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Paleo Eats: 7/23/11

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Yay! It’s Saturday! Why am I so excited? ‘Cause I had a day off from cooking today!

This morning I ate a leftover chicken drumstick and a small cup of coconut milk — pre-workout protein and fat.

I decided to venture out of the comfortable and nurturing confines of the CrossFit Palo Alto women’s class and attend my first co-ed class. It wasn’t as scary as I thought. Especially since Coach Trish was leading the class and there were a bunch of nice folks in the class, including visitors Caveman Bistro and his lovely wife. If you haven’t already, check out Craig’s blog and facebook page. He’s an experienced professional CHEF (unlike yours truly) so his cave eats are delicious AND elegant.

After the workout, I refueled with leftover sous vide pork tenderloin and half a microwaved sweet potato.

Then, we dropped the kids off at my parents and headed to San Francisco for a whole day of adults-only eats.

First up, was Baby P’s full moon party at Cafe Des Amis.

At one month postpartum, our lovely friends, H & D, were beaming, smiling, and glowing.  They looked the complete opposite of Fitbomb and me — we were walking zombies up until our boys were a year old. Did I mention that they also have twin two-year-old boys? Sheeeeeeit. I bow down to them…

Our lovely lunch started with a mixed greens, plum, and goat cheese salad tossed with a Banyuls vinaigrette:

Then, I had a big plate of grilled steak (minus the frites) for my entree…

…and in place of cake, I chowed on a generous bowl of fresh berries. Delicious.

Plus, we brought home yummy organic hard-boiled red eggs as party favors!

Since we had a few hours to kill in the afternoon before dinner, Fitbomb and I went to the movies to see Captain America. It’s a fun summer flick and I especially like the part (SPOILER ALERT!) where the evil pudgy Nazi scientist is revealed as a vegetarian.

After the movie, we went to Prospect with our buddies S & J to celebrate S’s 40th birthday. S and I always marvel at how similar we are in taste, humor, and personality (except he’s much more personable than me). In other words, he’s AWESOME. ;)

Seriously — people have a hard time telling the two of us apart. See what I mean?


Eating Out Paleo: Foreign Cinema (San Francisco, CA)

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It’s hard to believe that Foreign Cinema will be celebrating its 12th anniversary in September. I’ve always loved this hidden gem, tucked away in the non-gentrified part of San Francisco’s Mission District. The food’s always been spectacular and the outdoor covered courtyard is such a treat.

Now that I’ve got kids in tow, I love this place even more because they totally welcome pint-sized diners. (As long as they’re not behaving like little shits, mind you. Even their parents don’t want to eat next to those kids.)

The menu is broken up into four sections: oysters and shellfish (by the single, half-dozen, or dozen), urban picnic (shared appetizers), premieres (individual starters), and local features (entrees). The little peeps also get a special kids’ menu that features an organic veggie and fruit plate with dipping sauce, choice of entree, and homemade ice cream.

It’s relatively easy to order a Paleo-friendly meal here and they’re super accommodating if you make special requests with a BIG SMILE and a “pretty please.”

As per our M.O., Fitbomb and I shared all our dishes while the kids ordered from the kids’ menu and sampled off our plates. In case you’re wondering, M.O. in this case means “M’s orders.”

The kids got their starters first which were platters of organic veggies and berries with lemon vinaigrette dipping sauce.

Meanwhile, the big people’s appetizers included a plate of warm mixed Mediterranean olives…

…half dozen Louisiana White Prawns…

…and a wild arugula salad with shaved fennel, pecorino, green olives, and almonds.

Next up were the kids’ entrees. Big-O chowed on the steak plate (which had steak and roasted potatoes)…

…and Lil-O ate pasta and cheese. Yes, I know that’s super anti-Paleo. Knowing he’d go nuts at dinner, I made him eat scrambled eggs and spinach at lunch.

Then, the adults’ entrees arrived. We shared a plate of Llano Seco pork chop with roasted turnips and mission figs (hold the polenta)…

…and the mixed grill featuring quail, duck sausage, duck pate (hold the toast), duck breast, radicchio, apricots, and tapenade. I also requested that they hold the white bean puree on this dish.

Big-O observed that the roasted quail was sitting “criss-cross applesauce” on the plate. He was right; it was totally chillaxing on the plate with legs crossed — until we devoured it.

The kids finished their meals with a small bowl of ice cream while the adults just groaned and held our bellies. Dinner was delicious and it was wonderful dining outside under the clear tarp, overcast skies and heat lamps. Don’t forget this is San Francisco — a naturally air-conditioned city 10 months out of the year!

I love eating out in the city, and it’s wonderful sharing the experience with my kids. Total bliss.

Paleo Eats: 7/12/11

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Today was my last day off before heading back to work for a week of nightshifts, so I wanted to make the most of it.

Before heading to the women’s class at CrossFit Palo Alto this morning, my better half fried me a savory coconut pancake that I topped with cherry tomatoes and avocado.

I had such a fun time in class! The workout (kettlebell swings, sumo deadlift high pulls, and plenty of running) kicked my ass as usual, but the other girls in the class are incredibly encouraging and inspiring. I’ve guzzled the CrossFit Kool-Aid…

As soon as I got home, I quickly ate my post workout meal, which consisted of a nuked sweet potato and a small portion of roast beef. If you’re still debating between refueling with post-workout shake (wha-?) or meat and tubers (yay!) look no further than this great post by The Lazy Caveman.

For lunch, I reheated the last of the slow-roasted pork shoulder, grilled summer squash, and grilled portobello mushrooms in the fridge:

I added some cherry tomatoes and a squirt of lime juice — and as soon as I put down the camera, this plate of food was gone. Yes, I’ve been putting cherry tomatoes on everything, but I love them and I’m so happy they’re in season again. My heart really breaks for those of you sensitive to night shades.

I got the munchies again at 3:00 p.m., so I ate some baby carrots with Aubergine dip, coconut flakes, and a few macadamia nuts.

Then, the kids and I took the train up to San Francisco to meet Fitbomb for dinner. Big-O and I used to make this trip every other Tuesday (the night before I’d start work), but these days we only make it up once every couple of months. Dragging two kids up to the city ain’t easy, though I have to admit that it’s less challenging now that Lil-O’s a little older.

Originally, we were going to eat at Marlowe, but it was all booked for the night. So we opted for Plan B: one of our old favorites, Foreign CinemaOur dinner outside in the covered courtyard was awesome.

After our bellies were full, Big-O turned to me and said, “Mommy, I’m going to move back to San Francisco when I’m older.”

“Yes, honey, it’s one of the coolest places on earth.”

If only finding street parking was less of a hassle…

Paleo Eats: 7/7/11

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I’m back in stay-at-home-mommy mode since I’m off night shifts for a week. Mad props to moms and dads who do this full-time. I swear, my work week at the hospital is a walk in the park compared to my week “off.”

Case in point — this morning we were hustling to get out of the house at breakneck speed so I didn’t have a chance to eat breakfast. Yes, I realize that I just posted about making hard-boiled eggs your go-to emergency protein in situations just like this but I had a brain fart and forgot to grab some. D’oh!

As a result, my first meal of the day was at lunchtime. Lil-O and I met my parents for lunch at Shalizaar, an airy, upscale Persian restaurant in Belmont. I dictated where we were eating because I’m a food nazi and I love me some grilled meats.

We started our meal with complimentary baskets of flatbread (which I didn’t touch) and Sabzi (fresh herbs, red radish, feta cheese, and walnuts).

Since it was our first time at the restaurant, I demanded we decided to split everything family-style.

We ordered Kashk-e-Bademian (pureed eggplant and garlic topped with sauteed mint and kashk)….

…a combination kabob platter for two with game hen, lamb chops, and koobideh…

…and a side of stewed lamb shank.

Mountains of well-seasoned, perfectly cooked meat make me happy so we’ll definitely be back.

At around 3:00 p.m., I was hankering for a snack so I noshed on some baby carrots dipped in Aubergine dip, slices of roast beef, and coconut flakes.

For dinner, I grabbed some frozen pre-cooked sous vide chicken thighs and plopped them in the SousVide Supreme…

roasted broccoli and garlic cloves tossed in bacon grease…

…and steamed a batch of garlic cauliflower mashed potatoes.

When the sides were finished, I removed and dried the flabby, anemic thighs from their packets…

…and fried them up in bacon grease.

Here’s my dinner plate:

For dessert, I ate a handful of Bing cherries and some dark chocolate.

Bonne nuit, peeps!

Paleo Eats: 7/5/11

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I know you guys are just here for the food porn so I’ll cut right to the chase. I’m easy like that…

My first meal at work was a plate of leftover zucchini spaghetti and cheater meatballs with Rao’s marinara sauce

….followed by a handful of coconut flakes.

I was hungry a couple hours later so I snacked on a Primal Pac.

For my last meal at work, I ate a leftover sous vide burger topped with a dollop of guacamole along with some sliced cucumbers and cherry tomatoes.

On my way home from work, I made a pit stop at the Milk Pail to pick up some veggies and raw Jersey milk for the kiddies. I like coming here early in the morning because it’s not swarming with people and I can take my time combing the bins and aisles for unusual items. Midday, this place is a madhouse and patrons are pushing and shoving each other to get at the cheap produce.

When I got home, I treated myself to half a bar of Guittard Nocturne 91% and went to sleep.

For dinner, I made a giant frittata with grass fed ground beef, leftover sweet potato chips, frozen chopped spinach, cherry tomatoes, coconut milk, shallots, and garlic…

…and roasted two bunches of asparagus tossed with melted coconut oil, salt, and pepper. I finished off the dish by drizzling on some aged balsamic vinegar.

Here’s my dinner plate:

After dinner I practiced double-unders and did some push presses. I wore my new weightlifting shoes which made me feel more stable when I was doing the lifts. Cute AND functional!

Then, I left for work for the LAST time this week! Yee haw!