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Paleo Eats: 8/20/11

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Since everyone went to sleep later than normal, we all slept in a little bit this morning. Yes, 7:40 a.m. is LATE in this household.

For breakfast, I made some cinnamon and coconut pancakes

…and a lettuce-wrapped sous vide beef cheek taco topped with a fried egg.

I’d also snacked on a ton of coconut flakes so I wasn’t really hungry at lunchtime when we went to In-N-Out. The kids happily chowed on burgers…

…while I just munched on a Grass Fed PaleoKit and some macadamia nuts.

In the afternoon, we dropped off the kids at my in-laws. The boys are spending the last two nights of summer vacation with them. I’m so thankful we have family that’s local AND willing to watch our kiddies for a couple days.

On our drive home, Fitbomb and I stopped at DishDash for a quick and satisfying Paleo-friendly dinner.

Once I got home, I seasoned a pork shoulder roast from Full of Life Farm and stuck it in the fridge to marinate overnight. I’m slow roasting the roast all day in a low oven while Fitbomb and I spend Sunday at a one-day MovNat seminar. Let’s hope our house doesn’t burn down. That would suck.

Gotta catch my zzz’s…

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