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Paleo Eats: 8/13/11

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Another night another dollar…

I got a bad case of the munchies early in my shift so I snacked on a packet of spicy Grass fed Jerky Chews, coconut butter, and a 1/3 of a dark chocolate bar

At the end of my shift I ate some leftover roast chicken, cauliflower mash, and sautéed spinach. 

When I got home, I was STILL hungry so I ate some coconut flakes, a wee bit more dark chocolate, and a packet of Chipotle SeaSnax. We’ve got tons of SeaSnax in our pantry but I know we’ll gobble through them in no time!

After I read some books to the little guys, I caught some shut eye.

I woke up close to 6:00 p.m. and was met with two welcome surprises: a sparkling clean kitchen (Fitbomb really does kick ass) and dinner plans with Tim, Kristen, and their little posse at Sprout Cafe

I ordered a Cobb salad and subbed out the blue cheese for an extra hard-boiled egg and added a double order of grilled chicken.

It was a hearty, protein-laden salad but I wish they’d sous vide their chicken breast ‘cause it’s always too dry. Don’t scoff! Sous vide ain’t just for the fancy-pants restaurants!

After dinner, we wrestled the boys to their beds and then I did a short stint of exercise in the garage. When the clock struck quarter past nine, I grabbed my belongings and headed to work. Four more nights to go!

Paleo Eats: 6/19/11 

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Man, adjusting to Pacific Standard Time was a real bitch this morning. It didn’t help that Big-O popped out of bed right at 8:00 a.m. because “I have to make Daddy a card and breakfast!” Okay, you win.

For breakfast, the two of us baked a frittata tailor-made for Fitbomb. It was filled with sautéed shrimp (favorite protein!), baby chard (only veggie not rotten in the fridge), and Volcanco Grind seasoning (SPICY!).

Afterwards, we all wandered around the Mountain View Farmers’ Market and stocked up on protein…


…and fruit.

I was so proud that my big cavekid was sporting one of my shirts around the market.

At lunchtime, Fitbomb picked Sprout Café and we both ordered Cobb salads with additional chicken. I’m not a huge fan of Gorgonzola cheese so I asked for an additional hard boiled egg instead.

For dinner I really didn’t have anything planned but I dug around in the freezer and unearthed a frozen sous vide grass fed sirloin steak. Bingo!

While I reheated it in the water oven (30 minutes at 125 F), I roasted some curried carrots, sautéed baby chard with onions, and sliced up some cherry tomatoes. I quickly seared the steak in melted ghee and used my kitchen torch to even out the char.

Here’s my dinner plate:

After dinner, I nuked some sweet potatoes so hubby would have some post workout carbs to bring to his 5:00 a.m. CrossFit class.  

As much as I love going away on vacation, being back in my own kitchen is so damn comforting. At home, I know the hot spots in my oven; which burners are best for simmering; and I’ve got access to my favorite gadgets, pantry staples, and appliances. Why doesn’t every kitchen come standard with a SousVide Supreme?  I’m kidding on the square.

Paleo Eats: 4/2/11

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I did absolutely no cooking today and I loved it!

That doesn’t mean there weren’t a bunch of food-related activities on the calendar, though. When I woke up, I picked up my paltry veggie CSA box from Full Belly Farm.

Once I got home, I reheated some leftover spiced grilled meats and sauteed veggies from Anatolian Kitchen for breakfast.

Next, we spent a couple hours at the Little League Opening Day festivites before making a quick Costco run. You can never have enough canisters of macadamia nuts. But it’s not like I’m going to eat ‘em right away; they’re going in our emergency disaster kit. Uh, yeah…that’s it.

For lunch, we met some friends at Sprout Cafe, where I downed a Cobb Salad with extra chicken and egg (hold the cheese and dressing).

Since we’re having a late dinner, I needed a snack to tide me over. I chowed on some leftover cauliflower and carrot puree, sauteed Italian heirloom broccoli, a semi-homemade meatball

…and a tablespoon of Coconut Manna.

I gotta say this ain’t as good as Artisana’s coconut butter. When it’s melted, Coconut Manna is too runny and has a gritty texture. Did I still eat it? Of course.

Tonight, we’re heading off to Station 1 in Woodside. Man, it’s been waaaaaaaaay too long since we’ve gone out to dinner without the kids. I’ll report back on our meal tomorrow ‘cause we’ll be getting home late, and I know I’ll want to crash. I suspect I’ll stray from eating strictly Paleo — but I don’t give care ‘cause it’ll be worth it (hopefully!).

A Little Bit of Fasting

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I normally try to have a 12-hour fast between the time I eat dinner and when I eat breakfast.  I can’t seem to stretch it any more than that because I get too damn hungry. Fitbomb, on the other hand,  has no issues with daily 16-hour fasts.  

Last night, I gorged until around 7:30 p.m. and when I woke up, I wasn’t hungry. Maybe it’s because our kitchen was infested with ants again and ant spray is an amazing appetite supressant.  I went to my kickboxing class and when I came home I still wasn’t hungry.  We went out to lunch after I cleaned myself up and I broke my fast at 11:30 a.m. — woo hoo! A 16-hour fast!  

For lunch, we went to one of our regular spots, Sprout Cafe, and I ordered my usual: Spring salad with added chicken, subbing out the red onions with blanched broccoli.

Then, I ate a handful of macadamia nuts.  When we got home, I ate handfuls of coconut flakes, more mac nuts, some coconut milk, a handful of Paleo trail mix, and a square of dark chocolate (it is Halloween after all).  

While the younger rugrat napped, I seasoned some chicken thighs and pork stew meat with salt and pepper and vacuum sealed them for the SousVide Supreme.  I’m trying to group items that cook at the same temperature so I have more ready to eat meat available.  I put them in the preheated 160 F bath and I’ll pull the thighs out tomorrow morning (minimum of 8-12 hours) and the pork stew meat out at dinner time (24 hours).  I hope they turn out…

After the vacuum packing, I decided to roast off my old vegetables laying around.  I had a single portabello mushroom, about a pound of broccoli, and some small delicata squash.  All can roast at 425 F so I put the broccoli and mushroom in at the same time and followed them up with a tray of sliced delicata squash.  All were seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, salt, and pepper.  

Since I knew that I’d be hit with a carb-filled minefield at the kiddie Halloween party we were going to at dinnertime, I made myself a plate of leftover sous vide tri-tip (the gift that keeps on giving), roasted broccoli and delicata squash before we set out for the night.

I’m happy to say that I wasn’t even tempted by any of the carb-y stuff at the party.  I never thought it would happen, but I think that my sugar addiction may finally be under control.  Amazing.