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An Atypically Busy Saturday Chez Nom Nom Paleo

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This Saturday has been muy busy. Normally, we laze around in our pajamas until we have to leave the house for brunch.  But today, we had plans: kickboxing class for me, kung fu class for the kindergartner, brunch, last minute shopping for said kindergartner’s birthday party tomorrow, drop kindergartner off at his friend’s birthday party (I know — kids have a ton of birthday parties), pick up non-Paleo imperial rolls for Fitbomb’s family’s dinner party, drive out to said family party, return home, tuck the kids into bed, and clean and decorate the house for the birthday shindig we’re throwing tomorrow. Crap!

Thankfully, my cooking plans were set. When I woke up this morning, the first thing I did was sous vide some chicken breasts (140 F for at least 1 hour and 40 minutes) for the older rugrat’s birthday party.

Tomorrow, I’ll just reheat the chicken breasts (along with some flank steaks that I already cooked sous vide) in the SousVide Supreme, and Fitbomb will sear them off on the grill.

After our kindergartner’s kung fu class, we stopped by one of our usual brunch spots, Rick’s Café. I ordered steak and eggs and subbed in a salad for the potatoes and bagel.

Fitbomb had his usual Cobb Salad.

Both were fine – I love that the friendly folks at Rick’s are very accommodating when we substitute out carbs and they don’t charge us a nuisance fee.

Tonight, after picking up our son from his buddy’s birthday party, we set off for Fitbomb’s parents house for another family birthday dinner. We were celebrating our kids’ AND my father-in-law’s birthdays. Can you tell that December is a really busy month for us? That’s why I need another 3 weeks off from work!

Again, we had another huge, eclectic potluck. There were lots of carbs (which I avoided), meats, and some veggies. Fitbomb’s uncle is a retired restaurant chef and he made some delicious meaty entrees including homemade Peking Duck…

…Chinese spareribs…

…roast pork…

…and stir-fried Dungeness crab.

Someone also brought a tub of KFC and a box of Costco pizza — per special request of Fitbomb’s granny. Seriously.

Here’s my dinner plate of meat and veggies:

Since returning home, we’ve been furiously trying to make our house festive and party-ready before we fall asleep. Then, it’s an early morning of food prep before the deluge of screaming kids arrives at lunchtime. I can’t wait.

Dining Out Paleo: Rick’s Cafe (Los Altos, CA)

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To celebrate Turkey Day, I went to a cardio kickboxing class this morning and then our family went to Rick’s Café, one of our go-to brunch places, to nosh.  Do you know how hard it is to find a brunch place that’s open on Turkey Day?

Rick’s is a family-friendly place that serves large portions of typical American diner food.  Every breakfast plate comes with two large sides of carbs – a huge-ass bagel and some skillet potatoes.  I normally ask to sub out the carbs with some fruit salad but other times I just don’t eat them.

Today, Fitbomb and I shared the Los Altos Scramble (eggs scrambled with ground beef, spinach, green onions, and cream cheese, topped with parmesan cheese)…


…and the Cobb Salad:


On the scramble, I asked the waitress to hold the cream cheese ‘cause that combo just sounds weird.  It was a tasty egg dish but I was still hungry afterwards since I didn’t eat the carbs.  Plus, it annoys me to pay $10+ for something I can make myself with better quality ingredients.  But then, I’d have to cook and wash up so I guess it’s a wash. The Cobb was fine but I’ve definitely had better.

Rick’s Café is in our regular rotation because our kiddies LOVE it so that’s why I allow us to come here even though the food is mediocre.  Yes, I’m a good mommy and a food nazi.