night. I need my beauty sleep, you know. Besides: I need to be awake for all the learning that awaits at the Weston A. Price Conference. I’ll be tweeting up a storm from the Conference, so if you’re not already following me on Twitter, what are you waiting for?

Whole30 Sabotage: Primal Palate Chocolate Chip Cookies

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This morning, right after I went to bed, Fitbomb and the kids decided to tackle a cooking project to ring in the New Year. Specifically, they made primal chocolate chip cookies from one of my favorite blogs, The Food Lovers’ Primal Palate.

The grain-free cookies are made with almond flour, coconut oil, chocolate chips, eggs, maple syrup, baking soda, and vanilla extract. 

In case you’re wondering, that’s my sister’s homemade vanilla extract. She’s a DIY cooking maven, no doubt.

My kids were so excited to make the cookies, they both patiently waited their turn to stir the batter…

…and it didn’t devolve into fisticuffs. 

Here’s the finished dough…

… and the freshly baked cookies right out of the oven:

How’d they taste? I don’t know (big pat on my back) but the kids loved them!

I seem to be missing out on a lot of good eats while I’m sleeping the day away.

Nonetheless, I’m so effing glad I was sleeping this morning or I would have cheated on the Whole30 without a batting an eyelash. 

Trust me, this guy is a great salesman: