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A Road Trip Down The Coast In (Instagram) Pictures

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Our family’s spring break started last Saturday with a major screw-up on my part: I stood up my childhood best friend, Evelyn, having completely forgotten that we’d made breakfast plans until she texted me from the café (that I’d picked out!). I’m such an idiot. (Sorry, Ev!)

So instead of gabbing with Evelyn over eggs and coffee, I made another dish of Cantonese Savory Steamed Egg Custard for my morning meal. (It’s a recipe I’m still testing, but you’ll see it on the site soon!) Too bummed to whip out my trusty DSLR, I just snapped a shot with my iPhone and posted a pic on Instagram:

A Road Trip Down The Coast In (Instagram) Pictures by Michelle Tam

“Breakfast before our Mountain View Costco signing: Cantonese Savory Steamed Egg Custard.”

And then, when Henry and I headed off to Costco for our book signing, I kept Instagramming, and decided I’d keep it going for our entire road trip.

A Road Trip Down The Coast In (Instagram) Pictures by Michelle Tam

“We’ve sold piles of books and given away all our action figures, but will be here at Costco Mountain View to chat and sign books for another hour! Come on down!”

This was the first stop on our jaunt down the California coast with the kids, and our second stop was the Front Street Kitchen in Santa Cruz for my pal Arsy Vartanian’s release party for her fantastic new book, The Paleo Foodie Cookbook:

A Road Trip Down The Coast In (Instagram) Pictures by Michelle Tam

“Celebrating @rubiesandradishes’ fab book release! Great seeing @grassfedgirl and other Paleo pals!”

Next: down to Pacific Grove for dinner at Passionfish, where we enjoyed a beet salad, spicy ceviche, steak, and lobster. Passionfish has a special menu that identifies specific allergens in their menu items, so we were able to steer gluten-free. But as you’ll see from our photos, just because we avoided gluten doesn’t mean we stayed 100 percent Paleo on our vacation. At all.

A Road Trip Down The Coast In (Instagram) Pictures by Michelle Tam

“#RoadTripEats: Sustainable & #glutenfree surf ‘n turf at @PassionfishPG

Bright and early the next morning, we headed into scenic Carmel in search of morning grub, and found ourselves at Carmel Belle, where we eagerly tucked into plates of prosciutto and poached eggs with arugula pesto.

A Road Trip Down The Coast In (Instagram) Pictures by Michelle Tam

#RoadTripEats: Breakfast at Carmel Belle #ByTheCoast #HoldTheToast

But our main event for the day was to take in Monterey and its incredible aquarium.

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Paleo Eats: 8/7/11

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With AHS11 over and done, we checked out of our hotel early-ish in the morning and drove to my sister’s place in Atwater Village before heading up north. Fitbomb visited them last weekend when he was in L.A. for the CrossFit Games, but this was the first time I was able to check out their bountiful garden… 

…filled with melons, tomatoes, corn, and greens.

Unlike the multi-talented folks at Paleo Comfort Foods, I SO don’t have a green thumb — and my aversion to dirt and bugs will keep it that way.

After sitting on our asses for days on end, we flirted with the idea of dropping in on the morning class at CrossFit 323, but were too thoroughly zonked. So instead, we walked over to the Atwater Village Farmers’ Market (which is just two blocks from her house!)…

…and stocked up on some olives, organic pluots, and pastured eggs from Green Jeans Ranch (only $10 for 30 eggs!).

For lunch, we queued up at Big Mista’s Barbecue stand to pick up a side of collard greens and a Bigmista Sampler to share.

Fitbomb and I scarfed down the meat and greens…

…and downed a cup of my sister’s homemade green gazpacho.


After filling our bellies with meat, we were able drive all the way back to the Bay Area without making any stops (and just nibbling on some leftover crudites while in the car) After a five-hour drive, we arrived at my in-laws place to pick up our boys and stayed for dinner. Our supper turned out to be Chinese take-out (blech!), but I suppose one vegetable-oil-drenched meal won’t kill me.

I was so happy to finally get back to Palo Alto. There’s no place like home…

Paleo Eats: 8/4/11

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I’m gonna be straight with you guys: this weekend my blogging will be intermittent and sparse since I’m gonna be fully immersed in the whole Ancestral Health Symposium experience. A girl’s gotta sleep, you know.

This morning, Fitbomb and I piled our luggage and coolers into our trusty Prius and we drove straight from Palo Alto to Los Angeles with no stops. We weren’t even tempted by the In-N-Out in Kettleman City because I’d packed a ton of Paleo snacks in our cooler.

When we arrived at our hotel, I emptied out the mini bar and restocked it with our remaining perishable foods.

Since sitting in a car for six hours was so damn exhausting, especially when you’re the passenger, I took a quick nap before meating (pun intended) Dallas, Melissa, Melicious, and Dave (Melicious’s hubby) for dinner at Animal Restaurant

Can’t wait for the Paleo Nerdfest to begin tomorrow morning!

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Video: Paleo Roadtrip Eats

Wanna see what I packed for our road trip to The Ancestral Health Symposium? Click on the link above to watch me stammer my way through my first video!

(Can’t see the video? Try this link.)

Here are the links I reference in the video:

The chow I packed:

Please leave a comment listing your favorite packable Paleo foods or suggestions for future video topics.

p.s. Zip it. I already know my voice is squeaky.

p.s.s. If you want to buy an “It’s Not That Hard” shirt, click here.

Paleo Eats: 8/3/11

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Yippee! It’s my last night of work! I’m thismuch closer to heading down to the Ancestral Health Symposium in L.A.!

Because I drank a large thermos of Philz Coffee with heavy cream at the beginning of my shift (ooh, baby, it’s been too long!), I wasn’t hungry at work and didn’t feel like eating my packed meals.

On my way home, I drove to Whole Foods to stock up on Paleo goodies for our car ride down to AHS. I was gloating to myself that I was able to fast at work (heavy cream notwithstanding), but then my hunger snuck up on me, hitting me like a ton of bricks. I suddenly wanted to gnaw my arm off. Let me tell you, it took nerves of steel just to make it to the cash register before devouring everything in my shopping cart.

When I finally got home, I quickly inhaled some leftover crispy cheater duck confit, sautéed spinach, and roasted spiced mushrooms.

I was beyond famished, so I also slammed down a couple of tablespoons of coconut butter and half a bar of dark chocolate. Clearly, intermittent fasting doesn’t agree with me. (I think it hates me, actually.)

Once I stuffed my belly, I played with my small fries before taking a short nap on my “flip day.” I woke up in the early afternoon, bid my in-laws adieu, and went into full-time mommy mode.

For dinner, I was too beat to make anything so I reheated a container of leftovers: Asian cauliflower fried rice and sous vide flank steak.

Before going to bed, I assembled our Paleo eats for our road trip and wrapped little gifts for the boys. To assuage our guilt for leaving them at my parents for a few days, Fitbomb and I are giving Big-O and Lil-O tiny gifts to open every night we’re gone. That way, when they rip open their last present they’ll know we’ll be home the next day. 

Time to hit the sack!