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Whole30 Day 12: Bò Kho Recipe & Asian Supermarket Tour

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It’s Saturday — a perfect day to brave the crowds at your friendly neighborhood Asian market and stock up on specialty goodies for your Paleo pantry.

If you don’t have an Asian supermarket near you, no worries — one’s sure to spring up before long. We Asians are EVERYWHERE. Mwahaha.


From 99 Ranch and H Mart to Uwajimaya and Nijiya Market, grocery chains stocked with Eastern delicacies are popping up all over North America. And piled high on the shelves of their cramped supermarket aisles? A dizzying array of treats that appeal to anyone who digs Asian cooking — even those of us Paleo eaters who recoil at the sight of soy and ramen.

Not sure what to pick up on your weekend jaunt at the Asian market? Here’s an idea: Bring along your shopping list for bò kho, a spicy Vietnamese beef stew like no other.


Ready for my tour of an Asian supermarket?

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