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Photo Essay: Cooking From The Against All Grain Cookbook

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I love getting stuff in the mail—especially awesome new cookbooks. Not too long ago, I was delighted to see that the mailman had delivered a review copy of Danielle Walker's new cookbook, Against All Grain. After flipping through page after page of Danielle’s gorgeous photographs and tempting, family-friendly recipes, I was inspired to devote an entire afternoon to cooking from her book—and photographing the results to share with you.

Photo Essay: Cooking From The Against All Grain Cookbook by Michelle Tam

After all, photographs are the best way to show off the deliciousness of a cookbook’s recipes, don’t you think? 

Yesterday, as soon as I stopped sweating from my morning CrossFit class  and inhaled a plate of leftovers for lunch, I rolled up my sleeves, threw on an apron, and started cooking. I’d originally intended to make just two dishes from Danielle’s book, but in the end, I couldn’t pass up the chance to make one of her super-chocolatey grain-free treats, too.

During my Against All Grain cooking marathon, I made a pot of Granny Sarella’s Spaghetti Sauce, Fruit Juice Gelatin Shapes, and Dark Chocolate Cake Brownies. Wanna see?

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