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PaleoFX 2013: Day 2 Recap & Speakers’ Dinner

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So let’s pick up where we left off: Day 2 of PaleoFX.

Last Friday morning in Austin, we all popped up bright and early despite being “on vacation.” Before Cathy, Diana, and I left the house, we downed a quick breakfast of scrambled eggs and sausage and bid adieu to the boys — who were still lounging around in their jammies. I’ll admit it: I was a wee bit nervous about my two cooking demos, but Diana and I had made a pact that we’d accompany each other onstage during our respective demos. Sidekicks!


We were kinda like Cagney and Lacey. Laverne and Shirley. Kate and Allie. Ann and Nancy Wilson. Salt-n-Pepa (pre-Spinderella). (Sorry for the 80s flashback. My teenage years were formative, as you can see.)

Because my cooking demo was the first one scheduled, we hurried to the green room to check with the volunteers to see if there was anything else they needed from us. There, Diana and I were greeted by Brittanie Duncan, the head of the PaleoFX Food and Beverage Team. When she assured us that everything was all set, we shifted our focus to the FREE FOOD.

The green room was filled with yummy and nourishing swag like Primal Pacs


Sea Snax


SeaBear Wild Salmon packets


Taza chocolate, Chameleon Cold Brewed Coffee, and steaming carafes of bone broth.

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