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Nom Nom Paleo Cookbook Trailer + A Sweet Giveaway!

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I think the best part of going to the movies is catching the previews, so naturally, I love that so many authors are now making short videos to promote their cookbooksAs the New York Times observed, cookbook trailers “are slowly becoming as widespread as trailers in other corners of the publishing world”—only with “charming kitchens and light jazz.”

Sadly, my kitchen’s more messy than charming, and light jazz makes me want to punch somebody. So when it came time for me and Henry to make our own trailer, we focused instead on channeling the cartoony spirit of our cookbook. Hit the “Play” button and check out what we did!

(Trouble seeing the video above? Click here to view it on YouTube.)

I absolutely adore our trailer’s animation and bouncy, ’80s-inspired Nom Nom Paleo theme music. The super-talented Lauren Ratcliff and Mark Bartels did an amazing job bringing Henry’s book illustrations to life, don’t you think?

If you dig this trailer as much as we do, I have a favor to ask: please hit the “Share” button on the video, and pass it on to everyone you know. We’d love to spread the good food word (and, of course, sell some books, too), and what better way to deliver the message than with a cartoon?

Need more incentive to share my cookbook trailer? How about a crazy-amazing giveaway sponsored by the good folks at Caveman Cookies?


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