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Paleo Eats: 4/22/12 & 4505 Meats Whole Beef Butchery Class

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This morning, hubby and I raced up to San Francisco because I’d signed up for a nine-hour butchering class with 4505 Meats’s Jedi Master Ryan Farr.

Both Dallas and I were spending the whole day learning how to properly break down a 700-lb grass fed steer and Fitbomb was there as paparazzi.

After a meat and greet (*bad pun alert*) with the other students and instructors, we dug in to a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs and chicken apple calvados sausages.

Once our bellies were full, we got a quick yet thorough tutorial on the different cutting implements.

Then, Ryan and Kent went into the walk-in fridge and came out hugging a ginormous hind quarter of beef. It was time to get down to business.

Check out the rest of the class after the jump…

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Paleo Eats: 2/23/12

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Wanna see my eats for the day?

For my meal at work, I packed some leftover curried lamb spare ribs, sauteed cabbage, and roasted curried cauliflower

Throughout the night, I also sipped from a thermos filled with steaming bone broth.

When I returned home in the morning, I took the kiddos to school and dropped off some sock packages at the post office. Big thanks to all of you who’ve purchased my knee highs! I get a total kick out of seeing the socks in action so please keep posting pics on my Facebook page.

In the evening, I crawled out of bed to make dinner. I reheated the pressure cooker porcini and grass fed beef short ribs…

…whipped up a batch of cauliflower, carrot, and parsnip puree that I’d simmered in the pressure cooker

…and roasted some broccoli seasoned with Magic Mushroom Powder in the oven.

Here’s my dinner plate:

After dinner, I got two meaty surprises: Hubby brought home a couple of lamb necks for me from 4505 Meats, and I received a complimentary sampler box of beefy delights from TX Bar Organics in the mail.


I’ll be working on new recipes with all these goodies in the near future. If you can’t wait, check out this yummy recipe for lamb neck stew from Stacy and Matt.

On another note, I know it’s been a little while since I last hosted a giveaway. Stay tuned ‘cause I’ve got some goodies coming up…

Paleo Eats: 11/26/11

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Today, we pressed the play button and tried to resume our normal routine. The kids had a play date with their friends and I spent the majority of the day tinkering in the kitchen.

For brunch, I sautéed 4505 Meats merguez sausage (out of the casing) with onions… 

…and ate it with leftover braised cabbage

In the afternoon, I cooked up a storm. I think I just wanted to keep my mind and hands busy.

I made a batch of macadamia nut oil mayonnaise… 

…a dark chocolate and coconut milk ganache… 

…which I’ll form into truffles if the ganache sets up properly…

…and curried cream of broccoli soup

Plus, I’ve got a seasoned grass fed beef cheek soaking in the SousVide Supreme that I’ll fish out tomorrow afternoon.

At dinnertime, I sliced up the leftover 4505 Meats Turducken Junior and pan-fried them in duck fat. 

We gobbled it up (heh!) with the rest of the braised cabbage and a bowl of soup.

Goodbye for now!

Paleo Eats: 11/25/11

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I’m back, but not quite myself. I feel like someone pressed the pause button on our life, and I’m not yet ready to press play.

Thanks for all your well wishes, kind thoughts, and prayers during this difficult time. For a couple of days, I retired the camera and simply ate my meals without documenting them. It felt so liberating not having to worry about how a dish was plated — plus it was awesome going to bed at a reasonable hour without satisfying the requisite blogging duties.

Everyone in the Nombomb household feels like they’re floating around in a weird, dream-like, parallel universe. Even though the kids don’t totally understand what’s going on, they recognize that mom and dad are out of sorts. I demand family hugs throughout the day and hover over them with a strange intensity that’s annoying them. On my request, we all shared a family bed the other night and squeezed ourselves like mismatched spoons in a cluttered utensils drawer. It was a better idea in theory than in practice because no one got a good night’s sleep – our kids are way too restless and bony.

I’m going to resume regular blogging activities tomorrow. As a teaser, here are some photos of the low-key dinner we hosted at our house tonight.

 Even though we invited people over for dinner, our buddies graciously contributed a bunch of the nosh. Dr. HA deep-fried a HUGE batch of delicious Brussels sprout chips…

…in bacon grease(!)…

…that she seasoned with lemon zest, juice, and salt.

These were even BETTER than the ones from Marlowe because they were made with love and fried in bacon grease.

She also brought over a big pot of comforting curried butternut squash soup that we served with dinner.

K and R contributed some fantastic homemade headcheese…

…fermented beverages, and a jar of lard. If you’re wondering, porcine fat = love.

As we waited for the 4505 Meats Paleo-style Turducken Junior to finish roasting in the oven…

…we chowed on the Brussels Sprouts chips…


…and toasted Paleo bread (from Paleo Comfort Foods)…

 …topped with Braunschweiger (from U.S. Wellness Meats)


…head cheese, mustard, and dried cherries.

When we were done snacking, I sliced up the roasted Turducken Junior…

…heated up the gravy…

…and plated the sliced roulade with roasted root vegetables.

I also served roasted spiced chanterelle and portobello mushrooms

…and a tray of braised cabbage.

For dessert, we ate some pumpkin, maple, and coconut custard cups that I made the night before in the SousVide Supreme (195 F for 90 minutes) and chilled in the fridge.

The dinner was just what we needed — a restorative evening of rib-sticking chow, laughs, and sound advice from good buddies.

Another Winner!

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Yippee! Amanda Bryant is the winner of the 4505 Meats Giveaway

Don’t be sad! You can buy your own cookbook by clicking here, a Nom Nom T-shirt by clicking here, and a 4505 Meats poster and other goodies by clicking here.

I’ve got one last mind-blowing contest to celebrate my blogaversary and I’ll announce it on Tuesday, 11/15/11. Trust me, you won’t want to miss it! Seriously. Grey matter will be splattered everywhere.

4505 Meats Cookbook (+ Other Stuff) Giveaway!

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Loyal readers know how much I love San Francisco-based 4505 Meats.

4505 Meats is owned and run by Chef Ryan Farr and his wife, Cesalee. Along with their crew, they’re truly Jedi masters of all things meat. 4505 Meats doesn’t have a storefront or restaurant. Instead, they set up shop at the Ferry Building Farmers’ market every Thursday and Saturday, and hungry carnivores happily queue up for meaty treats.

Rain or shine, they grill their fantastic sausages, award-winning burgers, and daily sandwich specials to order. Plus, they sell packages of sausages and their fluffy and delicate chicharrones –- I swear: these addictive snacks are like crunchy pork cotton candy sprinkled with heroin.

A few times a year, Ryan Farr imparts his incredible knowledge to a few lucky padawans at his sold-out, hands-on, whole beast butchery and sausage making classes. My work-husband attended the whole cow butchery class last year and continues to rave about how much he learned.

(Photo: Ed Anderson)

Since I’m one nosy bitch, I subjected Ryan Farr and Kent Schoberle (4505 Meats’s Paleo-eating tech ops manager) to a quick Q&A about this gem of a business.

Follow the jump for the interview and details of the giveaway!

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Paleo Eats: 10/13/11

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I was up and at ‘em early because I had a full slate of activities ahead of me.  Before zipping out the door, our family spun around the kitchen like Ninjagos as we packed lunches and scarfed breakfast.

Wanna see what I ate?

I nuked leftover sous vide flank steak, winter squash puree, roasted curried cauliflower, sauteed spinach, and oven-roasted tomatoes. Nosh in 2 minutes flat.

I can’t stress enough how EVERYONE should cook big batches of whatever they’re making. Whether you’re cooking for 1 or 6, you’ll still clean the same dang pot at the end of the night. Make it worth the elbow grease.

I spent the morning hanging at Lil-O’s co-op preschool before stopping at Trader Joe’s to buy party supplies. We’re hosting a get-together on Saturday to celebrate the completion of my mother-in-law’s cancer treatments. Although the Paleo-friendly buffet will be catered by Joshua Charles Catering, I still needed to purchase libations and decorations. F- you, cancer!

When I came home, I reheated another box of leftovers (slow cooker Kalua pig and braised cabbage) and ate it with chopped cherry tomatoes.

At dinnertime, I cooked a one-skillet meal because we’re experiencing the last throes of Indian summer and I wanted to keep the house cool.  Or I’m just lazy.

I grabbed a package of 4505 Meats's maple breakfast sausage…

…and tossed a chopped salad while the links sizzled in the pan.

Here’s my dinner plate:

If you’re looking for Paleo-friendly breakfast links, these juicy sausages are worth the cost of shipping. 4505 Meats’s merguez is still my favorite, but these savory, sweet, and slightly spicy pork wieners run a close second. 

Heh heh. I typed the word wiener. 

And, on that classy note, I bid you good night.

Paleo Eats: 10/9/11

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More Paleo-friendly eats coming your way!

I wasn’t really hungry in the middle of the night, so I didn’t eat anything while I was on the clock. Totally out of character, huh? When I got home, I made up for lost chow by inhaling leftover broiled herb-stuffed sardines, coconut flakes, cashews, and 100% cacao dark chocolate. With my belly full, I went to bed and slept the day away.

In the evening, I woke up and started making tonight and tomorrow night’s dinners. For tomorrow’s dinner, I seasoned a pork shoulder roast for Kalua pig and assembled a tray of braised cabbage

…that I threw into the oven for a couple hours.

Hubby will be placing the seasoned pork in the slow cooker as soon as he wakes up the next morning (4:20 a.m.!) and it’ll cook for 14 hours since it’s only a three-pound roast. I’m so excited that I can sleep in a little longer tomorrow!

After I finished prepping tomorrow’s supper, I quickly worked on getting tonight’s dinner on the table.

I roasted a tray of chopped Romanesco broccoli…

…carrots, and parsnips in the toaster oven…

…sauteed mushrooms and shallots….

…and fried up a package of my favorite 4505 Meats' sausage: MERGUEZ!

Here’s my dinner plate (with chopped tomatoes, too!):

I LOVE LOVE LOVE 4505 Meats’ merguez sausage! Soooooo yummy PLUS they’re gluten & sugar-free!

After dinner, I put on a special pair of knee highs…

…and kicked up into my first ever handstand.

These socks are magical, yo!

Then, I headed to the hospital for yet another shift. Just three more nights to go!

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Here’s another video…

This time, I demonstrate how to use a SousVide Supreme to prepare a couple of 4505 Meats’ Cowboy Chops for a dinner party. Yeehaw!

The process I used to sous vide the rib-eyes was straightforward and simple; I seasoned the steaks the morning before the party, stored them in the fridge, and dunked them in the water oven the next morning.

We ended up serving just one of the gigantic chops because each was a whopping 2.5 pounds. I chilled one of the cooked steaks in an ice bath before storing it in the freezer. The remaining chop was seared on our gas grill before I evened out the char with my kitchen torch.

See? It really is like cheating when it’s so easy!

Paleo Eats: 9/4/11

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Sunday was jam-packed with cooking and good eats. Wanna take a peek?

As soon as I woke up in the morning, I dunked the two seasoned 4505 Meats Cowboy chops into the Sous Vide Supreme to soak for 8 hours.

I made breakfast for the family and chowed down on a fried spicy cilantro chicken sausage, sauteed spinach, and a chopped heirloom tomato.

After breakfast, the Double-O’s and I set to work making Paleo Comfort Foods’ poached pears.

Big-O has been bugging me non-stop to make this recipe (even though he’s never eaten poached pears) ever since we received the cookbook in the mail.

He’s one persistent bugger.

After we finished storing the poached pears in the fridge, I reached in the pantry for a new jar of coconut butter only to find I was out. WTF? Luckily, I remembered Melicious has an awesome recipe for homemade coconut butter on her blog, so I blitzed a batch in my Vitamix.

I will never buy a jar again.

For lunch, I fried up a slew of mini Turkish slider burgers and roasted a tray of broccoli and bacon for the family.

After lunch, I started preparing food for the small dinner party we were hosting in the evening.

I roasted a bunch of beets

Portobello mushrooms, and bell peppers. Roasted veggies are the perfect side dish for a party because you can make them ahead of time and serve them at room temperature.

I also chopped some fruit for a salad…

…and sliced carrots and jicama for a crudite platter that I served with Aubergine and Chimichurri dips.

When our guests arrived (Fitbomb’s cousin, his lovely wife, and adorable girls), I put out the crudites & dip, roasted cashews, 4505 Meats chicharrones, fruit salad, and Yogavive apple chips for everyone to munch on before dinner.

To accompany the cold apps, I fried up some 4505 Meats pork and apple breakfast sausages.

After our guests were noshing on the starters, I sent Fitbomb to the gas grill with a package of 4505 Meats’ bacon-studded hotdogs

…”regular” Applegate Farms organic hotdogs (for the kiddies), the sous vided Cowboy chop (I stored the other one in the freezer), and some sliced eggplant.

When he was done grilling the dogs….

…eggplant, and steak, he brought them inside and I plated the grilled veggies…

…and evened out the char on the steak with my kitchen torch.

I sliced up the steak and brought all the eats to the dining table.

Here’s my dinner plate:

Afterwards, the kids split the chilled poached pears for dessert. They LOVED the pears! Yay! Another winner of a recipe from Paleo Comfort Foods!

Psst! If you’re wondering what to bring over to a Paleo pal as a hostess gift, the one we received tonight is hard to top!

D & T generously gifted us with a basket overflowing with organic veggies, eggs, and honey — all of it sourced locally from J.E. Perry Farms.  Seriously?! SO AWESOME!